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Becky's bıtch

Post #1

BECKY'S BITCHOne night not long ago my phone began to intrude on my dreams, then it went away. Moments later it intruded again. It was midnight, or thereabout anyway, and it was Rebecca. Rebecca and I are like Best Friends Forever With Benefits. I was delighted that it was her regardless of the hour. I just love Rebecca. I was really thrilled when she asked me if I'd like some company. When I said I'd love that she said she'd be right over. I put on this little pink miniskirt she had given me because it lets my naked ass and cock hang out and Rebecca loves that. About 20 minutes later there came a knock at the door. It was Rebecca, dressed up like the hottest little schoolgirl you ever saw. She said, "I hope you don't mind that I brought Joe with me, he's going to be our slave". I said that it was no problem. Rebecca made herself a drink, caressed some of my strategic locations, then opened the door and let out a whistle. Moments later Joe came in and Rebecca ordered him to get on his knees and he obeyed. She was standing next to me with her drink in one hand and my sweet little naked ass in the other (sweet little ass is her term for it). Joe reached for my cock and she slapped his hand away and said "stop that you don't have permission to touch anything yet"! She told him that he was going to be our sex slave and he had to do whatever we said if he wanted to play with us. Standing next to me she told him to lean forward and kiss my cock, once again he obeyed. Rebecca told him that she was going to teach him how to suck a dick and he was going to like it. She said "gently reach over and peel back the foreskin, lick all around the head, love the cock with your mouth, lick from the balls to the head with your tongue and suck the balls gently, then put your mouth over the head and wiggle your tongue back and forth really fast". He did all those things just like she told him to, but she wasn't finished. While he was licking the end of my cock Rebecca said "now swallow it all the way down". That's no mean feat because my cock is about 8 inches long and at least 2 and a half inches thick. He got about halfway the first try so my dear little Rebecca grabbed him by the hair and stuffed his head down on my cock till he gagged several times. She pushed his head away and told him to watch how it was supposed to be done. This girl has to be just about the best cocksucker on Planet Earth, and she once, I think, had aspirations of teaching me how to eat pussy until she found out how good I already was at that.Joe said he was thirsty so Rebecca gave him a sip of her drink. She wanted me to lick her pussy so I suggested we let Joe have his own drink. We even let him make it himself. Her clit is in the front of her pussy so it is easy to suck it and finger her pussy at the same time. She always makes me let her lick my fingers when I do that. I have a Schoolgirl outfit of my own with matching Tartan high heels and everything. I put that on and then changed into my little black pleated skirt outfit. We looked at a few things on my profile and found some vids on xhamster. Rebecca likes girls too so we watched some girl-girl vids. Joe became annoying so Rebecca chased him away. I told Rebecca she was turning him into a sissy. She told me he was always a sissy and that she was turning him into a bitch. She had told me once before "he's my toy". As far as I'm concerned that makes him Becky's Bitch.After Joe was gone we cuddled and snuggled and caressed each other a time or two. We do so love each other after all. She told me to lick her pussy again and arranged the pillows so that her ass was way up in the air. Then she said that she wanted me to do it like in the video. I did exactly that. I stuck out my tongue and licked her asshole 'cause that's what the girl in the video did to the other girl. She liked that and moved around a bit. After a while I moved my tongue to her pussy and fingered her ass at the same time. She started to massage her clit while I finger fucked her asshole and licked her pussy, her cooing all the while ooooh daddy, yes daddy! She soon went into convulsions. Her body shook and quaked all over, and then she lay still. She was the first to come in my new bed and I had to wash my mustache three times before it wasn't all stiff any more. I sprained my tongue mostly because I did everything I could to lick as far inside her asshole as possible. I have the strangest feeling she's going to try to get me to stick my big fat 8 inch cock up her bitch's ass so she can make a vid of it and show all her friends. We'll show it to you too so don't worry about being left out.
04-15-2021, at 01:17 PM

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