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Vacation Isle

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Vacation IsleNora Fleming waited anxiously for her son Darrin to arrive home from his summer job at the landscaping business he worked at with his two friends. Her son had just recently graduated from high school, and the eighteen year old was trying to earn extra college money with his summer off. Nora could not have been prouder of her son when he had graduated with honors and gotten a scholarship to the state university. She had wanted to give him something special for his graduation, but the money was tight right now for the family. Like his father he had been big into sports, playing both basketball and football. Constantly working out at the local gym where he had a part-time job to pay for the membership. Unlike his father, Darrin preferred his evenings at home, not at poker games or work. Spending his evenings with her watching televisionNora had been feeling depressed she could not reward her attentive son with something. When the vacation contest flier had shown up in her mail, she had instantly filled out the form and sent it back. She had been shocked when she had gotten a reply back in only days.She had won, or more precisely, Darrin had won. Round trip tickets and a one week stay at Vacation Isle. Having never heard of the resort, Nora was surprised to find it was a small island off the coast of Nassau in the Bahama's. Now, she was going to give him the letter with the prize voucher. Her only concern was the trip was for two. That meant Darrin needed to choose who would go with him. The thought of some young girl enjoying a week alone with her son, sent a tremor through her body. What was she thinking?When she heard the back kitchen door open, she rose and walked to the open door. She watched as Darrin stripped off his sweat soaked shirt in the small laundry room off the kitchen. The vision of his chiseled abs filled her eyes, and then her gaze traveled over the strong bicepsShuddering, the mother felt a warmth form in the gusset of her panties at the sight of her half nude son. Not now, she begged. She stepped into the kitchen."Hey sweetie" Nora called out."Oh hey mom" Darrin replied. He made no attempt to hide his bare chest as he stepped into the kitchen."Honey" Nora started hesitantly. "I know I didn't get you much for your graduation.""Mom" Darrin interrupted her. "I told you I don't need anything, I have everything I want right here."Nora shivered as she watched her sons glance travel over the swell of her blouse, the dark bra she wore more than evident through the thin material. Nervously she swallowed."Here" Nora thrust the letter out. "This is for you."Darrin took the paper and began to read. His eyes grew wider the further he got through the note."Are you serious?" he asked. "This says a week at a Bahama resort.""Well" Nora told him. "Not exactly a resort, more like a bed and breakfast". She stepped next to her son to see the paper. The smell of his sweat began filling her nostrils."It also isn't exactly the Bahama's either" she told her son. "It's a small private island near them.""Mom" Darrin cleared his throat. "This sounds more like a romantic getaway." He looked at his mother, trying desperately not to look at the creamy flesh now showing through the gap in her blouse. "You should take dad.""Baby, this is for you." Nora insisted. "Besides" she added ruefully. "I don't think your father would even go."Darrin knew better than to press the issue with his mother. Deep down, he also had the suspicion she was right. While outwardly the loving family, things had definitely been cooler in the Fleming house the last few years. To the point Darrin wondered if his father was maybe getting a little something on the side."You can pick who goes with you sweetie" Nora rushed to fill the silence. "Maybe take one of your work friends. Or some...uh...some girl you like." Nora swallowed hard as the words finally came out.Darrin stood silently and stared at his mother for a few moments. Slowly he folded the paper and slid it into the pocket of his jeans."Here's the deal" Darrin spoke slowly and deliberate. "I'll take the vacation, on one condition." He looked his mother in the eyes. "I pick who goes with me, no arguments."Nora nodded quickly. "Of course sweetie." She gushed. "I love you baby, I want you to enjoy.""Oh I will" Darrin answered softly, his eyes never leaving his mother.As her son stepped away and began to head to his room and shower, Nora couldn't contain herself anymore."Do you know who honey?" she asked as she watched her son."That's easy mom" Darrin answered as he turned to look at his mother. "The only one I will go with is you." Nora stood in stunned silence as her son headed up the stairs. He couldn't be serious, she thought. Then, with a violent shudder, the idea of a week on a tropical island with her son exploded in her mind.Later that evening, the trip was brought to Darrin's father. While he wasn't totally surprised by his father's reaction, Nora was shocked when her husband readily agreed to the pair going. She first found him almost all too eager to get them out of the house for a week, but the thought quickly disappeared as plans were made.Darrin told his mother he had already gone online and registered for the prize in his name. The arrangements were made for the following week. Nora was still stunned her son would demand she be the one going, but knew she couldn't argue having made the deal earlier with him.The following week seemed almost like a whirlwind as the pair readied for the trip. Darrin made vacation arrangements with his boss, who congratulated him on winning such a great prize. Nora spent her time slowly packing, choosing carefully what she would bring. The airline only allowed one bag, and she had to pick. Shorts and light blouses were easy. Her disappointment at her old one piece swimming suit was put aside as she realized there was neither the time nor the money for a replacement.Finally ready, Darrin carried the bags into the terminal with his mother at his side, as his father seemed in a great hurry to get back to the house. Darrin chuckled to himself. He knew why his father wanted them out of the house. Have your fun dad, Darrin thought. While you tomcat around, your little mouse is going to have the time of her life the young man thought.Nora fidgeted in the seat next to her son during the flight. Watching his silent face and then staring out the small window. Finally she turned to him."Honey" she asked softly. "I have to ask...why me?""Do you really want me to answer that mom?" Darrin turned to her."I want to know" Nora nodded.Darrin reached up and ran a finger across her cheek. The soft touch sent a shiver through her body. His eyes seemed strange, different. There was something in them and she couldn't quite place it."You said I could have anybody I wanted" Darrin said simply. "I" he added.Nora stared at her son as her stomach did a huge flip-flop. When he turned back to watch the onboard movie, she saw a flash of something in his eyes. It was a primal and hungry look. Dear God...he couldn't...the thought ran through her mind. She couldn't bring herself to broach the topic further. Instead, she turned to the small window and stared out at the passing clouds.Debarking in Nassau, Nora was hit by the warmth of the sun and the humid air. Quickly realizing she had over-dressed from home, she excused herself and slipped into the bathroom.When his mother returned, Darrin couldn't help but notice the movement of her blouse. She had taken off her bra in the growing heat. This was turning out better than he had hoped.As the pair boarded the small ferry to take them to Vacation Isle, Nora caught her son staring at her more than once. She thought something was wrong with her blouse or shorts. Then, as she watched the scenery she glanced at the couple standing near them. The sun was dipping behind along the horizon, as Nora was startled to realize that in the light, the woman's light dress was nearly transparent.Startled, she looked back at Darrin, finding him once again staring at her. Oh God, she realized. He can see I took my bra off. He can SEE me. She watched as a smile crept across her sons face. He made no attempt to hide his glance from her nearly visible body. At first, the mother wanted to turn and hide from the sun's silhouette. Instead, she stood her ground. If this was what he wanted, she wasn't going to hide any more. Instead she stared straight back at him, letting him know she was well aware of the view he had.By the time they had arrived on the Isle, Nora knew Darrin wanted her. She also knew how wrong it was, and that she wasn't sure she had the capacity to fight off his advances.As the pair waited their turn in the line before the check in desk, she felt Darrin lightly touch her hand with his, sending another shiver through her. What was he planning? Her mind swirled.Stepping to the counter, Darrin calmly slid his ID and the confirmation letter forward."Ah yes" the young man looked at the paper. "Mr. and Mrs. Fleming""I don't think... Nora started to say. Then she felt her sons hand enclose hers and gently squeeze. Startled, she stopped at looked at him."That's correct" Darrin said smoothly. His mother's eyes grew wide, but she remained silent."Room eight" the young man handed Darrin two keys. "Up the stairs and it's the second door on the right."As the couple started to pick up their bags the young man added. "Dinner will be in the dining room in an hour. May I suggest a walk on the beach after." The young man smiled."An excellent idea" Darrin smiled back.As the pair entered their room, Darrin placed their bags near the large single bed. Nora stared around the room. The furniture was beautiful, she realized, including the large single bed that focused her attention.""Darrin, what are you doing?" she asked softly."Shouldn't you be getting ready for dinner...Nora" was the quiet reply."Darrin?" Nora again asked softly.Her son stepped closer, staring into her eyes. Again there was that look, the one she had seen on the plane. A primal...hungry look."That wasn't a request...Nora" her son emphasized her name. The point swiftly drove home."Yes dear" Nora instantly caved to his gaze. She could almost feel her nipples harden under the cloth of her blouse as her son stared at her. She swiftly took her bag into the bathroom to change to a simple dress for dinner.All the way through the meal, Nora delighted at the banter between herself and Darrin. Never before had she felt so relaxed or so at ease with a man. By the time the meal was finished Nora readily agreed to the stroll on the beach.As the couple walked through the sand, hand in hand; to Nora it was as if this wasn't her son anymore. Instead, he had somehow morphed into a man. Strong and dominant, not afraid of what he wanted or going after it.By the time they had returned to the lodging, darkness had fallen. In the moonlight, Darrin stopped her just before they entered."Do you know how beautiful you are?" he asked in the half light."Tell me, a woman always loves to hear it" Nora told him. She tried to see his eyes, but the growing darkness hid his features."I'd rather show you" Darrin replied.Before Nora could even move, his lips closed on hers. No chaste kiss, this was full bore. His lips were pressing to hers, his tongue gliding over her teeth and into her mouth. Nora couldn't suppress the moan as her body literally melted into him.By the time their lips separated, Nora was gasping for air. Her cheek pressed to his broad chest as she tried to regain her wits."God help me" she whispered."He already did" Darrin kissed her hair. "He just gave you to me."Nora had expected Darrin to make further advances, but he didn't. Instead he quietly led them back to their room, where they prepared for bed. Slipping on her old night shirt, Nora slid under the covers next to her son. She could feel her palms itch to touch him, but lay silently listening to his breathing.Soon, she felt the covers begin to move with a distinct rhythm. A soft grunt came from his side of the bed. Oh Lord, she realized; he's masturbating.The sound of his fist sliding up and down his shaft was soft, but clear. u*********sly her own fingers slid into the waistband of her panties, gliding over her now swollen and moist lips."Mom" Darrin grunted beside her in the dark."Darrin" Nora groaned back, as she slipped two fingers into her wet hole.Together, the pair lay side by side, feeling the pleasure build together."Oh God mom" Darrin muttered. The slick sound of his fist picking up speed along his cock, coated in his own pre cum."Oh my God, Darrin" Nora groaned back. The wet squishing of her fingers as they pumped in and out of her now dripping pussy. She felt the knot growing."Going to cum" Darrin's voice came through the darkness."With me, oh God" Nora hissed back as her back arched."Darrinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" the mother moaned as waves of pleasure rolled through her ravaged body. She felt her belly flex as her juices gushed out to coat her hand."Mommmmmmmmmmmmmm" Darrin moaned with her, his body shuddering, as thick rope after rope pumped out of his throbbing cock.In the darkness their breathing was deep and harsh, matching each other's rhythm. Nora tried to find words to what had happened but couldn't.Eventually Darrin rolled onto his side as sleep over took them. Dreams of her son pressed down onto her nude body as she felt his manhood filled her faded as she awoke to the morning bright sun.The pair ate breakfast on the small balcony. Nora was again surprised at the ease of their conversation, slipping into a comfort she had never known before. She marveled at her son, so articulate and witty. Her laughter filled the morning air.The pair walked about the small town that lined the coast of the island, visiting shops and stores. Returning to put their new found treasures in their room, Darrin decided the time had come."Let's go for a swim in the ocean, shall we." He told his mother."I would love to honey" Nora sighed. "I just didn't get a chance to replace my old suit, and I don't want you to be disappointed.""First of all" Darrin smiled. "I would never be disappointed in seeing any of you"Nora saw again that look cross her son's eyes. That primal hunger as he gazed at her. She shuddered, this time knowing exactly what he wanted."Secondly" he added. "I expected as much." The young man turned to his mother. "Get your suit Nora" he said firmly."Darrin, I don't know..." Nora tried to reply."Nora" her son said, again using her first name. The strength in his voice was crumbling her resistance. "Get me your swim suit." He told her.Without a word, Nora retrieved her one piece from her suitcase and handed it to her son. She watched as he stepped towards the dresser, and with a movement of his arm, dropped the suit into the waste can.Before she could utter a word, Darrin stepped back to his own suitcase, and pulled out a small box. She took the offered box into her hands."Get changed" his voice was soft but firm.Nora found herself walking into the small bathroom before she even realized it. How he managed to totally command her was beyond her grasp. Undressing, she tried not to look into the mirror. When she opened the small box, she was stunned to see a two piece bright red, French cut bikini swimsuit. Dear God, Nora thought. I can't wear this. I don't have the figure, or the courage, she thought.Slowly she pulled first the bottoms up, and then fastened the top into place. Her eyes caught her image in the mirror and she gasped. Her large breasts nearly spilled out of the small cloth, and the pale white skin of her thighs was visible to the waist on both sides. The red cloth barely covered the fronts of her breasts, while the triangle below managed to just cover between her thighs. Turning slightly, she again gasped at the amount of skin showing from behind. He'll see my entire ass, she realized.Feeling self-conscious, the mother stepped from the bathroom and into their sleeping area. Any thoughts of shame evaporated as she watched her sons face when he saw her. Once again there was that look, the flash of his eyes as they roamed over her exposed body. Pure primal hunger seemed to radiate from him.Stunning was the only word Darrin used as he stepped into the bathroom himself. It was simple and to the point. It swelled Nora as she realized that instead of disappointing this 'man', she was instead enticing him in the new suit.When Darrin stepped back into the room, his mother's eyes immediately went to him. She shivered as she took in his chiseled chest, the curve of every muscle. Her eyes drifted down to the light blue trunks he wore, gasping as the tight material made his endowment more than evident."Oh God" Nora softly whispered as her eyes locked to the hard pole evident in the tight material. While not huge, Darrin was respectable in size and girth. It was enough to make any woman more than happy. The fact he didn't hide his obvious excitement didn't surprise Nora."Get used to it" her son said, seeing the direction of her gaze. "You caused it." he told her.For over an hour the pair walked and played along the waters' edge. As Darrin splashed her exposed body with the warm salty spray, she looked at him. Stunned as his now wet trunks, only highlighted his hardness even more. Glancing down, she was shocked to see her own swollen and pouty lips outlined through the thin material of her suit. He had to see her, and yet he had made no comment.As her son splashed her again, she leapt into the water waist deep, wading slightly further out. She tried to push through the water to escape, but in only a few feet, felt powerful arms wrap around her body."Got you" Darrin's voice filled her ear from behind."Yes you do" Nora couldn't turn to look at her son's face. "Now, what are you going to do with me?" she asked the words hanging in her mind."Oh Christ" Nora grunted, as she felt his hand slide down the curve of her soft belly. His fingers dipped into the water until they brushed along the edge of her suit bottom."Oh Darrin" Nora gasped; as she felt his searching fingers slip into the elastic of her suit bottom below the water.When he felt his mother's ass press back against his hardness, the shape of his cock slipping between her cheeks, separated by only two thin pieces of material, he knew she was truly his."Do you know how badly I want you" his husky voice filled her ear.This was it, Nora realized, this was the line no mother and son should ever cross. Yet, like a race car rushing to the finish line, her body shuddered as she felt herself surrender."Show me baby" was all she could gasp.Nora felt her eyes roll back as she stood still in the warm water. The sensation of two thick fingers sliding between her engorged folds overwhelmed her."Oh fuck" she groaned as his fingers stretched her walls."Do you know what I want?" Darrin's husky voice filled her ears. He plunged his fingers deeper into his mother's steaming depths, feeling her walls ripple at the invasion."Unnghhhhh" was all Nora could groan. Sensations she had not felt in years were raging through her body, as her belly flexed to the time of his invading fingers."I want to taste you" her son's voice continued to torment her. "Drink every drop from you" he hissed behind her."Oh my God" Nora moaned, the image of her son between her thighs bright behind her clenched eyes. The fire growing in the pit of her belly began to rival the heat of the sun on her skin."I want to make love to every inch of you" her son's voice pushed her further. "Deep, thrusting, slow; enjoying you." His voice was causing the knot in her belly to grow tighter."Darrin" she gasped. "Oh God, I'm going to cum." She told him."I know" his voice filled her entire being. "When you do" Darrin whispered in her ear. "I am going to bury my seed so deep into your belly, it won't have any choice but to breed you." He told his mother."Oh shit...Darrin." Nora grunted. Her eyes flew open at his words just as the explosion went off in her belly; almost doubling her over from the intensity of her orgasm. "Cummminngggggggggg" she moaned.Darrin kept his arm wrapped around his mother's waist, as her body shuddered and vibrated, he felt her knees start to buckle as he held her upright.As wave after wave tore through her, the thought her son wanted to impregnate her only intensified Nora's orgasm. She had never cum as hard as she was right now. She could feel her fluids gushing out to coat his buried fingers under the waters' edge.The pair stood silently as Nora slowly climbed back down from her mountain. Finally she stood and turned to her son. She felt his fingers slip free, as the warm water washed them clean.She stared into her son's face as so many questions swirled through her mind. Why her? How long had he wanted this? So much she wanted to ask. Then, her eyes fell on the straining bulge in his tight swim trunks. God it had been years, no decades, since a man had been that hard for her.""Do you need me to..." Nora left the question hanging."No!" Darrin cut her off. He turned and took a few steps towards the shore, and then turned back to his mother. "Want yes" he told her. "" were his only words.Nora knew the control it took to turn away. To shut off his cravings like that. Darrin was telling her it had to be her choice or no choice at all. She then realized, it wasn't just lust driving her son, it was love. It was everything or nothing for him, and Nora wasn't sure how far she could go down that road.For the remainder of the day, Darrin acted as if nothing had happened at the beach. At first it confused Nora, until she slowly began to realize Darrin was waiting for her response.It wasn't until the darkness of the bedroom had hidden the pair, that Nora found the first courage to answer her son. Laying there as she idly toyed with her nipple as she remembered the night before, it was only a matter of minutes before Darrin began the same movements.This time, instead of joining her son, Nora turned on her side to face him in the darkness. Her hand slid along under the covers between them, until her fingers found the warmth of his skin. Trailing up his side, and then tracing the ridges of his six pack, she shuddered at the contact of their bodies."Mom?" Darrin asked softly as he felt her hand gently push his away. "Shhhhhh" Nora whispered back. Her fingers wrapped around his hard cock, feeling the heat against her palm. "I want to baby." She reassured him.Darrin pulled the thin sheet lower, letting the warm tropical air sweep over their exposed bodies. In the half light of the pale moon through the windows, Nora watched as her small hand glided up and down his hard pole."Oh God" Darrin moaned. "It's so fucking good." Nora could hear the passion in his voice.Inching closer, Nora rested the swell of her breasts against his bare arm, feeling his heat through her thin night shirt. His cock fit so perfectly in her hand. She figured he was about eight or nine inches, not to big but big enough to satisfy. His thickness throbbed against her hand. Not huge, but the kind of girth that would stretch her so beautifully. She shuddered at the thought as she felt a pulse of her own juices fill her panties."You like that baby" her voice raspy in the dark. "You like momma jerking your hard cock?""Oh fuck" Darrin groaned.Nora smiled in the dark. He had tortured her helpless body out in that warm water, now it was her turn. Leaning her head in along her pillow, she began to whisper in her son's ear."You like that don't you" she hissed. "Having your mother; stroke your thick, hard prick" She teased."Oh" Darrin gasped at her words. He had never known his mother to be this nasty, and it was driving him insane.Nora began to slowly increase the speed of her hand. She could feel his hot pre cum slicking her fingers, helping them glide up and down with a wet sound. She felt the veins along his shaft pulsing with need."You're going to cum, aren't you baby" her voice husky with her own growing lust. "You're going to cum for your mommy." She told him."Oh fuck...oh God" Darrin moaned. His hips rising and falling in time to his mother's stroking hand. He could feel the tightness mounting in his balls. "Going to cum mom" he grunted. Having denied himself earlier during their swim, Darrin knew this explosion was going to be big. The fact it was his mother making him cum only made it hotter."Where baby, tell mommy where you want to cum" Nora pressed.The room was filled with Darrin's panting and the wet slap of her hand along his now pulsing cock. Nora decided he needed a little more encouragement."You want to cum all over mommy's tits?" her voice hissed in her son's ear."Oh my fucking GOD" Darrin almost screamed at her words. "No...not...tits" he gasped.Before he could think clear, his mothers' voice filled his ear once again. He was shocked at the words that came out of her."Oh, you want my pussy baby?" she asked. "You want to fill momma with your thick baby seed.""JESUS CHRIST!" Darrin roared into the dark room. He felt his balls rapidly reaching critical. "Not cunt...not yet." He moaned as he felt his body losing control.Not her tits and not her pussy, Nora thought; then where. Just as she felt Darrin's hips rising off the bed, like a light bulb, it hit her."I want...I want...Fffuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" Darrin yelled.Nora felt his cock lurch in her grip, then the first jet of hot cum erupt straight into the air. The thick cream splattered onto her son's belly and coated her hand in liquid heat. Without even thinking twice, she leaned forward and slammed her mouth down onto his twitching cock.As the next eruption hit, Darrin literally screamed as he felt his mother's hot mouth envelop his cock."Oh shit...oh" Darrin babble as his body went haywire. He was cumming, and straight into his hot sucking mother's mouth."Gwak" Nora squeaked, as a second and third thick rope pumped into her mouth and throat. She tried desperately to swallow the copious fluid, feeling some ooze from the corner of her mouth and down her chin. My God, she thought; if he can cum like this he would have me pregnant in one round."Gnnnnhhhhhh" Nora moaned, as her belly flexed, her own cream gushing out in response to her wild thoughts.Darrin saw sparks going off as his balls emptied into his mother's mouth. Like a pro cock sucker, she all but vacuumed every drop from him. Just as the darkness swept over him, he thought of the fact that his mother had just jerked him off and swallowed his hot cum.As Nora pulled her mouth free from his deflating cock, she looked up at her son. His even breathing telling her he had either fallen asleep or passed out. Either way, she was a bit relieved. She was not sure she could face him right now, his cream dripping down her chin and filling her belly.Yet, something had changed in her at that moment. She knew it and felt it. Something she couldn't deny any longer."I love you Darrin" she whispered softly. Then, staring at him, spoke again. "No...I love you...Mr. Fleming" she said softly. Then, rolling over she drifted to sleep, leaving the cooling stains of her son's passion on her face.The entire next day the couple spent together. Whether strolling along the beach or along some winding trail they found time to simply touch and kiss. Nora found her son's constant use of her first name reassuring and comforting. Everyone on the Isle saw them as either a honeymoon couple or as one gentleman labeled them "the most loving pair he had ever seen."After their swim, while taking a shower to wash off the salt; Darrin silently stepped into the shower with his mother. Without a single word, he knelt and slowly used his tongue and mouth on her quivering pussy, until she screamed his name in orgasmic bliss.When lunch was finished, Nora took her son's hand and led him back to their room. Behind the closed door, she swiftly knelt in front of him, pulling his shorts and boxers to his knees. While her son looked down in wonder, Nora used every trick she knew until the magic of her hot mouth drained every drop from his pulsing balls.Darrin could only stare in wonder as this sexy woman calmly swallowed every drop of his seed, then licked her lips clean as they exited the room hand in hand.The only step Nora could not seem to cross over, it was that final line. That line to become one with her son physically and emotionally, to give in completely to him. There seemed to be something hidden in the back of her mind that kept holding her back, but she couldn't decide if it was guilt, fear or what.After supper, the pair relaxed in their room, Nora prepared for her evening shower while Darrin went through his email on his laptop. Glancing at her son, Nora was concerned to see a look of somber of distaste on his face."What's wrong sweetie?" she asked."You need to see this." Darrin replied not looking up from the laptop.Nora stepped over to the small table, resting a hand on his shoulder as she looked down at the screen. Nora instantly recognized the small four boxes filling the screen as the tie in to their home security system. Darrin had insisted on it after two of their neighbors had been robbed.One box showed the driveway, where their small SUV was backed in and hooked to a small trailer."Is that a U-Haul?" Nora asked softly."I think so" Darrin told her.The second box showed the empty backyard, while the third the entryway of the house, showing the front door wide open. It was the fourth box that finally captured Nora's attention. She watched the figure of her husband, as he finished taping shut a cardboard box."What is he doing?" she asked.""I think he's packing" Darrin said softly"What?" Nora asked stunned. "Why?"Then, as if to answer her question, she watched another figure enter the living room from the kitchen door. The slim girl had a blonde ponytail, and seemed familiar to Nora. She watched as the young girl approached the figure of her husband, and then gasped when the girl slapped him on the ass as he bent over the box."Wait." Was all Darrin said to her.Stunned into silence, Nora could only watch the screen as the figure of her husband turned and scooped the young girl up, and the pose was more than evident that they were kissing."Oh my God" Nora said. "Is that the neighbors' daughter?" she asked stunned."Yeah, her name is Marie" Darrin told his mother. "She's a whore." His voice was matter of fact."Darrin!" Nora exclaimed at her sons' outburst."What mom" Darrin gave a harsh laugh. "I've watched them fuck twice already."Nora stared at the laptop for another moment, then silently turned and walked to her suitcase. Picking up the small white box she had tucked inside, she headed for the bathroom."I'm taking my shower" she told Darrin. "I will be done in fifteen minutes and I expect you in our bed...nude...understood."Darrin stared at his mothers' back as she hesitated at the bathroom door."Do you understand...Mr. Fleming" her voice soft but determined."Yes Nora" Darrin said. "I understand completely."Nora only nodded and then entered the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Setting the small box on the vanity, she stared at her face in the mirror. When she had given the trip to Darrin, and then he had insisted she be the one to accompany him, this was the only thing she had bought. It had been on sale, and when she had tried it on, she had felt so sexy. Slowly, she drew out the almost sheer white teddy staring at it. When she had packed it, it had been almost a joke, a dream. She didn't even believe she would have the courage to wear it.Now, it was a matter of pride, her pride; and she intended to see if it had the same effect on the man in the other room, as it had on her the day she had tried it on.Darrin powered down his laptop, putting it into its case and then setting it away. Undressing beside the bed, He knew what was about to happen, and his heart beat faster just thinking about it. He stretched out on the bed and tried not to overly think about the ramifications of what the two were about to do. To him, the fifteen minutes seemed to drag by so slowly.Finally, the bathroom door opened and Darrin watched as his mother stepped out. His eyes grew wide as he drank in the sight. Her rounded breasts were in almost full view through the sheer white cloth, the brown of her areoles circling her nipples as they pressed outward. While not firm like a teenagers, her breasts were full and inviting, like they begged to be held and sucked.His eyes drifted down across the small pooch of her belly, the years had been kind to his mother, but still at over forty years of age. was not hiding the years. The flare of her full womanly hips, swaying as she stepped into the room; they were not the formless hips of some college girl, but the full hips of a woman who knew her body and how to use it.The dark patch of trimmed hair between her thighs clear evidence she had forgone the panties that had come with the sheer nightgown, and Darrin could almost swear he saw droplets of moisture cling to the wisps."Say something" Nora said nervously, as she watched her son almost start to drool staring at her. She felt a bit self-conscious in such an outfit; it was for some girl twenty, not a mother past her prime, she thought."Jesus Nora" Darrin said softly, using her first name, sending a shiver down her back. "Hot is not even the word." He said softly."Do you like what you see?" she asked her son.Darrin glanced down at his cock lying across his belly. It was visibly thickening and lengthening at just the sight of her."What do you think" he replied, nodding his head at his hardening cock. He moved his hand towards his stiffening rod."Don't!" Nora told him. "Don't touch it" she said.Darrin could only stare in wonder as his mother slowly approached the bed, standing at the foot."It's mine, do you understand" she husked. "Every inch of that cock and every drop of that cum" she grated. "It's MINE" she almost growled."Holy fuck" Darrin gasped as he watched his mother crawl onto the foot of the bed on her hands and knees. As he looked down at her he could see her creamy breasts hanging free in the thin night gown. Watch the sway of her hips as she slowly worked her way up his legs.Nora smiled as she saw his cock twitch with desire. Reaching out her hand, she wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft, gliding slowly up to encircle the engorged crown."Do you want you momma to suck your hard...thick...cock" she husked.Darrin could only groan as his hips lurched, sliding his throbbing cock through her grip."Mmmmmm" Nora mewled as she lowered her head, engulfing her sons throbbing prick. The taste swarmed over her tongue, and the smell of his skin filled her nostrils. Darin could see the glistening between his mothers' thighs as she knelt between his spread legs. The obscene sounds of slurping as she sucked up and down him filled the room."Oh fuck yessssssssssss" he hissed. "Suck me mom, suck your sons' cock.""Mmmmhmmmm" Nora moaned, the sound causing vibrations along his shaft.Reaching down, Darrin wrapped his fingers in her hair, guiding her head. Grunting as he felt her deep throat his entire dick, until her nose pressed into his groin.His mother was holding nothing back, like a woman in heat she devoured him. He could feel his balls tightening quickly."Oh Jesus" he groaned. "Can't hold...oh fuck.""Mmmmmmmmm" Nora moaned her approval. She wanted his cum, to feel it sliding down her throat, to taste it. Besides, she knew if she took the edge off now, he would last longer for what she really wanted tonight."Oh Jesus" Darrin gurgled. He felt her other hand cup his full balls and gently squeeze. It sent a spasm through him as he felt the first thick rope of cum rocket out of his cock.Nora heard him crying her name as his seed filled her mouth again and again. Hot and thick she swallowed the salty fluids, feeling it drip out the corner of her mouth as he flooded her.His desire and passion only fueled her on. No man had wanted her this bad in her entire life. Pulling her mouth free of his cum and spit slick cock, her hand gripped him tighter as her body slid up his.Darrin stared up into his mothers' lust glazed eyes as she settled over him. Her breasts were pressed against his bare chest to where he could feel her hard nipples on his skin. Her legs straddled his waist, her hand still gripping his rock hard cock."You like coming in mommies mouth?" he voice dripped with lust."God yes" Darrin groaned."Then let's see how much you like cumming in my pussy" Nora told him."Mom, are you sure?" Darrin's eyes grew wide at her words.Instead of answering, Nora lowered her hips until she felt the swollen head of his cock slip past her folds. The sensation sent ripples through her belly."Oh Godddddd" Nora moaned."Fuckkkkkkkk" Darrin groaned with her as he felt her molten heat wrap around the head of his cock. "God you're so hot" he moaned."Hot...wet...and fertile baby" Nora whispered down at her son. Releasing his cock, she let her own weight drive her body down onto his waiting cock."Shhiiittttttttttttt" Darrin groaned as he felt her tight hot walls grip his cock. His body lurched upward, driving the rest of his length up into his mother as she came down.Nora felt her body convulse as a perfect sensation of stretching and fullness exploded in the pit of her belly."Oh God, baby" she cried out. "I'm cumming...cumming on your cock already." Her body shook and trembled as a gush of hot fluids coated her sons' belly, her pussy. Even as she felt the waves roll through her, Darrin reach down and gripped her waist.Feeling herself rise up and then drop again onto his cock, Nora felt a second wave pulse through her. One wave was coming quickly on the heels of the first orgasm."Can't stop" she gasped. "Oh God...cumming again..." Her body shaking as drops of sweat dripped down onto her son.Darrin pumped his hips upward, trying to dive his cock as deep into her as he could. His fingers began digging into the flesh of her hips. Nora could feel her son taking control, becoming the man she desperately needed."That's it baby, fuck me" she started to babble. "Fuck you wife...own me, use me...make me yours." Her nails dug u*********sly into his chest as she drove down harder with every thrust.Did she say wife? Darrin wondered if his mother knew what she was saying. He knew she had now not only given her body to him, but her total self. With a roar, he lifted the pair up off the mattress.Nora gave a squeal as she felt her son power them over, thrusting her onto her back as he pressed between her thighs. During the entire move his throbbing hard cock never left her needy hole.Darrin raised up on his arms for more leverage, then began to power his cock down into his mother. Driving into her body as their skin slapped together."Fuck you good" Darrin grunted as his hips rose and fell. "Oh sweet Goddddddddddd" Nora wailed as her son pounded into her. Her arms reach up, her nails digging into his strong biceps as she felt the veins of his cock dragging along her walls.Every time his hips slammed into her, she could feel them grind against her throbbing clit. It sent another wave through her belly each time as her cream gushed out between strokes."You like that Mrs. Fleming" he growled down at her. "You like how your new husband fucks your cunt" his eyes blazed with raw lust."Daarrriiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" Nora screamed. Her legs wrapped around his waist, as her heels drummed against his ass with every thrust.She had been made love to before, but this; God this was primal fucking at its hottest. Her entire body was on fire, and the mounting pressure in her belly matched the growing roar in her ears"Gah...Unh..." Nora grunted. "Don't stop close...oh God make me cum." she gurgled. "Own meeeeeeeeeeeeeee" her voice rising as the pressure reached too much.She didn't know how, but Darrin picked up the pace even more with her words. His hips were hammering down into her without mercy. She could feel her body bouncing on the bed as the springs squealed their protest.Darrin looked down at his mother under him, the vision of her pleasure wracked body reaching orgasm rocketed him over the edge."God I love you" Nora heard him whisper. She opened her mouth to answer, and then suddenly felt his cock begin to swell inside her."Give it to me baby" Nora begged. Her nails dug deeper into his arms as her own body reached its peak.A bright white light blossomed behind her eyes as her body exploded. For the first time in her over forty years, Nora felt her juices jet out of her body to splash against his pounding pelvis. Like a river it ran down the crack of her ass and soaked into the bed."GAAWWWWWDDDDDD" Nora wailed, not caring who at the small inn might hear. Her eyes rolled back as she felt the first blast of Darrin's seed washing her walls. His words in her ear were causing her last bit of sanity to almost melt."Take it mom" Darrin husked in his mothers' ear. "Take your sons' hot baby seed deep in your fertile belly"As her own fluids flowed like a river, Nora could feel rope after rope of her son's hot cream pumping into her. It felt like a hot gallon was flooding her insides. Her arms dropped to the bed, while her legs fell from his waist limp. She tried to answer him, but a mixture of unintelligible sounds mixed with an a****l mewling was all that came from her throat.While not an expert, Darrin was not a virgin. He had never seen a woman have such an intense orgasm as what tore through his mother right now. He watched as his mother flopped under his assault, her back rigid while she vibrated through her orgasm. She moaned and half growled as he continued to slowly move in and out of her, prolonging the waves.Lowering himself down until his body pressed against his mother, Darrin tried to catch his ragged breath. He felt his mothers' arms weakly wrap around him, holding him to her.As she slowly regained control of her ravaged body, Nora could feel her son still moving his hips. His still rigid cock was slowly sliding in and out of her drenched hole."You're still hard." She whispered in wonder."Are you arguing?" Darrin half chuckled. "Do you want me to stop?" he teased his mother."Don't you dare" Nora's eyes flashed. Her hands quickly dropped to his ass, slapping against each cheek as she gripped him. "Fuck me you motherfucker" she hissed, as her nails dug into his flesh."I own you mother" Darrin's voice growled down at her. "You are now all mine." He told her."Oh God yes baby" Nora's eyes rolled back at her sons' words. "Yours...all yours...yours...yours..." she chanted to every deep thrust.Suddenly, she felt a tremendous emptiness, as Darrin literally ripped his cock free of her clenching hole."Noooooooooo" the wanton mother wailed. "More...need more" she gurgled.Then, she felt her son's powerful arms flip her body over onto her belly. Her face pressed into the mattress, she felt him grip her hips and lift her ass into the air. Having only ever had sex in the dark, and missionary, she was confused. What was her son doing?Then it hit, as she felt every inch of his hard cock slam back into her from behind. One single stroke and he was buried to the root in her, his hips slapping against the cheeks of her ass."FFFuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" Nora screamed as she felt her son drive deeper than any man had ever been. Her entire body exploded as juices splattered out of her again, soaking the sheets under her. Her fists balled in the covers as she felt Darrin pull back and then slam back into her."You like being mounted by your son?" Darrin half growled. His hips were pounding down into his mother."Yeesssssssssssss" Nora wailed. "Cumming...cumming..." Nora moaned over and over, as wave after wave rolled through her. How could one man, make her cum this much, she dimly wondered.She shuddered as she felt her sons' cock once again swelling, stretching her tight walls. She could hear him, grunting behind her like some possessed a****l."Yes, please" she begged. "Give it to me Darrin. Need...your...cum" Nora gasped.Even as she felt his cock pulse along her walls, a new sensation rippled through her ravaged body. Something was pressing against her tight rosebud. Just as she felt the first hot blast once again wash her walls, she felt Darrin shove his finger through the ring of her ass; her tight, virgin ass."AAAAgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Nora screamed at the new invasion. A white light exploded behind her eyes as her body surrendered. Even as she felt him filling her for a second time, Nora knew, her son now totally owned her. Her cunt...her mouth...even her ass was now his to do with as he chose.Three days later, the couple set their bags in the entryway of the house. Darrin had paid the cab driver, when they realized no one had come to the airport to pick them up. Neither had been surprised by the realization.During the entire ride from the airport, it had taken frequent shifting in her seat to keep her sons' thick cum from leaking from her cunt onto the backseat of the cab.When Darrin had followed her to the small bathroom on the plane, insisting the join the mile-high club; Nora had been too busy with her own orgasm to even think of arguing with her son.Now, behind closed doors, she made no attempt to hide the oozing that trickled down her thighs. Her only regret, her husband wasn't here to see how a real woman looked after she had been properly fucked.The quiet of the small house struck Nora, as she walked down the hall towards the master bedroom. A quiet she knew they would be filling soon. She turned and looked at her son standing behind her."Put your things in OUR bedroom" she said calmly. "You will need to move your things out of your old bedroom." She told him.Darrin looked at his mother in silence. He knew what she meant, but he wanted to hear her say it."We'll redecorate your old room later" Nora said. "After all, we will need a new room for the baby" she smiled."Later mother" Darrin replied, letting his eyes drift over her. "Right now..." he began to unsnap his jeans and lower the zipper."You are insatiable" Nora moaned."Then tell me no, right now." Darrin challenged her."Not on your life...motherfucker" Nora emphasized the last word. Her fingers began reaching for the buttons on her own blouse as she turned and headed for the bedroom.*****For both Nora and her son Darrin, the next two months seemed to speed by. Darrin was constantly frustrated by the sense of helplessness as his mother fought with his now estranged father in court over dividing things up. While it had been his father who had packed and left, he had managed to hire a sleaze lawyer who was going after half the house and half the possessions.Nora was often tired and angry when she returned from their constant meetings. The courts had ordered mediation. To her that meant compromise, not handing over everything to an ass of a man with no dick who had been fucking the neighbors'' daughter."He can't get the idea" Nora sighed. She and Darrin were doing dishes after her return from another painful mediation session."He thinks he is God's gift to women, and that everything was my fault." She said."How the Hell does he figure that one?" Darrin reached around his mother for another dish, his cock pressing gently into her ass.Darrin could feel himself begin to harden even at the gentle contact. Everything about his mother drove his body crazy. Ever since their vacation they had been like two newlyweds, fucking at every opportunity. Tonight was no different as Darrin felt the blood start to fill his throbbing prick."He says he couldn't stay married to a woman who had no passion, his term was the Ice Queen." Nora said, dipping her hands into the soapy water."I'd say the Ice Queen thawed out very nicely" Darrin chuckled as he pressed his cock firmer into his mothers' tight curves."Well, your hot torch thawed me damn quickly" Nora laughed back. "If you keep poking me with that thing, you better be prepared to use it." She added as she pressed her ass back, feeling her sons' thick cock mold between the cheeks of her ass.Even as distraught as her day had been, she couldn't stop the gush of warm fluids that filled her panties. Her husband had called her frigid and cold, she had almost laughed as the memory of her son ramming his cock into her pregnant belly while she screamed for more had popped in her head. God if he only knew how I really was, she thought; now my sons' wanton woman, she sighed softlyHis mother gave a squeak as Darrin reached down and yanked her shorts to her knees. Rising back up Darrin pinned his mother against the sink."Darrin, what are you...oh fuck." Nora moaned as she felt his thick cock slide between her barely spread thighs. Jesus, when had he undone his jeans she wondered?Darrin had left her shorts wrapped around her knees, partially trapping her legs. His hand pressed against the center of her back, bending her slightly over the sink. He flexed his knees as his now rigid cock pointed straight at his mother's wet pussy from behind."You mean use it like this?" Darrin growled, as he rammed his hard cock into his mother in one stroke. He could feel her tight walls expand as he slid deeper into her body."Oh Godddddddddddddd" Nora moaned as that delightful sense of fullness took over."Do it baby, own your mother." She looked over her shoulder at her son."You like that dick in your cunt don't you Ice Queen" Darrin pulled back and slammed back in, his hips slapping against his mothers' ass."Unnghhhh" Nora grunted as the fire built in her belly. "Fuck me Darrin...fuck momma" she grunted.Darrin leaned forward, pressing his body against her back, as his hands reached around her and cupped her heavy breasts through her blouse. Nora felt pinned to the sink as her son literally took her body for his own pleasure."What if Dad saw you right now" her sons' voice filled her ear.Nora moaned as the thought pushed through her mind. She knew her husband would go insane if he knew she was pregnant again, and totally lose it if he knew it was Darrin that had seeded her."Or should I dump a hot load into his whore girlfriend, while she munches on your wet pussy Send her home so her kisses taste like you, and my cum drips out of her." Darrin's voice was gravely with lust, as his hips pounded into his mother again and again. The thought of making his father watch while he fucked his mother was enough to bring tightness to his balls.He was shocked when he felt ripples roll over his cock as his mother responded to his words. It makes her HOT, he realized. His hips slapped her shaking ass cheeks with every thrust, as he picked up speed; fucking her harder and faster.For Nora, it was a secret she had buried since high school; when her best friend and she would spend sleepovers exploring each other, teasing. Thirty years later and Nora could almost still taste her high school friends' hot cream flowing into her mouth. "Oh God...oh fuck" Nora could only gasp back. She could feel her juices running down her thighs like a river as Darrin's hard cock rammed into her."You have had your pussy munched by a girl, haven't you" Darrin hissed in her ear."Yesssssssssssssssss"" Nora almost screamed as her son pushed her closer and closer to orgasm."Your cunt juice on her face" Darrin grunted as he slammed harder into his mother, "With my cream dripping from her whore cunt." He rammed in so deep he thought the head of his cock was pushing against her cervix.There was no build-up this time, no warning; as Nora's body exploded with her orgasm. The image of sending that little tart home with her pussy juices on her tongue, while her son's hot seed filled her panties seared into her brain."What are you doing to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" she wailed as her body convulsed. She could feel her knees try to buckle, if it hadn't been that Darrin had her pinned to the sink, she would have collapsed to the floor with the intensity of her orgasm..."I would say I'm breeding you" Darrin's voice was hot against her ear. "Since you are already pregnant, filling you with my hot cum will have to do." He told her."DARRRINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" Nora screamed as she felt the first hot explosion inside her belly. It felt like his hot cum blasted from the tip of his cock into her clenching pussy. The heat washing her walls as a second wave crashed over her before the first had even finished."Fuck yeah" Darrin grunted, as a second thick rope pumped into his mother. His hands gripped her hips to hold her up, as he felt her knees start to buckle.Nora could barely stand, gasping for her breath as wave after wave rolled through her ravaged body. She could hear her cream splattering to the floor every time her belly flexed, and couldn't stop it as the next convulsion shook her."Cumming...oh God cumming" was all she could manage.Nora loved it when her son took charge. Her estranged husband had been a wimp in the bedroom. For Nora, the command her son had over her body only enhanced her lust and desire for him.As the pair slowly eased back down, Nora felt his still semi hard cock slipping from her soaked hole. She gasped as the swollen head slipped over the tight ring of her ass."Wrong hole there mister" she told her son as she straightened back up."Someday mom" Darrin whispered in her ear."In your dreams buddy" Nora reached down to pull her shorts back up. "Now get to the dishes." She chirped at him.It was two weeks later that the encounter in the kitchen came back to Darrin. He had come into the house from work, and found his mother sitting on the couch in tears. As he settled on the couch Nora related to her son the latest round of mediation.It seemed dear old dad was demanding they sell the house and that he get fifty-percent of the sale; and that Nora not working was a choice so he shouldn't have to pay alimony, even thought he was the one that had left.Darrin knew that this house meant a lot to his mother, and he was pretty sure so did his father. The bastard was doing it just to get at her, he thought.As he held his sobbing mother, anger seethed inside Darrin. His mother was terrified at losing the house, but how would they buy out the other half. Darrin's mind swirled with ways to handle his father and his unreasonable demands."Honey" Nora cried, "We just finished the babies' room." Tears were streaming down her cheeks.I took over a half an hour before Darrin finally calmed his mother down, telling her he would talk to his father and see what they could work out. Inside, the germ of an idea began to form. At first his mind balked at the idea, but as the anger boiled, his conviction returned.Over the next week he set in motion carefully laid plans. He sent texts to his father about items left behind, that they wanted them out of the house and he needed to come and get them. Darrin knew the whole thing was a gamble, but his bet was on that his father would not dare show himself around the house.Sure enough, that Saturday, while his mother was at the gym, Darrin heard the front doorbell. Looking through the glass, fearful it might actually be his father; he saw the slim form of a young blonde. Swiftly pulling off his shirt, he tossed it aside, and then slowly opened the door."Oh hey Marie" Darrin tried to act surprised. "I thought Dad was coming by.""Yeah, he figured he shouldn't come with your mom here" Marie said, turning to face Darrin. "I told him I could drop by and get the stuff. Is it ready?"All the while she talked, the young girl's eyes traveled over Darrin's chest; taking in the washboard abs and the more than evident bulge in his jeans. Yum, Marie thought, not bad."Come on in" Darrin waved. "It's a couple of boxes; I put them in the living room."Darrin followed the young girl in and then led her to the living room. Two boxes rested on the floor next to the couch. Marie bent over to check the contents of one, she had been told to look for specific items.Darrin watched as the cloth of the girls' jeans pulled tight over her ass. "Nice" he said. He knew his voice was loud enough for Marie to hear.Marie looked behind her, seeing Darrin stare at her ass. She looked at his groin and swore the bulge was even bigger now. Fuck how big is he; she thought."Is there a problem?" she asked Darrin."Nope" Darrin answered with a smile. "Just admiring the view" he said.Marie stood up and looked at Darrin. Stepping closer, she trailed a finger down his chest. "Good, because so am I" she whispered.Bingo, thought Darrin. Chicken shit dad just sent a whore to do his dirty work. This was going to be easier than he had thought it would. He stepped closer to the girl, letting his eyes roam over her body, not making any effort to hide his gaze. Bit on the thin side, but not bad, he thought."To bad it's covered" Darrin said. "I bet the rest of the view is even better."Marie shuddered at his words, the sheer boldness and confidence sending a pulse between her thighs. Strong men had always been her weakness, and Darrin was rapidly sending her hormones into overdrive."I know what you mean" she said in a husky voice. Her fingers trailed down his chest, the muscles rippling under her touch, until her hand came to the snap on his jeans.Darrin knew the girl was losing her battle. He locked eyes with her as he stepped closer."You know, I always wondered" his voice strong. "Are you a real blonde?" he asked."Yes, I am" Maries trembled. Her eyes couldn't pull away from Darrin's if she had wanted to. She could feel her pulse beating in her chest as her belly tightened in response to the fire in Darrin's eyes. Fuck, what he is doing, she thought."Prove it to me." Darrin rumbled. Marie's eyes widened at his words, he couldn't be serious. "Take the jeans off" he told her."I don't think..." Marie tried to answer. She could feel her nipples hardening at his words even as she tried to brush him off. She had worn a crop top with no bra on for the warm day, and she knew her hard buds had to be pressing out against the tight cloth."Either you take them off, or I will" Darrin stepped closer. His hands slid across the skin of her bare belly as his fingers wrapped into the top of her jeans. "It doesn't matter to me, either way they are coming off." He said."You wouldn't dare" Marie almost gasped, even as his words brought a gush of fluids that filled her panties. Her small breasts heaved as her breathing jumped a notch.She felt the snap pop on her jeans, and before she could move away from the back of the couch, Darrin was on his knees in front of her; her jeans yanked down to her knees."Oh God" Marie moaned. Then the next sound she made was a high keening as Darrin drove his face between her thighs.Darrin had to admit she was a true blonde, as the peach fuzz hairs of her mound tickled at his nose. Without waiting, he drove his tongue between her lips, feeling her juices coat his tongue. The whore was already wet and willing he realized."Shiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttt" Marie screamed as his lips wrapped around her clit. Her hands reached down and fingers wrapped in his hair as her body convulsed in a mini orgasm right there.Darrin used the tip of his tongue to attack the hard sensitive bud trapped in his mouth. Lashing at her over and over as his hands gripped her hips."Oh fuck yesssssssssssssss" Marie howled. She was glad she was leaning against the back of the couch or she might have collapsed to the floor. "Eat my cunt my fucking CUNT." She screamed at Darrin.Darrin tortured her clit again and again, he could tell by her trembling she was getting near. Suddenly, he pulled his face away and looked up at her. Her face was flushed and her eyes stared wide down at him."NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Marie wailed as the wonderful tongue withdrew."You want to cum...bitch." Darrin asked."Yes...God yes...please..." Marie babbled. "I'm so fucking close" she moaned."Then come on my COCK" Darrin commanded her.Before Marie could register his words in her lust hazed mind, she felt Darrin flip her over and bend her over the back of the couch. The move put her ass high in the air, both of her holes now winking at him as he unsnapped his jeans, moving into position."Fuck me" Marie groaned as she felt the bulbous head of his cock press against her swollen lips. "Fuck your bitch" Her voice thick with lust.Darrin grunted and slammed his hips forward. Like slicing butter, his hard dick slid balls deep into Marie. He felt his hips come to rest against her ass cheeks. He realized that even at twice her age, his mother was tighter and hotter than this little slut.By the second stroke, Marie felt her body erupt in the orgasm his mouth had built. a****l noises were coming from her mouth, as her own spit dripped from the corner, falling to the couch cushions beneath her hanging head. Her eyes rolled back to the whites as convulsions rocked her body.While Marie continued to whimper through waves of pleasure, Darrin mentally compared. He missed the full cheeks of his mothers' ass, and while a decent fuck, it was more than evident this tight cunt had been used more, a lot more. It was almost funny he realized; a year ago he would actually have enjoyed Marie; now it was like comparing fine wine to plain water. He reached down and gripped the young girls' hips, to make this work he needed to give her the fucking of her life and the memory of his mothers'' tears fueled his motion as he picked up speed.For Marie, the pounding she was receiving was like nothing in her life. She was being taken...used by this man behind her. It was driving her mind and body insane. Every time Nora tried to regain her sanity about what was happening; Darrin's' thick cock rammed harder and deeper into her causing another wave of her orgasm to roll through her belly."Oh fuck...cumming...cumming againnnnn" Marie wailed. She could feel the torrent of her own cream as it ran down her trembling thighs soaking into the panties and jeans stretched at her knees.Darrin didn't want to take too long at this; he knew his mother would be back from the gym soon, he began to pick up the pace even more, as the room filled with the sound of skin slapping on skin' Driving his hard cock further into the young blonde, he fucked harder into her."Like that slut" his voice grated. "Like having your wet cunt FUCKED?""Oh Jesus...fuck me...fuck me" Marie chanted in time to his thrusts. Suddenly, she felt his cock begin to swell deep inside her belly. "God yes...cum in me...give it to me" she begged.Darrin reached down and gripped the girls' ponytail; with a jerk he brought her head back, his mouth right next to her ear."What a little slut" his voice grated in Marie's ear."Slut...slut" was all Marie could get out as she felt her own belly tightening. "Going to fucking cum againnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" she wailed."You are a little WHORE, aren't you" Darrin's voice filled her ear."I'm a whore...I'm a whore" Marie chanted back. Right now she would have agreed to anything to get that hot seed inside her body. "Cum in your whore...please...please" she begged softlyDarrin pulled his hips back, and then with a huge lunge drove his cock as deep into the girl as he could. Marie screamed as she felt his engorged head press against her cervix. Dimly she heard Darrin roaring behind her as her body exploded."Ghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Marie moaned as an orgasm beyond her memory ravaged her body.Even as he felt the first pulse of his seed, Darrin looked down in wonder as the young girl under him went limp on the back of the couch, and then began flopping about. He looked down between their bodies and watched as her cream coated his cock in her white juices.Darrin maneuvered her body just slightly sideways, and then looked up at the corner of the ceiling of the living room. He stared at the camera as he unloaded a third and final thick rope into the blonde. Raising his hand he gave the small lens a thumbs up, then mouth to the camera.He pulled back just enough to give the camera a clear view of his cum soaked cock between their bodies. He knew the quivering form of Marie would be clear as a bell. Watch this bastard, he thought mentally."Thanks Dad" he silently mouth, even as the lens captured the view of Marie's cum dripping from his exposed shaft and to the floor behind the couch.By the time his mother returned from the gym, Darrin had cleaned up the living room and sent the dazed little blonde packing, without her precious boxes. He fired off a text quickly, and then settled on the couch.As Nora came through the front door, she looked over at the two sealed boxes now sitting on the dining room table next to Darrin's open lap top."What are you doing baby?" she asked her son."Just a project I am working on." Darrin told her. He stood from the couch and walked over next to the dining room table to embrace his mother.Nora felt her body wrapped in her sons arms as he embraced her. She had skipped her shower after the gym, and kept her workout clothes on. She had found Darrin seemed to enjoy the natural scent of her sweat slick skin after her gym trips. It was something that excited the hell out of her, it seemed almost base and a****listic to her."Mmmmmmmmmmmmm" Nora cooed as she snuggled against her sons' bare chest. "I can think of a better project for you to work on right now" she husked.Darrin pressed his thickening cock against his mothers' thigh. Even having just unloaded into his fathers' whore a couple of hours before, he could feel his balls churn. This was the woman he wanted, he realized. The same woman, who bore him, now drove his mind, body and heart off the charts.Nora shuddered at the raw desire she felt in her son's body. God how he could excite her, and it still amazed her that she could drive this man crazy with just her body. She could feel his thickening rod as it pressed into the flesh of her thigh."Why don't we go upstairs baby" she whispered. "I want to do a little project work on this" she reached down and cupped his nearly hard cock through his jeans.Nora gave a gasp as her son reached under her arms, and with a quick lift brought her body up and back, sitting her on the edge of the dining room table. She watched as he knelt between her spread thighs."Oh God" Nora groaned. "Here? we can't..." then Darrin's face drove between her thighs.Darrin reached up and pulled his mother's shorts to the side, dragging the gusset of her panties with them. Her sweat slick lips slid into view. He pressed his face further, sliding his lips between those beautiful lips, probing deep inside his mother. He marveled at the comparison; while Marie had been almost tart and runny, his mother was thicker and sweet on his tongue."Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Darrin murmured as he pulled his mother's hot juices into his mouth, sending a vibration through her already sensitive clit."Ooohhhh Darrinnnnnnnnnnnnn" Nora moaned as her body shook.Darrin slid his hands up his mothers' body, slipping under the tight top of her workout sports bra, his hands cupping her full breasts. Nora reached down and peeled the cloth from her sweat slick body as she felt his thumbs strum over her rock hard nipples. The fact they were in the middle of the dining room had vanished from her mind as she eagerly gave her body to her hungry son."Oh God" she moaned. "Yessss baby, so fucking good." she moaned as Darrin's tongue ravaged her dripping pussy. She could feel the knot in her belly tighten as her son tried to suck her very essence out of her dripping pussy.Nora leaned back on the table, braced on her hands. Looking down she watched as her son mauled her heavy breasts, lightly pinching at her aching nipples. She could see his face, slick with her cream, as he devoured her like some driven a****l."Oh Jesus baby" Nora groaned. "Gonna...make...momma...cum" she grunted. Dimly, she heard the front door of the house, but her oncoming orgasm overrode anything else around her."Mmmmhmmmm" Darrin moaned against his mother's dripping pussy. God how he wanted to drink her juices right now, he thought.Nora felt his mouth pull back slightly, then come back down, pulling her pulsing clit into his hot mouth. Her back arched, thrusting her tits into his eager hands, as small bolts shot out from her groin and through her body. Darrin was alternating between sucking and lightly biting on her clit, which was driving her insane."That's it baby, suck my clit" she moaned.Darrin alternated between sucking and then lashing the tip of his tongue over the throbbing bud, he could feel his mothers' thighs tighten around his head as her body neared release."Oh fuck...oh God" Nora gasped. "Don't stop it comes""Arrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Nora wailed as her body convulsed.Darrin gripped his mothers' swaying breasts, as her feet swung wildly at his sides. First one and then a second gush of her hot cream pulsed into his waiting mouth. Nora shuddered as she heard the obscene sound of her son swallowing her juices below her.Still trembling from her orgasm, Nora felt her son rise up between her thighs. She gasped when he pressed the swollen head against her soaked lips, he had stripped his jeans and jockey shorts down even as he had sucked her pussy dry."Fuck me baby" Nora rasped. "Shove that big cock into your mothers' cunt" she almost growled.Pulling her legs up to his waist and linking her ankles at his back, Nora gripped her son's strong biceps as she waited for that first plunge. She wanted this so badly, that the pope could have walked through the front door of the house and she would not have stopped Darrin.Instead, the most shocking words came from her son at that moment. Words that ripped through her haze of lust making her head snap to the side."Oh hey dad" Darrin said casually, as he looked over at the archway leading into the dining room. "I'll be right with you" he added.Just as she opened her mouth to speak, Nora felt Darrin's hard cock drive balls deep into her dripping pussy. She turned and stared at her estranged husband, and in the seconds it took for her son to impale her, she looked at him with wide eyes.Nora saw her husband's shocked look as he took in the sight at the dining room table. She could see the muscles in his jaw work as he tried to find words to speak. His eyes stared wide at the wanton couple as his son drove his cock deep into his mother. Nora opened her mouth to try and stop Darrin, but it wasn't a word that came out, it was more a keening sound, as she felt her walls stretch inch by inch to meet her son's probing shaft."Dar...aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she wailed as with a wet sucking sound she took her son deep into her belly."Why don't you sit down dad" Darrin told his father. His hips pulled back and slammed into his mother again, sending ripples through her belly. "This might a bit." Darrin chuckled."Darrin...Oh God..." Nora tried to get out as her son started driving into her again and again. "You have to...Oh FUCK...stop baby..." she grunted with his powerful strokes.Instead Darrin merely picked up the pace, powering his cock in and out, Nora could feel her juices dripping out to puddle on the table under her ass. Looking at her husband, she felt the walls of her steaming pussy contract, and she knew she was lost."Cumming...Oh God baby I'm cummminngggggggggg" Nora cried, as her eyes rolled back in her forehead. Her body convulsing as her heels drummed on her sons' ass cheeks."You'll have to excuse mom" Darrin smiled. "She kind of loses it when she orgasms." He said."Shit...shit...Fuck yessss" Nora gurgled. She could feel her walls clamp down on Darrin's invading cock as her belly flexed through waves of raw pleasure. Her juices spraying out to coat his abdomen as he ground his pelvis into her."I said...sit DOWN" Nora dimly heard her son command. Her nails dug into his upper arms as his thick cock continued to pound into her. He was fucking her like some possessed a****l, and she loved every stroke. The fact he wasn't slowing one bit even as her estranged husband watched, sent her mind over the edge."Own me, make me yours baby" Nora gushed; ignoring the fact her estranged husband was now sitting only feet from them. Fuck me...oh God fuck meeeeeeeeeee" she screamed as another wave ripped through her body."I already do own you my love" Darrin whispered back. "You see Dad, she's MINE now" he looked over at his father. "In fact" he continued. "She's not the only thing of yours that I've taken."Nora's eyes flew open wide as she stared at her sons face. "You didn't" she gasped."Why don't you start up the laptop Dad" Darrin told his father.The couple watched as with a shaking hand Darrin's father touched a key on the lap top. It was turned so that they could see part of the screen as it came to life.Once again Nora saw the image of the security camera for the living room. This time it wasn't the image of her husband necking with some blonde tart. Instead, it was the same girl, this time bent over the couch as the image of her son rammed his hard cock into her from behindNora could see her husbands' face as he stared in horror at the screen. First his wife, and then it was his girlfriend. Darrin had managed to take away both of them from his father.Nora could only stare at the screen as she watched Darrin hammer into the young girl. She could see the juices puddling on the living room floor under the girls feet, and having been bent over the same exact way herself, she knew exactly what the little slut was feeling. Her only regret was she couldn't see the bitch's face with the way Darrin had her body forced over the back of the couch."Take me like you did her" Nora groaned as she watched the screen. "I want you to fuck me just like you did her" she gasped. The idea of her husband having to watch the same image twice inflamed her.Without a word Darrin pulled his cock free, feeling his mother's hot cream dripping from his shaft. He pulled his mother from the table and spun her around. With a slap of her hands on the wood, Nora found herself bent over facing her estranged husband. Silently she stared into his face as his head came up to watch in disbelief, she felt her shorts and panties all but ripped from her quivering legs as Darrin took her.Darrin slipped behind his mother and, holding his cock, aimed back at her gaping pussy."Take it mom" the young man grunted as he rammed back home."Darriinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" Nora screamed as her pussy was once again filled with pulsing hard meat. "Fuck me baby" she cried out. "Fuck your mother" she begged."The problem is Dad" Darrin grunted. "I can't quite fuck mom as hard as I did your little whore" his words hitting like small daggers at his father.He wouldn't, Nora thought. He wouldn't tell his father, her mind screamed."After all, we wouldn't want to shake the baby...too much" Darrin grinned at his father."FFFUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK" Nora screamed as her body exploded at her sons words. Her cream gushed out, splattering against the table and then dripping to the floor under her."Gimme...gimme..." she babbled as she stared at her husband's face. She wanted her son to shoot every fucking drop into her right then, as she stared into her estranged husband's face."You want my seed mom?" Darrin asked softly."Yes...please" Nora babbled back. "I need it...please" she could feel waves coursing through her as her orgasm rode one crest after another."There is one thing dad" Darrin growled. His hands gripped Nora's hips. "It's one thing to have something you already did." Nora could feel his cock slowly sliding out of her gripping tunnel."It's another thing" Darrin pulled free of his mother with an obscene plopping sound. "To have were never able to get." Nora could barely function by this point. Her mind felt half melted, and her body was constantly quivering as her orgasm never seemed to let up. Then, with a gasp, she felt Darrin pressing the head of his cock against her tight rosebud."I think it's time I took mom's virgin ASS" Darrin rumbled. "Don't" he growled.Before Nora could even speak, to be a part of this conversation, she felt the tight ring of her ass opening, and with a loud sucking plop, the head of her son's cock filled her tight ass."ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Nora screamed as a mixture of burning pain and raw lust ripped through her body.Nora dropped her head, as her forehead banged against the table in total surrender. Now, her son totally owned her. Her mouth was his, her tits were his, even her pussy and fertile belly was his. Now, the one thing she had never given her husband, that she had constantly refused, belonged to her son.The sensation of his thick cock scr****g along the walls of her ass sent shock waves through her body. She had denied her husband her ass their entire marriage, though he had all but begged for it."Fuck my ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" Nora wailed against the cool wood as her son filled her canal with hard cock."Fucking tight" Darrin grunted as he pushed in. "Fuck your ass is TIGHT mom." He moaned.With every stroke into her virgin ass, she could feel Darrin grind her pelvis into the table. As his hips slapped against her upturned ass, she felt him drive her into the cool table. The combined pressure from front and back was driving her body to the edge like a rocket."I'm going to cum mom" Darrin groaned behind her."In me" Nora grunted. "Fill my ass you mother fucker" Nora grunted. "Sweet Godddddddddddddd" she wailed as she felt her son's cock start to expand deep in her ass."Cumming" Darrin grunted. "Take it mom" he said. "God I love you." The words sending chills down her spine."LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" Nora screamed as she felt the heat of his thick seed washing the walls of her bowels. The most tremendous orgasm of her life shredded through her exhausted body, gurgling and whimpering she banged her fist down onto the hard wood of the table. All three in the room could hear as her pussy juices literally ejected out of her to splatter against the table and the floor.Nora's head snapped up and she stared at her estranged husband, as her son put rope after rope of hot seed deep into her ass. Every thick rope pumping in matching every squirt of her own cream as it pumped out of her quivering pussy."I'm his" she gasped softly, as she watched her husband rise silently from his chair.Darrin slid his deflating cock from the clutches of his mother's no longer virgin ass. He stood and faced his father, letting his father see as the juices of mixed pussy cream and cum dripped from him."Do me a favor dad" Darrin told his father. "Take your shit...and fuck off. The house is mine...the car is mine...and MINE" He looked into his father's eyes. "Got"As she lay on the table gasping to get her breath back, Nora could only watch silently as her now ex-husband collected the two boxes and silently left the house. Sliding off the table, smeared in their mixed juices, she stared at her son's face. Her legs wobbled as she used the dining room table to support herself."You planned this, didn't you" she whispered. Her son just smiled at her. "Bastard" she said softly. She turned and walked towards the stairs leading to their bedroom.At the base of the stairs Nora turned and faced her son. "Now, I want you to come upstairs" she said softly. "Get into our bed, and put that hot seed into my pregnant belly, like a good son." She looked at Darrin."Do you understand?" she asked."Yes mother" Darrin smiled as he followed his mother's hot ass up the stairs, watching as a thick glob of his cum dripped from between her cheeks. In the distance he heard his father start his car, and pull from the driveway. With a smile he followed his mother up the stairs.The End.....
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