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The Cruel Prank

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The Cruel PrankIt was a Friday night, a cool breeze hanged in the dry spring night.I was with my 3 friends celebrating Carol's 18th birthday, she was the last of our little gang to reach 18 and we had been drinking outside in the quiet green park. We were all sat around laughing sharing jokes and reminiscing about our school life together and what we're going to do in the future.After a while, we were all feeling rather ditzy from the drink and started talking about pranks we've eached pulled on people."You remember that time we got Malyssa with the 'impossible sit-up' prank?"Jenni asked laughing."The 'impossible sit-up'?" I inquisited, having not heard of that one before."Oh you haven't heard that one?" Carol asked looking at me with a puzzled look."No, I haven't, what is it?" I asked innocently.Jenni, Carol, and Sally all looked at eachother with a sinister glare in their eyes, then all looked at me."Oh it's not really a prank per se..." Jenni began to explain, "It's more of a test to see exactly how strong you are, and if you beat it well you'll be doing something no one else has ever managed to do.""Ah..." I grunted in response."You want to try it?" Sally asked eagerly."Sure, why not!" I exclaimed."Ok, lie down." Jenni instructed me which I obliged, laying down flat on my back on the cold green grass."Now, arch your legs up like your about to do a sit up, Carol's going to hold her folded up jacket over your eyes and hold your head down with it, and you got to just sit up, ok?""Is that all? Doesn't seem that hard to me." I confidently told.They did as they said, Carol covered my eyes with her folded up white jacket."Ready?" Jenni asked."Ready!" I replied."Ok go!" Jenni told, I heard giggling and I tried with all my might to sit up but was held down too tight by Carol, I could hear the 3 girls giggling more but they were trying to quiet themselfs. I suspected something was up but I couldn't work it out. Then suddenly...The jacket was whipped away from my eyes and I sat up like a shot, and to my surprise I was met by a fast approaching bare ass!This whole time Sally had stood over me bent over with her sweatpants pulled down, and my face smacked right into her buttcheeks as I bolted upright."Oh you fucking bitches!" I yelled in shock.The girls fell over laughing so hard."I can't believe you fell for that!" Sally shouted in laughter."You guys are so mean!" I moodily told them, but then began to crack up and laugh along with them.Sally turned around to face me and sat down on top of my belly."There's another prank..." Jenni said, standing up on her feet, and walked over towards my head."Oh god, what?" I asked still laughing.To my surprise she suddenly squated down over me and farted in my face!"That!" She teased and burst out laughing at my expense."Oh fuck you!" I yelled trying to sound upset, but really I enjoyed that humiliation. I was too insecure to let them know I have a thing for farts so I tried to get up to get her for that, but Sally quickly grabbed my hands and pinned me down on the floor.They carried on laughing at me."Wait hold her there, I got to fart now too!" Carol stated with a saddistic tone to her usually angelic voice."Oh no please!" I protested trying to hide my delight.Carol walked up over to me holding her belly, then pulled down her jeans and sat down onto my chest, her bare ass resting right on my chin with only the thin pink strip of her thong hiding her little brown box, and just as soon as she did that, she let rip a surprisingly loud fart.Now we've always been comfortable around eachother when we hang out and don't tend to shy away from farting in front of eachother, and over the years Carol's has always been the smelliest of the bunch with her farts, but getting a sample of her foul gas that up close really stung my nostrils!I breathed the smelly air right in and loved the smell of it, and luckily for me after she laughed she said,"Oh wait, I got some more!" this time she pulled her little thong strap to one side over her cheek, revealing to me her little brownish pink hole, and farted again!That one was a more airy kind of fart, but that just meant it was ALOT more stinkier!I couldn't breathe, the oxygen in the air became swamped down by her smelly fart, I choked as I struggled for fresh air, but could not get any, all I could smell was Carol's shockingly foul fart.The girls were too busy laughing their heads off to notice me struggling."Wow you changed your diet, Carol?" Sally asked her giggling."No, why?" She responded."Well it's just your farts usually reek but I can't smell that one!" She laughed again."Yeah, I can't smell it either..." Jenni added."Oh I think it's 'cause Samantha here is sucking it all in!" Carol sadistically told them with glee and they all laughed again at me."Shit, I really think she's going to pass out from your farts!" Jenni laughed looking down at me."I can't breathe...!" I managed to choke out."Aww sorry." Carol said sounding somewhat sympathetic, and then got off me, pulling up her jeans. Sally then got off me too, and I got up onto my feet.I brushed myself down and then we all sat down on the nearby bench.The girls kept ribbing me about what had just happened, as well as talking about eachothers farts and rating eachother on whose was the smelliest, loudest and who farts the most, having a good laugh together about that."I have to say though, Carol, yours really are dangerously foul!" I told her with the other 2 girls nodding their heads agreeing with me."Actually, you haven't smelt mine, they've been pretty horrid today..." Jenni confessed with a playful look on her face."Really?" I asked with a puzzled look."Oh yeah, you wanna smell?" She asked laughing, I thought she was just joking but I realised by her manner that she was being serious on her offer."Well if you want, I'll have a smell, for scientific reasons!" I joked."I'll rate it for you, tell you what I think...""Yeah do it!" Carol and Sally encouraged us.I got off my seat on the bench and walked over to Jenni, standing infront of her. She turned around and kneeled on the bench, her butt sticking out.I bent down and pressed my nose to her skirt, right where I assumed her crack was. I already could smell her butthole had a rather strong yet sweet smell to it through the fabic of her skirt."No wait," she giggled, "here get a better whiff.." I leaned back as she lifted her skirt up revealing all of her beautiful ass and pulled her small pink lacy panties to one side, showing off her tight little stinkhole.I leaned back into her, resting my nose so it was merely a centimeter away from her hole, and took in a whiff.It smelt fantastically nice, real musky yet with sweet undertones to it, god how I enjoyed the smell!I was enjoying her scent so much that it took me completely by surprise when her hole puckered up and swelled out just a little as a loud raspy fart forced its way out of her ass and directly into my nostrils!I sniffed up all of the delightfully stinky air as I could.The girls laughed loads again at the sound and sight, and Jenni pulled herself away from me pulling down her small skirt as she did."Well?" She asked holding in her laughter but still with a big grin on her lovely face."Oh yeah that's foul!" I told her pulling a disgusted look, trying to hide my utter enjoyment of it."Out of 10, how bad would you rate that smell?" Sally asked, trying to sound like a professional reporter."That's definetly a 10 out of 10!" I proclaimed.We all laughed again.It's funny, each girl has their own unique scent and after years of smelling different girls farts, I've come to the conclusion that each and every person has their very own scent, and no 2 scents are the same."You know, next time we got to fart, let's fart in Samantha's face and she can tell us how good or bad they are!" Carol enthuisiastically told the others."Hell I'm up for that if she is!" Sally replied."Yeah, me too." Jenni added, smiling a cheek grin at me."I dunno..." I said, trying my upmost best not to reveal how much I love the sound of that. "Oh fine ok!" I gave in and laughed."Right it's a deal then!" Carol exclaimed.We carried on the celebrations that night and the next day, they lived up to our drunkern deal. The first to use my new found 'fart rating' services being Carol, as she awoke in my bed next to me feeling really rough from being hungover. She looked at me as I struggled to open my eyes and asked me,"Here, what do you think of this one?" And she got up sat on my head with her naked ass and farted in my face.Getting it that early on in the day only served to magnify the intensity of the foul smell causing me to cough."God that's bad!" I tiredly yelled, but then began to enjoy the delightful morning treat she just gave me."Hmm... 7/10 that." I giggled before resting my head back on the pillow and dosed back off to sleep, Carol got up and headed to the bathroom.Things carried on like that throughout the day, with both Jenni and Sally using my services a numerous amount of times during the day.Infact, it still goes on to this day, and I love it every single time they fart on me!The end.
04-06-2021, at 08:37 PM

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