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Mother gets her daughter out of trouble 2

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Mother gets her daughter out of trouble 2I dished up diner, Oliver, my husband asked if I was alright. ?Why?? I asked nervously. ?Only its not exactly cold and you have a polo neck on, that?s all,? he said.I shot a look at Andrea, who looked deathly pale, and about to vomit. We had our story, and Oliver didn?t even question it, maybe he didn?t even hear what we told him. I?d packed two bags with a change of clothes in them for each of us, all locked in the boot of my car. I loaded the dishwasher, she helped, and dropped a glass onto the floor, where it smashed. I bent down to help her clear the broken pieces up. Her hands were shaking.?We do this for your father, do whatever they want, then we come back here, and we never, never ever fucking talk about today again. Today, tonight never happened. Understand?? I said. ?Yes Mum, I understand.? Andrea said.?Good, one more thing, you go on the pill.? ?But ..................,? she said. ?Listen, tomorrow we go to the chemist, get you the morning after pill, then the doctors, and you go on the pill.? I told her.?The morning after pill???You know what that is, or you fucking should do. Its for stupid girls that get fucked without taking precautions.??Mum , I?m so, so sorry.? She said, tears running down her face.?Do you think they?ll both come Kurt,? Brian asked.?Doesn?t matter Brian, not really. She?ll come, if only to protect her little girl, and her husband, and her reputation. If they both come, well you know. But if I was betting then I?d bet she brings the girl.??Either way, I?ve got everything set up Kurt, eight cameras, all set to go. I?ve tested the live feed, its all good. We?ve sold a huge amount of passes, all on the back of this afternoons performance.??Good man. The boys will be ready, get them to pop a couple of Viagra about twelve, we will be good to go around half past. This afternoon?s tape can be shown again before then, get the audience primed, and just in time for the Yanks to log on.?I took her into the bathroom straight after diner. Oliver had disappeared into his study, he wouldn?t be out again before we left, but we?d change later, just in case.?Mum, do I have to?? Andrea asked nervously.?Yes, shave your fanny, and do a good job!? I told her. ?But?.? ?But nothing, now use this,? I said, handing her my lady shave with a new blade. She took her knickers off, and began, as I watched. ?You need to do the underside as well, and around your bum,? I instructed. It was hopeless, so I did it. I made sure I didn?t miss a single hair, either around her cunt, or around her little anus. ?I?m not giving them one single reason to complain Andrea, and if this is uncomfortable for you, then hard fucking luck.?She cried again.It was five to twelve when they arrived. They! I smiled as Claire walked in holding her daughters hand. I had to stop myself from punching the air. YES!!!!Claire was in another mini skirt, and low top, the love bite I had given her this afternoon vivid purple on her neck. The daughter was in what looked like last years school uniform, the kilt just covering her bum, the blouse stretched across her bust. The girl looked like her mother, long legged. They both looked nervous, the girl almost shaking, which was exactly the look I wanted. I told them to re-apply their make up, red lips. They did what I told them, they didn?t even ask why. It was nearly time, I gave them both a drink, and a little GHB, something that would make them relax. Relax, it would make them do whatever I suggested. They drank them down. We stood at the bar, Kurt had told us to re-apply our lipstick. I suppose he wanted us to leave red marks on his cock, typical man. I suddenly wondered if Andrea had ever given head. He moved away, to get us a drink, calm our nerves.?Andrea, listen, he?ll want you to suck his cock, you know!? I whispered. ?Girls talk about that at school, do you?? do that Mum?? She asked.?Yes of course, and so must you. Understand?? I told her.She didn?t get chance to say anything more as Kurt handed us our drinks. I was thirsty, and so it seemed was Andrea. Nerves I supposed. The drink tasted funny, but it did settle my nerves, I suddenly felt alright. Tonight would be fine, then we?d never ever speak about it again. Ever. I?m not sure how, but I suddenly found myself on the stage again. ?Its alright Claire, we just want to fuck you, and fuck Andrea, that?s all. You know that don?t you,? Kurt said. I nodded.?Good, now just do everything you?re told, you?ll do that won?t you, do everything you?re told.? ?Yes Kurt, of course, I?ll do everything I?m told,? I said, almost in a dream.?Now Andrea, I?m going to fuck you, you want me to do that to you, don?t you,? Kurt said to her.?Yes, I want you to fuck me,? Andrea replied. I thought that was strange, because I was sure that she didn?t. ?That?s right Andrea, we?ll fuck you. And you?ll do everything you?re told won?t you Andrea, like a good girl.? ?Oh yes, I?m a good girl, I?ll do what I am told.? Andrea said.The lights seemed even brighter than this afternoon I thought. I wondered why, but just wondered. ?Now Andrea, I want you two to kiss, kiss her on the lips, kiss her because you love her, don?t you.??Yes I do love her, but?..??Do what I tell you Andrea, you too Claire, now kiss each other, because you love each other very much.?I remember moving close to her, she put her arms around me, and I felt hr lips on mine. Kurt said to kiss her because I loved her, and I do. I felt her mouth open, and I put my tongue in her mouth, finding her tongue, we stood as Kurt had told us, snogging each other, and knowing this was so right. Its what people who love each other do. Isn?t it. Well isn?t it?I felt **** tongue in my mouth. I?d done this with boys at school, but it was never like this, and I pulled her tighter, and then put my tongue in her mouth, wrapping my arms around her, her boobs squashed against mine. My hands travelled down her back, until I touched her bum, then cupped it, and pulled her even closer. I wondered, as we kissed why we were on the stage, and why the lights were so bright. But Kurt had told me he wanted me here, so this was where I was. He told me I was to do everything I was told. And I would, why would he think that I wouldn?t.?Now Andrea, undress your *****, and as you do, kiss her, kiss her everywhere, you can do that, can?t you.? I could, and would.?Claire, undress Andrea, I want you both naked, but leave her skirt on, do it.? Kurt said.I watched almost unable to breath as they French kissed, and then some, then as they undressed each other, and as they did so, they kissed each others bodies, they took their time, did it slowly. Sucking each others nipples, which looked so hard. I checked the monitor, and saw the feed was working. All in Ultra HD. I checked the number of viewers. Thousands, all paying to watch a mother and her daughter fuck and be fucked for the first time together. My cock twitched at the thought of the revenue, and that was just tonight?s. I wasn?t at all sure how it happened, but suddenly my head was between Andrea?s legs, her smooth freshly shaved cunt so close. A voice told me to lick her, it wasn?t Kurt, but it didn?t matter, as I ran my tongue the length of her labia. It parted, and I saw her inner pink lips, they were so wet, I licked her juices, and felt her shudder. At the same time, a tongue burrowed into my pussy, and I groaned with pleasure. Her tongue, and I knew it was hers, was taking me to a place I wanted to go, at the same time my tongue was busy in her wet, and smooth young cunt. So wet. I pushed her school skirt up over her bum, then I moved my tongue, and found her little puckered hole, and rimmed her. I felt her stiffen, then she came. My little one came in my mouth, her wetness poured out of her, and into my mouth. I drank her sweet juices down. Nectar.I watched the screen. My cock was so hard, it was painful. I swore I?d never ever, ever been so hard. I couldn?t have stopped watching even if the house caught fire. My trousers were around my ankles as I stroked my cock, ever careful not to cum, No not to cum, not yet. I made a mental note to buy a bigger screen. After tonight I wanted to be able to see this in even finer detail, I wanted to see everything, see it all. I briefly thought about the high cost of tonight?s show, then dismissed the thought. It didn?t matter how much this cost, I?d pay it. I?d pay double, treble even. I?d buy the download as well, so I could watch it back, whenever I wanted. And I wanted. Later I?d take out an annual subscription to this site. It was awesome, fucking awesome. I felt a prick in my shoulder, and knew they were d**gging me. Knew they would be doing the same to Andrea, then I felt the warmth as the d**g spread through my body. I felt so relaxed. This was my new happy place, my face between my daughters legs, her face between mine. But then I was pulled away, by strong hands. It was time for them to fuck me. Them? It was only supposed to be Kurt, but it wasn?t him, it was someone else, someone I had never seen before. Oh well it didn?t matter. Andrea was on her knees, a cock in her mouth, her eyes watering, as she grew accustomed to a cock in her mouth. A cock, such a big cock was put into my mouth, then pushed straight in, and down into my throat. My gag reflex didn?t cut in, as it had earlier, but even then Kurt?s cock had found its way into my throat. I reached up, cupping his heavy balls, my finger found his anus, and I pushed it in, making him push forward with his cock deeper into my throat, until I had it all, and I still wanted more. Much more.I watched as Mum took a huge cock into her mouth, fuck it must be halfway down her throat. Would they want me to do that, I wondered. Then someone injected something into my arm, and I felt so chilled, fuck this was way cool. A cock was in front of my face, I just grabbed it, and then sucked it. So this was what the girls at school were always going on about. Mmmmm, yummy.He pushed it further into my mouth, my eyes watered, and I knew I was going to be sick, but just as I knew I would he pulled back, and the bile subsided. I wanted it back, and grabbed his balls and pulled them towards me, his cock going deeper. I didn?t gag this time, and his cock slid into my throat. He fucked my face, the girls at school never talked about this. Then I felt him stiffen, his cock got harder, something came out of it, into my mouth, it tasted salty, and creamy. I liked it. He pulled right out, and some went on my face, and some on my tits. Then he put it back in, and I sucked, and sucked, and sucked. He told me I was a good little cocksucker, and that mad me feel good.?Brian, time to give them a break,? I said. ?Sure thing Kurt, shall I put her strip on, or her sucking your cock???Sucking I think Brian.?I looked at them, they both smiled back at me. I gave them both a drink of water, which they bolted down. One of my girls came onto the stage, and re-did their makeup. Andrea?s school skirt was around her waist, and I wanted it there. I wanted everyone watching to know what she was. This had been advertised as a real mother and her schoolgirl daughter fuck-fest. The number watching had gone up again. This was going to be the first of many, whether they were together of not, these two had a long career in front of them. Whether they wanted it or not was not relevant, they would do what I wanted, when I wanted, with whoever I wanted. They?d both been given enough d**gs, just enough, but not so much that they would look d**gged up. No that wouldn?t do. The members of my exclusive website wanted. Authentic, and that?s what they got. They got what they wanted, and exactly what they paid for, and they paid well. Tonight?s was a special, and that was extra of top of their subscription.His cock was huge, much bigger than Kurt, and his was fucking big. The monster that was fucking me was in my cervix I swore. I looked up, and saw Andrea with a cock buried in her little cunt, and I wondered it was hurting her. Not that I cared right at that moment, I saw her clawing at the guys back, leaving bloody scratches down his back. Someone with a camera was close up, almost between her legs. So they were filming us, it didn?t surprise me, I didn?t care, let them film, let them film because I was cumming again. My orgasm washed through me, and I screamed with pleasure, and total lust. Then I felt another cock, this time pushing against my sphincter. I?d never done anal, and I wondered what it was going to feel like. I felt myself relax as it was pushed in, the guy fucking my cunt stopped as the new intrusion into my body was pushed fully in. It hurt, but the pain was somehow numb, and I waited with anticipation for them to fuck me in unison. ?Oh fuck, oh yesssssssssss!?I could see Mum, she was straddling one guy as another got behind her. I saw her eyes roll back into her head, and her mouth opened. I wondered what they were doing to her. Then the guy fucking me pulled out, and another pushed me onto my knees and elbows, my bum in the air, something cold was rubbed on my bum hole, and a finger pushed in. I didn?t like that, but they said to stay as I was, do what I was told. I felt something else, and knew he was putting his cock into my bum hole. How disgusting. I shit out of that. It hurt, worse than when I had been constipated, then he pushed it further in, and I screamed, and screamed because it hurt so much. ?Noooo, fuck it hurts, please nooooo! Please, please, please, take it out.? I clawed at the floor, it was agony. ?Shall I give her a whiff of poppers,? Brian asked.?No, mate, let her scream, but make sure we get some great footage of it, nothing like an anal virgin getting it in the arse for the first time, especially one like her. But make sure that skirt stays around her waist, don?t want it getting in the way, especially as she?s bleeding a little.??No problem Boss.? I sat watching on the monitors, switching from one camera to another. They were all being recorded, ready to be cut into what I hoped would be several movies. The mother was cumming again, how many was that, I?d lost count, and I doubted she was keeping track either. The daughter was cumming as well, and I intermixed the footage. Both the women were now covered in sweat, the viewers, if they were ever in any doubt, would know this was for real. ?Brian, get the other guys on, time to make them airtight, and I want them fucked really hard, make them suffer. Oh and Brian, lets have a few arse to mouths, Mum to daughter, daughter to Mum, ok???Right on it Boss!?I?d cum, and my cock was still hard, even after I?d ejaculated down the front of my legs. And still the action went on, seemingly never ending, and both the women were fucked, then fucked again by another lucky bastard. The young one had screamed when they first put a cock in her arse, her eyes almost on stalks, then she?d bitten her lip, making it bleed. Dirty slut. She hadn?t minded taking the cock out of her mothers arse though, then sucking it straight away, Fucking dirty bitch. The mother had done the same, only she?s kissed her daughters anus as well, almost kissing it better. Bless her. They were being gangbanged now, so the show was coming to an end. I glanced at the clock, fuck it was late. Then I came again, and still my cock was hard as steel. This was so hot.I sat in a chair, the stage in front of me, Andrea beside me. We were both naked. ?Well ladies, are you ok?? Kurt asked. ?Yes, I think so,? I said. ?You too Andrea?? ?Thanks, did I do everything right?? She asked.?Yes, darling, you were perfect, you both were.? Kurt said. ?Kurt, I know we?ve been fucked, but ????Claire, Andrea, you were great. Now I want you again tomorrow night, you understand???You?re making more films of us?? I asked.?Yes, and there will be a lot more, is that ok?? Kurt asked.My head was fuzzy.?Yes Kurt, that will be fine, what time do you want us?? I asked. ?Seven o?clock.? ?Seven, ok.? I said.?I?ll ring you later, to confirm.?I woke, I was in my own bed, and had this awful taste in my mouth. My head throbbed. I remembered going to the club last night, with Andrea, I know I had sex, but everything seemed to be a blank. I turned the shower on, and immediately felt better. I cleaned my teeth, and felt better still. Then I remembered, Andrea. She was fucked as well, and wasn?t on the pill. Time to sort her out.She was lying naked spread eagled on her bed. Her shaven cunt looked very puffy, and I could see dried cum on it, and her legs. I woke her, and she smiled at me. ?Did we do it Mum?? She asked.?I think so, no I?m sure we did. Now come on, the chemist if you remember, you need the morning after pill, today.??Do we have to?? She asked. ?Yes, yes we do, and the doctors.?Oliver arrived home around five, and looked exhausted.?Bad day honey,? I asked. ?Something like that, you???Alright, Andrea wasn?t too good, so I took her to the doctors, she?ll be fine, women?s stuff,? I said, ending the conversation.The phone rang, it was Kurt. ?What do you want Kurt?? I asked.?Just making sure you remember our arrangement.? He said.Something nagged at the back of my mind. ?No, I thought we were done.? I said.?Look, I?ll have you both collected at seven, so be ready.??Fuck off!? I said, and pressed end. A few minutes later, my phone pinged, and so did Andrea?s. From Kurt, with a message. I opened the attachment as I?d been instructed. My mouth must have dropped open in shock. At the same time Andrea came running downstairs, and my phone rang again. ?So you?ll be ready at seven?? Kurt asked.?Yes Kurt, we?re both be ready, at seven.??Good, I?ll send a car.?I ended the call. ?Mum, was that really us in that clip?? Andrea asked.?Yes honey, that was us,? I said, a memory of last night flashing in front of me.?Oh my fucking God!? Andrea said.
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