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KATHERINEThe phone rang for the third time before Katherine picked it up. Cursing the interruption she turned her slim pink vibrator off and answered."Hello.""Hi, Katherine. It's me, Shelly. What are you up to?""Oh, nothing," Katherine answered her daughter-in-law. "What are you doing?""I thought I would call to see if you wanted to have lunch. John is getting ready to go golfing today and I wanted to get out of the house. What do you say?" Shelly asked."John's going golfing? I would have thought my son knew better than to leave his new bride at home alone all day. You guys have only been married a couple of weeks.""I told him to go." Shelly responded. "Besides, it's not like we can't go a couple of hours without doing it.""Excuse me?" Katherine replied. Shelly had always been open with her mother-in-law, but Katherine couldn't believe she had said that to her."Oops, I'm Sorry. I didn't mean to offend you.""It's okay." Katherine responded, not really that upset. "Let me get dressed and I will stop by your house to get you." "Okay, I'll see you in a little bit."****Katherine hung up the phone and reluctantly put her vibe back in the bedside table. As she got up off her bed, she thought about her life. When she was first married to John's father, Robert, he wanted sex all the time. Lately sex was infrequent to the point of non-existent. Now he just tinkered around on his little projects in the garage. Though they still loved each other, it left Katherine unsatisfied sexually, which is why she was masturbating in the first place. Oh, well. I can finish what I started later.As Katherine dressed she looked in the mirror. Standing 5'7", with her hair a golden blonde hanging just past her shoulders, she could turn a few heads. She admired her slim 44 year old body, with her firm 36C breasts and an ass that looked closer to 24 than 44. Fuck it! I'm still sexy, and I'll be damned if I going to let my son getting married make me feel old, she thought as she went to the closet to find something alluring to wear. Katherine picked out a short pastel sundress and a pair of lacey thong panties with a bra to match. As she dressed Katherine thought about how Shelly wouldn't be the only one getting admiring glances today. Maybe I ought to take a lover. That would teach Robert not to ignore me. I could get some young stud my son's age, with the type of sexual drive that could satisfy a woman with needs.Katherine finished dressing, and went to the garage to tell Robert where she was going. Robert didn't even notice the way she was dressed, which only made Katherine want a young lover more. Frustrated and unfulfilled Katherine got in her car and headed to her son and his new wife's house.****Perfect, Shelly thought as she hung up the phone. Now the fun begins. Shelly had a plan and today it was her goal to take her and John's kinky sex life to the next level. She and John had met at a bar a year ago and ended up in bed that night. They had both been celebrating graduation from college and both of them had probably had too much to drink. But, as luck would have it, they were a perfect match. That night had started both their fires burning. After a year together, they were still exploring all of their kinky fantasies.Shelly a 5'7" brunette had nearly the same figure as John's mother, except she was a 34C. The resemblance was something Shelly had noticed more than once. John like his father was 5'10" with dark brown hair and a slightly muscular build. They were both 23 years old and to all outward appearances, a normal newly wed couple.After talking to John's mom Shelly made sure that John saw walk from the bedroom to the bathroom nude. She purposely left the door open as she sat on the toilet to piss. As she emptied her bladder she smiled to herself knowing that John could here her peeing. That sound always turned John on, she knew. It was one of those fantasies that they had already explored. After she was finished she didn't even use tissue to dry the last few drops. Shelly just got up and went through the living room to the bedroom where John was waiting for her with a mischievous look on his face."What are you smirking at?" Shelly asked."Nothing," John replied. "I just thought you might like for me to clean you up a little bit. You know I love to lick your pussy and taste your pee. Please.""Okay, but you have to hurry your mother is coming over to get me for lunch, since you are going golfing." That was all the invitation John needed as he nearly dove to eat Shelly's perfectly shaven slit. Shelly sat back on the bed and spread her legs to better accommodate him. John hungrily lapped at Shelly's pussy with is tongue which drove her crazy."Oh God, that feels so good!""You like getting your pussy licked, don't you? Are you going to cum, baby?" Shelly put a disappoint tone in her voice as she replied. "I want to, but you have to stop. Your mom is on her way over and if you keep eating me, we'll end up having sex." "I know we will, but we can make it a quickie.""Are you serious?" Shelly acted shocked as she asked. "We will never finish in time, unless...""Unless what?" John stopped eating her pussy long enough to ask."I think you like the idea of mommy catching you don't you? Don't deny it. Your mom is hot, and I have seen the way you hug her. A little too tight for a son your age.""I don't know what you are talking about." John responded. He wasn't upset, he just didn't know if Shelly was joking or not."Don't tell me you haven't noticed the similarities between our bodies." Shelly said matter of factly. "By the way, who told you that you could stop licking mommy's pussy? Now get back between mommy's legs and finish the job."John didn't hesitate as he buried his head back between her sexy thighs thinking of her as his mom not his wife. By now his cock was hard and there was no way it was going down. Maybe he shouldn't be so turned on by his wife talking so dirty, so far they had put no limits on their sex life and it didn't seem like they were going to start now. As John licked Shelly got closer and closer to cumming. Meanwhile she kept talking dirty between moans.Arching her back she let out a loud cry, "That's it! I'm cumming baby! Mommy is cumming from her baby's tongue!" John stopped licking her clit and stood up to take his clothes off. "What are you doing baby?" Shelly purred."What do you think, getting ready for a quickie.""If you want a quickie, then you have to ask mommy nicely.""What?""You heard me Johnny. Ask mommy nicely," said Shelly."Okay," John hesitated. "Mommy can I have sex with you?"Smiling wickedly, Shelly agreed. "Yes Johnny, mommy will have sex with you. Now you just take off your clothes and lie on the bed." John did as he was told, first removing his shirt, then his pants and finally his boxers. As he took the last of his clothing off, Shelly made it a point of examining his 7" cock. "Oh baby, you are so hard. Is that for mommy?""Yes mommy. That is for you."John went to lie down on the bed as Shelly maneuvered to be on top so that she could see out to the living room while she rode her husband. Gently she eased her wet slit onto his rigid dick.****Katherine knocked on the front door of her son's house, but got no answer. Damn it, they know I coming over, she thought. Oh well. Katherine just figured they were in the back of the house and didn't hear so she went on in. As she walked into the living room she heard noises that could only be sex coming from the bedroom, so she tried to discretely wait in the living room without interrupting their fun. Just because she wasn't getting any didn't mean they shouldn't either.As Katherine waited she started to hear words, and they shocked her. Did she just hear John call Shelly mommy? No, that can't be, she thought. Still she was curious, so she got off the couch and eased closer to the bedroom door to listen."Oh baby, you are so hard. Is that for mommy?""Yes mommy. That is for you."Oh my God! What are they doing? Katherine thought. Just as quickly she realized what they were doing as she watched Shelly lower her shaved pussy onto her sons waiting cock while she told him how mommy wanted to ride her little boy until she squirted her juice all over his cock. Surprisingly Katherine didn't turn and run. She just leaned against the couch and watched dumbfounded as her son pretended to be fucking his mother.As Katherine watched Shelly ride her son she noticed just how much she was enjoying this. At first it started with just a flush of her cheeks, and then she noticed it wasn't just her cheeks that were warm. Her pussy had to have raised ten degrees and was noticeably wetter as well. Absently Katherine started teasing her fingernails and the backs of her fingers across her bare skin. She started with her neck then moved down to the loose neckline of her dress. By now her nipples were hard as little erasers so she started squeezing them through her dress with her left hand while she moved her right hand to her bare thighs. It didn't take much rubbing before she started to slide her dress up to get better access to her pleasure zone. As she massaged her thighs she watched as Shelly continued to impale herself on Johnny's hard prick. By now the crotch of Katherine's lacy white panties was showing just how wet she was."That's it Johnny. Fuck mommy's pussy!" Shelly exclaimed. "Tell mommy how much you like her pussy.""I love your pussy mommy!" Cried John.At this point Katherine couldn't take it anymore. She used her left hand to pull her panties to the side while she began to finger herself with her right. Her index finger easily slid passed her tiny strip of blonde curls and between her bald pussy lips. As wet as she was it didn't take long before she was working two, then three fingers in and out while the base of her palm ground against her clit. At this point she could swear Shelly looked up briefly to see her, but she didn't care enough to stop. She was to close to cumming. Just as quickly Shelly looked back down at John and said, "What if your real mommy catches us? You don't even care do you? As a matter of fact you would love that wouldn't you?""I don't know. She might get pissed.""I doubt that John. She would probably get off on it as much as you are. This can't be the first time you thought about fucking your mom?"John hesitated in responding before finally saying, "No, I used to be think about her all the time when I jacked off. I would even steal her panties, so I could lick them and use them to rub my cock.""That's so Hot Johnny! I love thought of you sniffing and licking mommy's panties. Just thinking about it... Oh God, mommy is going to cum!"Katherine knew it. She always wondered why John helped so much with the laundry when he was younger. The thought of her son cumming in her panties sent Katherine over the edge. She let out a moan just as Shelly started cumming as well."Oh Johnny, I'm cummmming soooooooo harrrrrrrd! That's it, FUCK, fill mommy's pussy with your cum!" Shelly nearly yelled as they both exploded.Katherine came with them, and then quickly fixed her panties and dress. She quietly scooted around the couch to take a seat feeling much more satisfied than she had in a long time.
04-15-2021, at 01:17 PM

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