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Sisterly Love - Part 2

Post #1

Apologies for any spelling or grammer mistakes, I do proof read but i'm not perfect lol
I hope you enjoy the second part of the story line and again any comments are appreciated.

Sisterly Love - Part 2

It had been a week since Sarah and I had our fun on the sofa and I hadn?t forgotten about it. There was still a deep burning desire inside of me. I had tried to relieve myself multiple times during that week but nothing was working, I needed her. Don?t get me wrong things didn?t get awkward between us but more a lust for each other and wanting to get our hands on each other.

Just our luck though that when our Mom arrived home after our passionate night, she announced that she had taken the week off work. No fucking way, I thought to myself, how the hell can I get to my sister again now. That entire week mom was always around so Sarah and I didn?t have a moment to ourselves. We always shared a seductive look that we knew if mom wasn?t there we would be jumping each other?s bones. Neither of us had risked sneaking into the other ones room at night for a quickie in case mom heard and caught us in the sinful act.

It was early Saturday evening, I was sitting on the sofa watching crap TV and Sarah was sitting in the arm chair painting her fingernails. My sisters long brown hair rested down across her tits but I could still see her beautiful cleavage thanks to her low cut top. The black leggings she wore helped show off her amazing curved hips and plump ass.

?Right you two? mom announced as she walked into the room, ?I?m off out tonight and won?t be back till late tonight. With this me and my sister shared a delighted look as our mom went on ?Now there is money on the kitchen table for dinner and you both know the rules!!?

?Yes mom? we both said simultaneously ?no parties, no alcohol, no mess, don?t stay up late!?
?We know mom!? my sister spoke out ?we aren?t 15 and stupid.?

?Yeah? I said ?Now go off and have fun, we will see you tomorrow!?

A little speechless, our mom gave us both a kiss and hug and set off out the door. Just before closing it she shouted back ?oh and clean the kitchen for me please!!? With that she slammed the door behind her.

Sarah looked at me biting her lip seductively but neither us moving until we knew the coast was clear. We listened and as we heard the sound of the cab take off, we both jumped up meeting in a hot passionate kiss.

?You have no idea how bad I want you and need you? I said between breaths of our heated kiss.

?I think I do because I have been the exact same? she said as our hands roamed over each other. I grabbed her by the chest, my hand squeezing hard against her tits as she moaned in my mouth. Her hand searching under my t-shirt as she played around with my nipples. My cock was getting hard and fast, I pressed myself up against her as I moved my hands down to her ass and giving it a slap.
?Ow, mmm? she moaned out breaking off the kiss. As I went back in the kiss her again she shoved me onto the sofa. ?Sit there like a good little boy, I need to feel that cock again!? she said seductively as she kneeled down between my legs. I was just wearing loose sweat pants so she ran her hands up my thighs in search of my throbbing member. ?Uuhh yes there it is? she said with a large smile on her face as she grabbed at my cock with a firm grip. She started to stroke it from under my shorts, fuck it felt so good and my head fell back on the sofa. ?Help me get these off? her voice whispered and I was happy to help. I lifted up my hips as she slid off my shorts and boxers at the same time unleashing my rock hard cock. Her already large smile got bigger as she regripped my cock and in wasting no time sunk it into her mouth. She worked vigorously on my cock, bobbing up and down faster on the tip as she gently massaged my balls.

?Fuccckkk sis? I gave out a loud groan ?I?ve needed you all week?. She only replied by working my cock even faster, now sucking and jerking me at the same time. I thought last week?s blowjob was good, this was even better and with all my up built frustration I was getting close. ?Sarah? if you keep going like that I?m going to cum!? I panted. With that she seemed even more turned on and sucked hard on the tip, squeezing up and down on the shaft. She was moaning heavy around my cock and it sent me over the edge. ?Uuuuhhhhh I?m cumming!!? I groaned loudly as my shaft starting pulsating and spurting hot streams of cum into my sister?s mouth. Sarah had now moved her mouth deeper on my cock and was sucking all the cum out and swallowing it straight down. With a panted relief I relaxed back onto the sofa as my sister still worked my now limping cock and with a pop she pulled it out.

?Mmmmmm you taste good bro? she said looking up to me, slowly jerking my soft cock. ?I love the feeling of your pulsating cock in my mouth but?? looking at my limp cock ?I wanted him in me too? she pouted.

?Oh don?t you worry sis, we aren?t finished yet!? I said as got up and pushed her down where I was sitting, ?It?s your turn now.? I got myself down between her legs and grabbed at the black leggings she was wearing ripping them off her. She was wearing cute little pink panties that I could clearly see were soaked in her pussy juices. I leaned down and smothered her wet patch in kisses and pressed my face against her crotch. She gave out loud moans and wrapped her legs around me, trying to pull me in further. After teasing her up with my kisses, I managed to push her panties to the side and lap my tongue all over her soaked pussy. ?Fuck she tasted good? I thought to myself as I worked my tongue all over her soft pussy lips. She grabbed my head with her hands and tried to guide me to the right spot but I knew exactly where to go. Moving my tongue upwards, I worked my tongue over her clit, pushing hard against it and moaning in my mouth to vibrate my tongue against her.

?Uhhhh yes Jamie, right there, right there!!? she cried out as she wrapped her legs around me tighter and her hips thrusting furiously against my face. I knew she was very close so I worked my tongue extra fast against her clit, shaking my head as well to give extra stimulation. ?Jamie I?m cumming baby, uuhh oohhh yyesssss? with a loud cry of pure pleasure she sprayed her hot pussy juices all over my face and I drank up every last drop. Her legs still clamped around my body, shivered as she finally relaxed and let go. ?Oh my god Jamie that was amazing, I want you to make me feel like that all the time. I don?t care, I want you!? she said lovingly looking into my eyes. I slid up and met her gaze with a deep kiss.

Whilst we kissed she didn?t realize that my cock was rock hard again and without warning I rammed it inside her. ?I want you sis and need to feel that sweet pussy again.? She gave out a quick yelp in shock but as I stared into her beautiful brown eyes I knew she craved my cock. I started pumping deep inside her, I wasn?t holding back. I kissed her deeply as I rammed my cock deep inside of her each time, our bodies bouncing off each other. My balls slapping against her and I loved the sensation it gave me. She reached her hands up to my shoulders and held on tight, giving out loud moans each time I thrusted in. I reached down and grabbed the underside of her ass to pull her in to me. She still had her top on but I could see her tits bouncing wildly underneath. I didn?t care at this point that I couldn?t see her incredible tits; I was too busy pounding my cock in her smooth velvet pussy. She was so wet that over the creaking sound of us breaking the sofa, I could hear the sounds of her soaking pussy trying to hold onto my cock.

?Fuck me Jamie, fuck your sister?s pussy good and hard? she moaned out and it gave me the extra energy to force my cock deeper inside of her. I leaned in and bit her on the neck; she moved her head to the side to allow me better access. ?Mmmmm oh yes, bite harder? she screamed. Switching between biting and kissing I felt her pussy really tighten around my cock and her body tense up. ?Uuhh Jamie, push it deep please, I?m right there again? she pleaded and with one big deep thrust I ignited her explosive orgasm. Her whole body shuddered around me and her pussy drenched my cock in her hot juices. I just managed to hold her up by the hips as I continued my merciful assault on her pussy.

I wasn?t long behind her, her tightened pussy gave me the sensation of pure heaven and I couldn?t hold back anymore ?I?m going to cum Sarah? I moaned.

?Keep it in me, cum inside me, fill me up!!? she pleaded and in pure ecstasy I exploded inside of her.

?Uuuuuhhhhh yyesssss? my cock firing sticky strands of cum deep inside her, I continued to pump in and out. With each thrust more cum sprayed out and my head fell down onto her shoulder. ?Oh my god? I whispered loudly ?that was fucking amazing!?

?Mmmmm yes it was? Sarah said seductively ?when you came inside of me, it was the hottest thing I have ever experienced!?

?Oh shit yeah, what if??

?Don?t worry big brother, I?m on the pill!? she laughed teasing me.

?Phew? I flopped off her and lay on the sofa and she snuggled in beside me. I was in pure bliss and loved this new sexual adventure and it was even more erotic because of the taboo factor that it was my sister.

We lay on the sofa cuddling for a little while, just exchanging light kisses and not really speaking. ?Want to order some pizza and clean the kitchen? Sarah said breaking the silence.

?Ugh, oh yeah the kitchen.? I muttered ?Ok you order the pizza and I?ll grab the cleaning stuff.?

?Ok good deal? she said jumping on top of me ?do you mind if I quickly get changed first?? she put her hands on my stomach, pushing her chest together and pouting slightly. Holy fuck it made her look hot.

?Of course, why would I say no?? I joked

?Yaaay? she gave out an excited cry as she leaned down, kissing me deeply before bouncing off and heading to her room.

?It?s only getting changed? I said to myself as I grabbed my clothes and got changed. I made my way through to the kitchen and searched in the cupboards under the sink for the cleaning stuff when I heard the shower run upstairs. ?That cheeky little bitch is grabbing a shower too? I chuckled ?OK I did fill her pussy up with hot cum? I said accepting that she probably should shower. I grabbed all the cleaning stuff and stuck it on the table. ?I may as well order the pizza as well since she?s gonna be a while.?

I ordered the pizza and got down to cleaning. I hadn?t cleaned much when I heard a cough from behind me, I turned round and my face dropped. There was Sarah standing in the doorway and yes she had got changed but she was now wearing a slutty black and white maid?s outfit. ?Holy fuck sis? I said in pure amazement. My eyes darting up and down her, she wore small black heels, the maid skirt just covered her crotch area. She had tied her hair behind her head in a ponytail, helping expose her young beautiful face. I looked at her chest and the top she wore was fitted perfect to push her tits together and make them look irresistible.

?Thought you might like it? she said giving a little twirl and as she did the skirt flew up revealing her pantiless pussy. ?I have some outfits that I?ve been dying to wear and try out? she said walking towards me.

?Some??? I said almost speechless at her lustful beauty.

?Yes my lover but there will be time for the others? as she now stood in front of me, pressing her tits against me and pushing me back against the counter. ?I clean for you mister? she put on a fake Latino accent.

The combination of her sexy outfit, her fake accent and the fact that she just called me her lover put me into beast mode. ?No my naughty maid, I hear you have been a most dirty girl!? I grabbed her by the hips and pressed her up against the counter. Standing up behind her, pressing my hardening cock against her ass I leaned forward ?I hear you have been fucking your brother??

?But mister he fucks me so good and I love it? she pretends to struggle in my arms.

?Bet you like it rough too you little slut? I said as I raised her skirt and smacked her ass. She gave out a moan and struggled some more.

?He is the best I?ve ever had!? she tried to move away whilst pushing her ass against my cock but I held her firm.

?Oh you think he is the best?? I grabbed her hips and swung her round planted a passionate kiss on her red lips, this one was a lot sloppier than ever before and I went full passion. She pretended to struggle at first and resist the kiss but soon parted her lips and we explored with our tongues. I reached down and pulled her top down; releasing her tits and let them hang free. I broke from the kiss and took one of her nipples into my mouth whilst grabbing at the other. I sucked her nipple into my mouth; it became rock hard at the sensation of my tongue. I licked it vigorously and bit at it as well. She leaned back against the counter, moaning in pure ecstasy and running her hand through my hair.

?Oh mister, you feel so good. Take care of me? she moaned and pleaded as I lifted her up onto the counter. Spreading her legs apart, she raised one leg up and placed her heel onto the counter allowing very easy access. I traced my finger up and down her wet slit before forcing two fingers inside. I wasn?t gentle as I rammed my fingers inside of her, forcing them as deep as I could. I curled them inside of her and she squirmed in pleasure on top of the counter. I paid my attention back to her tits and this time taking the other hard nipple into my mouth. As I sucked and licked at her nipple, she grabbed my head and pulled me against her tit and fuck did it feel amazing. I began to finger fuck her as hard as I could as I reached up pulling her hair back and exposing her neck. I leaned in and leached onto her, kissing and sucking on her neck. ?Please fuck me mister?!? she moaned out loudly.

I pulled my fingers from her pussy and pulled her off the counter and pushed her over the table. Pulling up her skirt to expose her sweet ass and pussy, I brought my hand down on her ass again.
?Mmmmmm yes mister I have been really bad, punish me.?

Bringing my hand down on her ass again ?Oh I?m going to punish your pussy for being such a naughty girl.? I positioned myself behind her and pushed my hand down on her back, whipping down my shorts I unleashed my cock. I lined up with her entrance and rammed my cock all the way in. I started furiously fucking her hard and deep, holding her by the hips and pulling her back into me. I was fucking her with a whole new passion and actually fell into the role play that I was fucking the maid. This was a brand new experience for me and never imagined doing role play but doing it with my sister was beyond belief. I thrusted hard into her and could feel my cock tearing away at her pussy walls. Her soaking wet pussy was providing plenty lubricant to fuck her harder. I reached up and grabbed her by the hair pulling her back towards me; I felt her get instantly wetter knowing that she loved every minute.

?Yes mister fuck my bad pussy, fuck it hard?

I was pounding her with all my might and the regular feeling of her pussy contracting told me she was close. Her skirt had ridden right up her back and her plump ass was on full show, I looked down at her asshole. As I continued to pump in and out of her I gently began to insert my finger into her asshole.

?Jamie?. Mmmm ?. What are you doing?? her accent gone but still squirming in full pleasure. I didn?t say anything but pushed my finger in a little deeper. ?Oh my god Jamie, that?s my ass, uuhh Jamie that?s?? I forced my finger all the way in and it was just what she need. Falling onto the table she erupted in a massive series of orgasms and it was just what I needed too as the feeling of her orgasms sent my cock to the other side.

?I?m cumming baby? she cried

?I?m cumming too? I grunted

As she was hit by several waves of orgasm, I exploded inside of her. The volume of cum didn?t feel as much but fuck me the intensity was more. We swayed back and forth, my cock still pumping in and out as we came together. After several moments we came back to reality and I collapsed on top of her. I was just about to speak when the doorbell rang,

?Oh fuck? we both said as we sat up.

?Who the hell is that?? she panicked looking at me.

?Oh shit it?s the pizza guy! I called when you were getting changed? I said trying to calm her. ?I?ll deal with it, you stay here.? I grabbed my shorts and quickly put them on and ran to the door, I cleaned the sweat from my head and composed myself before opening the door.

?Well who was it?? she panted as I came back to the kitchen, holding the pizza. ?Ah ok, it was the pizza guy then, phew? she gave out a deep breathe of relief.

?Didn?t move to cover yourself I see?? I joked as I tossed the pizza onto the table.

?Jamie, I can?t move! My body is still tingling and I fear if I try to stand my legs won?t hold me.?

I gave out a small laugh ?That good was I?? I said taking a seat at the table.

?Well you could say that but we need to talk? she said sounding a little serious but managing to slide herself onto a chair.

?Oh??? I said reaching for a slice of pizza and relaxing back.

?Yes, was that your finger you put in my ass?? she sounded a little angry.

?Yeah sorry sis, I got caught up in the moment and I?ve heard it helps the girl orgasm.? I said a little sheepishly eating my pizza.

?Well ?? she paused grabbing herself a slice ?it felt amazing!? her eyes lightened up as she gave me a naughty smile.

?Did it now?? I teased her back.

?Yeah it really did and well next time, maybe, can we try anal?? she looked down at her pizza and tensed up a little.

I was a little shocked at first but quickly grew full of excitement ?You really want to try it? Then hell yes!!?

?But not tonight! I?m too worn and tired. Plus we need to get this kitchen cleaned and get to bed before mom gets back.?

?But when??? I whimpered wanting to try it now as my cock somehow grew hard again.

?Soon my loving brother, soon!!? she smirked munching away at her pizza.

We didn?t talk about our next sexual adventure as we finished off the pizza, it was just general chat and we got to work cleaning off the kitchen. I wanted to jump her again as she still wore the maid?s outfit but I knew better and resisted. With the kitchen clean and looking like normal we exchange a deep kiss and went off to our separate bedrooms before mum got home and caught us.

I lay in my bed still full of lust and horniness and my mind drifted to what Sarah had suggested. The next time we have sex I get to achieve the ultimate goal, anal. But when was that gonna be? Fuck I hope it?s soon.
01-09-2022, at 01:55 AM

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