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Jennifer Fucked in the Storeroom

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Jennifer Fucked in the StoreroomIn the Storeroom with the Store ManagerThe local hardware store has always done well but has not been upgraded in a few years, to see what needs doing they brought in a new manager to help plan and determine the goals needed for increased success. I came in to get some supplies and in the past asked for another person but then I was told that the new manager would be better to answer my questions, during a landscape project I needed some hardware items special ordered so when I needed some special items they contacted the manager.My surprise is while I waited at the counter the person several feet away turned around and introduced herself as the manager named Jennifer, a handshake I absorbed the experience seeing eye to eye with a late thirties something redhead. She told me my order should not be a problem as she went upstairs to the office to check order sheets, I discreetly looked as she went up the stairs imagining what fun she would be but thought about a fifty percent chance she would be married.Returning she confirmed my order and asked if there was anything else and I wanted to say Suck My Cock but we might never get there so I said that?s my list for today, she opened my kinky thoughts telling me she could arrange for managers specials so my list expanded to several dozen items. I said I would check my calendar and make a lst and then I said thanks and walked out of the store, I realized I needed to shop and restock my toy accessories so I would be ready if things presented themselves. I went shopping at several other places and went to work thinking about her cute body and neck length red hair, then a client needed a fluorescent light for a hallway so several days I went shopping again.I called and priced the light tubes and two weeks later stopped by and was in the isle selecting the lights and a voice came behind me and asked if I needed help, Jennifer grabbed the items while we chatted about things in the store and I told her the store looked great. She said it takes lots of delegation to keep this place looking good so I told her the weekend manager keeps the place tidy and stocked, you should be happy and commend them for good work and she smiles and said working the weekends keeps the place running the best. I asked her if her hubby is bummed she is gone and she tells me they are separated and he gets the k**s at that time.I asked her if she is happy with the arrangement and she said yes as I brush her arm in support, looking in her eyes I tell her customer service is great her because at least we see eye to eye at the same height and she gave me a big grin. Still looking in her eyes I apologised for brushing her arm inappropriately and Jennifer said it was ok and leaned in for a sideways hug wrapping her arm around me halfway, my hand brushed her back softly as she pulled away slowly because we are inside the store with lots of cameras.I told thanks for the help and she told me anytime I needed help I should have them call her so I can get the best assistance, sometimes the best way to get it done right is to get the right person and I agreed as she smiled looking in my eyes as my hand brushed her arm again. She did not pull away but paused as she got a call on her earpiece radio and said she needed to go, pulling slightly on my grip Jennifer looked at me as I released and said we should talk about that in private.Jennifer walked away and she moves nice as my mind raced and wanted to grab her ass, just as she turned a corner she looked back and flipped her red hair checking to see if was watching. I went and did a little more shopping in a corner of the store and found myself leaning to get an item, then from behind she leaned in and kissed my neck and whispered the cameras don't cover here. Then I turned and she moved in for a deep kiss as my hands gripped her backside her kisses deepening as I pinched, harder my pinches got she began to growl inside her body holding so she would not fall only to discover she on her tip toes.She took several breaths and I remarked this is definitely great customer service as she looks in my eyes, then she tells me I need to remember that the manager specials come with service far above the normal level with many benefits so I hold her firmly and tell her I am looking forward to my expanded customer experience.I returned the next week with a list of plants to purchase and only found half of my list so I went to the counter asking for the plant list for the week, I wanted to order them for a job and waited for the copy from the office. Looking at the stairs I saw someone and knew those little legs as they stepped downward, Jennifer emerged and said Oh You want this list with a smirk on her face.She walked me to the back of the store through the stockroom doors taking my hand and holding tightly, then a right to a tool overstock area she pushes me against the wall and kisses me ravenously then asks me what I would do to get this privileged list of plants. My hands around her back I gripped her tightly still kissing her and turned around with her back against the wall, then breaking the kiss I looked at her and said there are lots of things I could do to get that list and many things i would need are several feet away from where we are standing.Jennifer was panting in my tight grip with her eyes widening at the thoughts I might have for payment then she mumbles what I might have in mind, my arms went to her shoulders then down grasping her hands placing them behind then I ask if this is a private and she says lets go over here walking first leading me by my grip on her thumbs. Through a door into a small half empty room she tells me this is a private place for me to negotiate for that list, her hair in my grasp I face her to the wall and on a table is a short piece of nylon rope to tie her wrists as I ask her if she is ok with Bondage.Facing the wall Jennifer softly tells me she loves to surrender and that she can take much more than her petite frame might appear to tolerate, I inform her that I can get rough at times and that she might squirm only for her to tell me that we might have to go to a friends house as a more appropriate location. Then a properly set up room can be created for her to have a full body experience, I kiss her and grip her firmly and untie her hands and we leave out the front of the store. She walks me to my truck and I give Jennifer a consent form to review and as she puts it in her pocket she asks me if I can come back tonight, She feels like another day would be too long and it would be wonderful if I returned just before closing.Several hours pass and I return to the store anticipating an evening of drinks and food to talk but shortly before closing I go inside to get several items, some trellis supplies and hardware items to build them and then a hand rubs my backside. Jennifer leans close and remarks that it is nice that I came back and asks what kind of pizza I would like to eat, I prefer some veggies and chicken and she remarks that italian sausage is her favorite so I smile I tell her sounds good in moderation.She gets a call on her headset and dashes down the aisle to a waiting employee with a question then disappears for several minutes, I get to the register so Marissa and ring my items while Jennifer waits at the customer service desk then motions to Marissa to close her register and go to the office. As they talk for a moment Marissa turns to me and says I need to take good care of Jennifer and I remark that we are going to have pizza, Marissa says she loves pizza but a rain check would be good and turns to the boss and leans in for an elbow touch. Jennifer remarks that she is off the clock so Marissa leans over and gives me a half hug turning to a full on one when my hand goes around her back.Marissa and the cash!Jennifer goes upstairs to secure the cash while I get soft breathing in my ear and a whisper that she loves to be close and tell her I agree, then she separates as Jennifer returns and lets Marissa out the door to go home then calls for pizza and we go in the back where she has a table set up in the nursery area. The plants and table are cozy and she slips away to get out of work clothes returning in jeans and a button down shirt with her red hair tied in back, I remark that her hair looks tight and smirks that her hair curls if it?s loose and she likes things tight.The pizza is half gone and we have split a beer and she is leaning back to put her feet up on the table, I remark that she is naughty doing that and she smartly tells me to do something about it. The piece of rope I used several days before was still on a shelf so I got up walking behind her then grasping her thumbs I wrap her wrists, keep you feet on the table I command and she takes a breath and says Ok as I finish the knots securing her wrists. Drink some water and then I kiss her holding her hair then ask her if we are alone, she swallows and says yes and that she is ok with this situation.She directs me down a hallway to a store room door and points out the key on her keyring to open it and we walk inside, I hope this is acceptable for you as I look around at a clean room with rope and some wood. I remark it is good but I need my bag so sit here and keep your eyes on the item and wait for me to return, before leaving I slip earplugs in her ears and goes Oh My then quiets as I kiss her deeply. My bag of toys is under the table but then I pause and watch Jennifer?s obedience only for her to turn her head slightly to look around, I walk up behind her and grab her hair and she gasps as I remove the earplugs.I think I am being too gentle so I grab some rope and tie her feet to the chair and kiss her again, deeply and slobbery she moans louder as I my hand unbuttons her jeans and brushes her bush. A breath later she wiggles her hips and tells me lower please so I peel her jeans to her ankles and insert a finger, OMG she goes but I tell her she?s gonna have to earn it as I unzip revealing my half hard pole. Leaning forward she takes in the head and teases it with her tongue sending shivers up my body my words inform her she?s gonna have to take care it, she pauses and tells me I am going to use it good tonight but she is difficult to negotiate with at times. I look at her and tell her I am the one in control and those words might get some punishment, Jennifer smiles devilishly and definitely blurts that she is going to have to be tamed. Tied to the chair my fingers rubbing her crotch she starts thrusting her hips upward and panting so i pinch her pussy lips, then a good quiver as she seems to cum and relax leaning her head back. I grab a stick and tie an ankle to one end then release the other attaching it with legs spread wide, her wrists behind her back I pull her to a standing position and help her over to a pad on the floor and lay her facing upward. Her trimmed pubic hair clean away from her moistening pussy I take my fingers and insert pinching her lips, she arches her back and breathes in deeply then holds and shakes again relaxing then she tries to lift with my hand holding her stomach on the floor.Jennifer orgasms again as I plunge my fingers inside her slippery pussy while I pinch her stomach, telling her she is disobedient I might explore new territory for pinching her only response is long panting. A dildo from my bag enters her pussy and she gasps then freezes as I straddle her legs and pinch her waist holding her to the floor, still holding her stomach I remove and thrust the dildo coaxing another group of orgasms from her wiggling body.Laying flat for several minutes she does a sit up and kisses me deeply and thanks me, I respond that I have just begun and grab her turning face down on the mat. I grab another bar and secured her wrists spread apart then turn her on her back and tie the bar to a pole in the room, then diving in to suck her pussy she tenses and racks side to side so I move back and grasp her waist pinching. Looking at her I tell her too noisy and insert a rag into her mouth then pinch higher on her waist eyes leering into mine, The dildo gets shoved in and out several times to distract her as I pinch and push her shirt upward.My pole is rock hard from her wiggling so I removed the dildo and rubbed it against her pussy then guided it inside pushing to fill her cave, her body tensing at the sensation my hands pinched upward holding her on the pad then pinning her by her arms. Leaning down to kiss her between breaths my palms open and grab her tits squeezing firmly, her body lifted against my hands as I pushed harder getting a long grunt from inside her body. Jennifer pushes against my hands so I close to grasp them she pushes harder, I pull out slow as she breathes then thrust hard and fast several times closing my hands pulling her bra upward. Gripping her stomach and thrusting she pants and holds her breath to shake, thrusting several more times I grasp her rock hard nipples and thrust several more times while twisting them she only growls deeply lifting her body skyward.Relaxing I rub her body firmly while she breathes but then tenses when my fingers brush her smarting nipples, I lean down and suck them until she arches upward only to go to the other and repeat. Then I kiss her and tell her that if they are going to give that kind of reaction I might want to do more, Jennifer smiled and said if we find a better place you can make me wiggle even more because I have plenty of freckles to make you happy.We might get another date someday!
04-15-2021, at 01:17 PM

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