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Mind over Matter Chapter 3 4

Post #1

Peter was relaxing naked on the floor of an apartment he had never been in before this afternoon. He had one hand behind his head as a cussion and the other was gently fondling the firm ass of one of the naked girls lying next to him.

He was wondering what was next now. He had found out how powerful and direct his abilities to control peoples minds could be and that the results could be very entertaining. However, apperently his subjects were aware that something was going on. While they might not be able to tell exactly what. He figured that he needed to concered about that. While Sara and Tanya might not have any problem with what was going one (which might be because of what he had done to them) others might not be so cool. Other people might not feel it being so morally right what he was doing.

So on one hand there might be concerquenses to messing with peoples and minds, on the other hand he had the possibility to do all the things he had always wanted to do. More importantly, he could be with all the women he wanted, how ever he wanted.

He was contemplating the situation when Tanya stirred and half asleep rubbed her clean shaven and still wet pussy agianst his leg. That settled it. Peter knew he would not be able to stop having sex with this kind of beautiful and willing fuck-toys. He would just have to be carefull how he went about doing things. He would have to stay under the radar, so to speak. Right now though he had two girls who needed to get another round of fucking.

He spend the next couple of hours having fun with Sara and Tanya. After he had emtied his load in Saras waiting mouth and seen her share it happily with Tanya, he took out his phone and started taking pictures of the girls. He made them take up different positions, alone and with each other. A few of the pictures were kind of innocent solo pictures, which could have passeds as simples nude modeling. The rest though were not so innocent. They used the entire appartment. Both Sara and Tanya posed bend over the couch, legs spred wide and fingers in pussies, not only their own.

It all turned into a full lesbian photo shoot where the girls had a 69'er on the kitchen table and ending up showering together. All of it recorded on Peter's phone. A shower Peter could not help but join.

With his libido under control, and his stomach growling Peter thought it was time to get something to eat. Tanya and Sara were more than happy to cook something up and, at Peters request, didn't even bother putting on clothes for the orcasion.

While they were figuring out food, Peter ones again moved to the couch to try and figure out his next move. With a power like this his options seem to be rather plentyfull. However, he still didn't know the extent of his powers. He had a few plans of what he could do with them which would set him up financially for life, and give him the freedom to hunt as much tail as he so desired. But before enacting these plans he needed to know a few things about his powers. It seem that people remembered and understood what he was doing to them, but would that really matter, if he could make them keep quiet? Also, how long time would his control last? He needed to find a situation where he could make a subject act massivly against his/her own will and be able to monitor how when the control stopped.

Just as he formulated a plan, he was brought back to reality by the sweet and juicy smell of bacon and eggs.

While eating, Peter asked Sara to text her boyfriend and ask him to come over.

?Why?? She asked curiosly. ?Won't that be kind of awkward??

Peter looked at her with a slight smile on his face.

?Well... yeah, but I need him to do something for me.? He answered knowingly.

?Okay? Sara said puzzled while finding her phone and starting texting.

When Saras boyfriend Thomas came into the apartment, some 30 mins later, he was shocked at what he saw. His girlfriend was in the middel of room, naked, with her side to him, straddling some random dude on the couch, while bouncing on his dick, grabbing her own tits and moaning loudly in pleasure.

Thomas was in shock. She had just asked him to come over. Was that just because she wanted him to see this? Had she been cheating on him and just wanted to humiliate him?

He wanted to shout at her and run over and grab her or something, but for some reason he didn't. He just kept standing there. His anger building up, but still not moving. Saras roomate, who was apparently also naked, came out of her room and walked slowly up to him.

?She likes that? She said quietly to Thomas, flicking her eyes towards Sara. ?I think she might not have gotten a proper lay in a long time, do you?? she continued while moving closer and closer. ?You know, her and I talk a lot, and I am sorry to have to break this to you, but,? she had her mouth right up to Thomas's ear and was whispering, ?she faked every single one of them.?

Thomas could not belive what was going on, it was surreal. He wanted to move away from Tanya. He wanted to shout at Sara, but most of all he wanted to run over and punch the living daylight out the guy underneath her.

He looked at the guy, who was still just staring up at Saras bouncing tits, and finally managed to take a step forward, when the guy turned his head and locked eyes with him.

Thomas imitiately froze his step.

?Stop, relax? say Peter with a calm voice.

This was the true test of his ability and the reason for this entire exercise. He put a hand on the hip of Sara, to make her stop, so that he could concentrate. Peter focused all his energy on calming Thomas down. He wanted him to feel okay with what was happening.

?You will say goodbye to Sara now and go back home. You will act as if this never happened and not tell anybody about this. You and Sara are now broken up, but will remain friends. If anybody asked why, you will say that you just drifted apart. Do you understand??

Thomas felt the anger leave his body. Somehow he nolonger felt that him and Sara had any special connection. They had really not been that close anyway. Perhaps it was for the best if they weren't together anymore, and strange as this whole event had been, there was really no reason for anybody else to know about it. Hell, people properly wouldn't believe him if he told them anyway.

Thomas looked up at Sara who was looking at him.

?See you in class on monday Sara? He said as he gave her a small wave, nodded to Tanya and walked out the door.

Peter was ecstatic. This was the most powerfull emotion his could think of, and he had made him go away and be happy about it. He had effectively made it so the event had never happen, which was the important part.

It seem that his powers might be stronger than he thought. Now he just needed to wait and see if Thomas would come running back later and beat him up, but he thought that he would deal with that, if it happened.

The possibility of removing maybe not the memory, but at least the effects of his actions made Peter want to work on a fantasy he had had before. This would also test another aspect of his powers.

He made Sara climp of him. Which she did reluctantly. He then put on his cloths and told the girls that he had a small thing to do and he would be back shortly. Sara looked at him with sad puppy dog eyes, and rubbed her pussy slightly.

?Maybe you two should find a room and keep each other company? he say, knowing that Sara didn't seem to be satisfied with being worked up like that and then left hanging. Saras face light up and she grabbed Tanyas hand and dragged her into her bedroom.

Chapter 4:

Peter walked down into the street and began the same kind of search as he had done with Tanya. He stood by the door of the building and looked at the people walking by. It was getting later in the day, so not as many people was on the street. However, after a few min a likely target came walking towards him.

She was properly in her mid thirties, tall, blonde and wore a suit, which suggested to Peter that she was coming home from work. When she walked by him, he put his hand on her shoulder and made her stop.

?Sorry, can I ask you something?? he say to her, while keeping his hand on her.

?Sure? She said with a bit of firmness in her voice. It seem that while she was willing to stop, she was not used to being approached like this.

?I was just wondering where you were going right now??

?I was just going home after work, why?? she sounded a bit annoyed, but that was mainly because Peter was only making her stay there and answering his questions truthfully. He didn't want to change her emotions.

?Do you live alone??

?Yes I do, but what is your point??

?I'll show you.? He said ?come with me?.

He turned and guided her up the stairs. She hesitated for a split secound then followed him.

On the way up the stairs Peter was happy that he had made the girls leave the living rooms as the sight of too naked girls might shock his new target, and make things a bit more difficult.

Peters plan for this woman was very simpel, and the fact that she seemed to be used to being in a position of power made this even better. He wanted to try and control her physically and not mentally. He didn't know if this was completely possible, but he wanted to try.

He made her stand in the middel of the room and then closed and locked the door. She stared at he with her arms crossed infront of her.

?Okay, now I'm here. What was your point??

?You and I are going to have a bit of fun.? Peter said just looking at her calmly.

?What do you mean?? She inquired.

?Well, first of all I suspect that you have a quite nice pair of tits on you, which is why it would be very nice if you were to take off your jacket and open your shirt.?

?It might be nice for you, but what make you think I would do such a th...? She trailed of as she noticed her own fingers had already droped her suit jacket and was working on the buttons of her white shirt.

Peters hunch had been correct as a pair of rather large and firmly breasts showed up, covered by a white laced bra.

?Hmm. Seems like you really have something to show? Peter continued, ?Maybe you should take the shirt fully off and then remove your pants so I can see if you have an ass and a pair of legs to match? By the way, what is your name actually??

?My name is Susan, but if you think that I will just strip for you like that you are surely mistaken?

Susan finished the sentence while stepping out of her pants and shoes. She now stood infront of Peter only wearing matching white underwear and still with a look on her face af if she would do nothing he asked of her.

?Sure...? said Peter ironically ?maybe you should take a look down yourself and say that again?? The last part was said with a smile, as he saw how susan only now noticed her state of undress.

?But... but... What is going on here??

?Well, you see, I currently have full control of you body.? Peter started to explain. He was also starting to slowly move closer to Susan.

?That's not possible.? Susan tried to fight Peter and his logic, but she was completely unable to move.

?Oh, but it is? Peter remarked as he came up right next to her. He was very interested to see how deep his control of her body actually was.

?Are you getting hot and horny?? he asked her teasingly.

She was about to answer with a very firm no, when she felt something stirre inside her. She felt herself getting turned on. In her mind she so wanted not to be, but her body betrayed. Her nipples were getting hard and she started to feel her pussy growing wet.

She looked at him in terror as he moved his hand inbetween her legs. Her panties were already moisted and she couldn't keep a moan from passing her lips when he touched her oh so sensitive pussy.

Peter was enjoying this to the fullest. He had just proved to himself that he had practically full control over her body, and all its functions. He wanted to humiliate her a bit more though.

He made sure to still not mess with her emotions and thoughts, besides the signals her own body was sending her. He gently carressed the side of her head while her used his other hand to move her panties aside and ever so gently slide a finger from the bottom of her pussy all the way to her clit in the top.

The look on Susans face was a look of horror, as she felt the power of what he was doing, then slowly, in time with the movement of the finger, turned to a face of pleasure as her mind was bombarded with signals from her stimulated body.

Whether it was a sigh of relief or a moan of disapointment which escaped Susans lips when Peter let go, her was not sure, but he suspected the latter. He gave her a few seconds to compose herself.

?Why are you doing this?? Susan asked a little afraid while she again didn't seem to notice herself stipping of the remainder of her clothes.

?I think you are hot, and it would be a shame not to fuck you.? Was the straight answer from Peter, who himself had taken the liberty of stripping of his clothes.

?Now...? He put on a more serious face. ?How are your feelings towards the faire sex??

?What do you mean? Susan asked a bit confused. She didn't really understand where he was going.

?Well, how do you feel about having sex with women?? Peter tried to continue the serious tone of voice, but it was hard, knowing what he had planed.

?I have never really thought about that kind of thing. It don't really feel comfortable talking about this.?

?Well, your will be doing a bit more than talking right now... Tanya?? He raised his voice in the end, so Tanya would hear in the other room.

There was a bit of a ruffle. Peter suspected that Tanya might have been busy at that moment, so it took a few seconds before a naked Tanya emerged from one of the other rooms.

?Get on your back on the floor Tanya? Peter instructed.

?What is gonna happen?? Susan asked as she moved to lie over Tanya with her head over her pussy.

?Well the way you so willingly moved into position, one might assume that you already know? Peter said while trying not to laugh to much.

?You know damn well that it is you who are moving meeeoohhhh? Tanya had gabbed Susans ass and begun licking her pussy, and doing and excellent job at it.

Susan was very confused. She had never had the desire to have a girl go down on her, but for some reason this just felt soo damn goood. She didn't have much time to think really, as her head quickly moved down to return the favor.

Peter was in heaven. He got down on his knees next to them and let his hand softly move other the two beauties which was under his control. He put his hand inbetween them and grabbed the tit of the one on the bottom, who was actually really enjoying this.

He then ran his hand across the back and down and grabbed the ass of the blond, somewhat older woman, whos mind he had not captured but whos body was totally and completely his.

The sounds the girls were making were of quite different natur. Where Tanyas moans sounded eager and joyfull, Susans were more moans of labor. She was feeling intense pleasure from the woman beneath her, but her brain was working hard to denie it.

It was time that Peter got in on this action too. He moved behind Susan, and gave her a quick slap on the ass, as he released control of her head. She looked up and behind her to find Peter lining his dick up for entry.

?Wait, wait, wait... uuuuuhhh.? She moan out loud as he bottomed out in the first stroke.

Peter grabbed her hips and began pounding into her. With all the work up, going all the way back to having Sara ride him, he knew he would last that long, but again, who cared?

Peter kept ramming into Susan, who had a suprisingly tight cunt. He moved one hand to her shoulder and used the other to spank her ass.

Tanyas hand moved away from Susans ass and begang pincing her nipples. To was too much for Susan. Even though her mind kept telling her that this was wrong and she should not get turned on by this, every slap on her ass sent shivers of pleasure through her entire body. Ripples flowed out from her breasts due to the work Tanya was doing, but none the least was the hard cock ripping into her from behind.

She had never been used like this before and before she knew it, wave after wave of orgasmic bliss rolled over her. Her moans got louder and louder and with one last spank from Peter, she collapsed on top of Tanya.

?Ah, so she liked that did she?? Peter commented sarcasticly, while he kept using his new found fuck toy.

?Would she also like to be filled up with cum?? He added, which made Susan open her eyes in terror.

?No, please, I am not on the pill?

?Well there are other placed which can be used...? With this Peter pulled out of Susan and moved around to her front. Before Susan really understood what he wanted, Peter grabbed her by the hair and stuffed his dick down her throat. She started to gag, but he quickly removed her gag reflex.

With one hand holding her hair, and one hand on the back of her head, he fucked her mouth for all she was worth. After only 10 or 12 strokes he pulled her all the way to the base of his cock and unloaded in her.

He held her there for a few seconds to he was done cumming and then pulled her off, making her land on her back.

She was coughing and gasping for breath, but otherwise perfectly fine. Tanya was still laying infront of Peter, legs spread wide and smiling.

?Is she going to stay here and keep us company?? She asked, properly hoping this was the case.

?No, she has got a job to take care of, right?? He directed the last part to Susan, and continued, ?and she wont tell anyone about what happened here will she?? He was not asking as much as telling. ?She will go home and remember what happened, but not tell a soul about it. If I contact her again she will be ready and willing to help, okay??

Still a bit groggy from the ordeal Susan nodded her head yes.

?Good, now Susan, you like someone who works at a bank, is that right??

-To be continued

Remember, Feedback is a good thing.
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