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Anna Canine Problems

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Anna Canine Problems-------- Anna: Canine Problems --------My attractive daughter-in-law Anna came to me, very upset, very embarrassed as well. But she desperately needed my help.Her husband had been k**ding her about how hot it would be to see her having sex with a dog, and how much some women liked it. She was somewhat disgusted by the idea, even after her husband showed her a video of a woman having sex with a dog. She could see the woman in the video appeared to be really enjoying the sex, and the actual sex act didn't seem to be that much different from sex with a man. Anna admitted that yes, the dog's cock was different looking but not all that unusual. Still, the idea was just too alien to her, and she told her husband she really wouldn't be interested in anything like that. He was a little disappointed, since he was always looking for new and interesting things for his sexy wife .. especially things he could watch! But he shrugged and let it go.However, despite what she'd told her husband, Anna found herself thinking again and again of the video he'd shown her. Returning to the web site where her husband had found the video (it was in his Favorites, she was dismayed to see), she viewed it again. The images of the attractive young woman being mounted by the big dog stuck in Anna's mind. More searching turned up stories by women who had sex with dogs. Invariably they praised it as a wonderful experience. Anna became more and more curious about what it would feel like, to have a long thin cock like that sliding into her. Even more interesting was the thought that a dog like that would be under HER control. No emotions, no complications, just sheer sexual desire .. and from what it looked like in that video and others on the site, sheer pleasure for her!She casually asked about canine sex with several of her more adventuresome and daring girl friends. All of them had heard about it, but only one admitted to having actually experienced it. Her girl friend assured Anna that it was really a great experience, that every woman she ever knew who tried sex with a dog really enjoyed it. Her girl friend knew a man in town who had a dog, where she'd had her own experience. She said the man might be willing to let her try it out. He'd get to watch her having sex with his dog, of course, but that was how he got his fun out of it. Her girl friend had been there at the man's house several times, and it always went just fine, and she assured Anna he could be trusted. So Anna, always curious and interested in sexual pleasure, decided to find out for herself what this dog sex was all about. But she decided to keep it to herself: she didn't want to encourage her husband in these sorts of things more than absolutely necessary. And she found the idea of a private sort of sexual adventure exciting.Anna went to the man's address, and a young man in his mid-20's answered the door and invited her to enter. He introduced himself as John and explained she was probably looking for his father who was out of town for the day. He was polite and respectful in his attitude with the older Anna, and very discreet when he asked if she had come for the "special services" his father often granted women .. the services with his specially trained dog. John's behavior was reassuring: he seemed to be completely familiar with his father's services, and was very discreet and understanding as the nervous and embarrassed Anna explained what she wanted."I'm told that .. that your father lets women have .. you know, intimate .. sexual relations with his trained dog? My friend said it .. that it was very interesting, and she suggested I might want to try it." Blushing furiously, she couldn't meet her eyes, but found herself excited and anxiously awaiting the young man's response. "I've never done anything like this before," she blurted out.John nodded agreeably. "I know this can be a little embarrassing at first, but you have no worries. I often handle this sort of thing for my father when he's out of town, and I'm fully experienced with Dad's dog. His name is Jack, by the way, and I'm sure you'll be very glad to meet him, to enjoy this new experience." He met Anna's eyes and casually asked, "Would you like to try him now?" He smiled as she met blushed and hesitated, "It's completely free, you know. Dad does this more as a hobby than anything, although he does enjoy watching his visitors enjoy themself. And it's totally discreet: we have no interest in anyone but our visitors knowing about this."Swallowing nervously, Anna nodded yes. She'd come this far, she thought to herself; she might as well give it a try. "Yes, I would like to .. try this, if you don't mind?""Go ahead and undress," he invited her politely. "Here, you can wear this so you don't have to be completely naked. I know it's a little awkward at first." He handed the nervous Anna a long soft bathrobe, and then politely turned his back while she undressed.Then he brought the dog out, a big friendly German shepherd, and introduced Anna to the dog, encouraged her to pet him and for them to get used to each other. Anna thought the dog was well behaved enough, but she was embarrassed when he unabashedly stuck his nose through the opening in the front of her robe. She felt his cold nose press against her shaved cunt, and then a quick wet lick and a sensuous rush of pleasure as he expertly licked the full length of her cunt. John pulled the dog away, "He's pretty good at this, isn't he?" he joked. Anna was somewhat impressed but also a little nervous at the sight of the dog's cock already hardening and protruding from its sheath. Jack was obviously experienced and knew from the sight and smell of the woman what pleasures were coming. She looked nervously at the long pointed cock, protruding easily six inches from the dog's furry sheath. It was very similar to what she'd seen in the videos, though, and John reassured her that women never had a problem with the sex itself.John led Anna to an unused bedroom down the hall, the excited Jack trotting ahead of them, obviously practiced and knowing what whas to occur. The room was empty except for mirrors on the walls, a big mirror centered on the ceiling, and a homemade bench, apparently a modified weight-lifting bench, in the center of the room. The bench had a curious design, very thin at one end, perhaps only three or four inches wide, and broadening out to a more heavily padded end. John explained that Anna was to lie face-down on this bench, and that would position her perfectly for the dog to have the best sex with her. He suggested that she untie and open the robe before lying down on the bench, so that the robe wouldn't be caught up beneath her body. Nervous at the whole concept of her first such experience, she didn't notice the broad nylon and velcro straps on the bench's metal legs as she untied the robe, nervously opened it away from her body, and lay face down as directed. Again she was relieved and reassured to see John intentionally turn away from her, giving her the privacy to reveal herself as necessary. She knew he would eventually see everything as she and the dog had sex, but his consideration and politeness was reassuring.The thin end of the bench comfortably supported her body weight on her chest, letting her full breasts hang free on either side, not being crushed beneath her body. The broad padded end felt comfortable beneath her stomach, leaving her groin and thighs open and unsupported, and she pulled her feet up beneath her hips as John directed, spreading them wide outside and against the bench's legs, to support her lower body weight. She could feel the cool air inside her cunt as her position spread her labia and vulva open, and a brief thought passed through her mind of how obscenely positioned she must be, how vulnerable she must look. Totally naked beneath the thin robe, her breasts dangling, her legs spread with her bottom and cunt hidden only by the thin robe! But obviously this would be a good position for sex with the dog. Her head hung free over the bench's top end, and she had to strain a little to lift her head up to see what was going on.John brought the dog up behind her. "I'm going to pull the robe up a little in back, okay? So Jack can get access to you from behind." Anna nodded, "Okay." She tried to lift and twist her head and neck, to look back at the dog behind her, but John told her "No, just relax. You don't want to be twisting all around, it might make him nervous. Just relax and enjoy what's going to happen." Anna again murmured "Okay", and lowered her head over the end of the bench. Her long hair fell forward and covered her face, so she couldn't really see much at all. She felt the cool air now on her bottom and thighs as John pulled the skirt of the robe up over her back and knew she was completely exposed to his stare."Okay, Jack, up you go!" she heard John say, and then felt Jack's paws on either side of her waist as he lifted himself up onto the bench and her body. Now she could feel the dog's furry belly rubbing against the back of her legs and her bare buttocks, and felt what must be his pointed cock pushing against her thighs. Unsure what was going to happen, she instinctively spread her legs even wider, hoping to give Jack access, and felt the smooth thin cock push between her thighs and up the front of her belly. Now she understood why the bench was so short, to leave her groin free for his access.Distracted, absorbed in the new feelings and things she could not see, she unthinkingly obeyed when John told her to grasp the legs of the bench. She felt his hands near her wrists, but didn't realize what was happening as he quickly wrapped the velcro and nylon straps around her wrists and secured them. When she tried to move her hands, she suddenly found her arms helplessly bound to the bench."What are you doing?" Anna protested. "Don't worry," she heard him reply. "Nobody's gonna hurt you, I just want to be sure you aren't going anywhere, not 'til we're done with you anyway. Oh, you might get fucked a little more than you planned on, but you'll still get your precious dog fuck! I'm just going to have some fun with you first! Me and my buddies, that is!""Fun with me? Your buddies? Noo!" Anna protested. She suddenly realized that she was helpless, totally under this man's control, and the situation might not be at all as she expected. "I don't want this! You can't do this to me! This is .." Her protests were muffled as John stuffed a red rubber ball gag in her mouth and secured it with a strap around her head."Honey, I can pretty much do anything I want now. You aren't going anywhere and I don't have to listen to you complaining about it. Besides, I don't know what you're whining about. You came here to get fucked, right? So it's not like you're gonna go complaining to your husband or anybody."Anna saw him bending by her head and then felt his hands fondling her dangling breasts, pulling cruelly on her nipples. She tried to cry out around the ball gag, but nothing came out but muffled groans.John released her breasts, stood, and moved out of sight behind her. "You're gonna have to wait, old buddy," she heard him say. She felt Jack's body sliding down off her buttocks, and heard the dog whine in protest. "We humans are gonna fuck this hot chick first! But don't worry, you can have her all you want once we're done!"Anna turned her head, shaking it to get her hair away from her eyes, and saw John leading the dog away. He chained Jack to a ring on the nearest wall, and then returned to the bench and the helpless Anna. He pulled Anna's bare feet up close beneath her and secured her ankles to the bench's other legs with another pair of velcro straps, and Anna found herself even more helpless than before!"Now to get this robe off you, we don't need this in the way!" she heard John say to himself. He held one of her arms securely, unfastened the wrist strap, pulled her arm behind her body, and pulled the robe's sleeve free. She could feel a strap being wrapped tightly around her wrist, and then John held her arm helplessly behind her as he repeated the action with her other arm. Pulling and bending her arms behind the center of her back, he then strapped wrists to elbows, securing her arms firmly behind her. Then, pulling the waist tie free, he pulled the robe completely off her body, leaving her face down on the bench, completely naked, her arms bound helplessly behind her.Anna arched her back, trying to lift herself, to somehow escape this humiliating and vulnerable position. But her ankles were still securely strapped to the bench legs, preventing her from rolling off or getting up in any way. She could feel her breasts being squeezed against the cold vinyl bench surface as she gave up her struggle, and reluctantly moved around, straining and twisting her body until each breast fell down on each side of the narrow bench, just as she'd been positioned in the first place. Trying to relax, she dropped her head and looked beneath the bench, at her hanging breasts and her groin with its cleanly shaven labia, and had a clear image of how obscenely vulnerable and naked she was for this man.Anna then heard John make several calls on his cell phone. "I got another one! Come on over! We're gonna have some fun! Yeah, just like last time!"He came back and bent over to fondle Anna's full buttocks. "Okay, my buddies are on their way." He laughted; "They really like it when I can get some hot slut like you in here! And it's been a week since the last one, so you're really in for a treat!" Ignoring her muffled attempts to protest, John slid a finger down her butt crack to teasingly rub her anus. She gasped at the sensation but was relieved when he removed his finger without violating her. Yet, she thought with a quiver of fear: her ass wasn't safe from him, her cunt, nothing was safe! He and his friends could do anything they wanted, and she'd be helpless to stop them! The thought was terrifying .. but yet she felt a sudden rush of warmth in her groin and felt her nipples harden at the thought of these men, how many men?, oh god, how many friends were coming? Many men taking her, using her, enjoying her all they wanted. No, she thought, how can this be exciting me? It is so wrong! I do not want this to happen! But the warmth continued to spread. Oh god, she thought, yes, I wanted sex, I was curious, I was even horny. But to be the target of a gangbang? And what the man said was true: how could she even complain when they were finished with her? Admit she'd come here to have a dog fuck her? Wouldn't that make a great story for the six o'clock news, with her picture and that of the grinning Frank, fur and long pointy red cock jutting out, the two of them side by side?She tried to relax, to collect her thoughts. Could she just go along with them, let them do what they want? Even cooperate with them, let them fuck her, even encourage them? And just get it over with, get released, go home and forget it ever happened? The gag in her mouth and another useless pull of her arms against their bonds reminded her of her complete helplessness. Letting her head drop, she resigned herself to the inevitable. These men were all going to fuck her, and she might as well accept it, even enjoy it if she could. Somehow the decision calmed her .. and she was surprised and a little dismayed to feel the warmth in her groin spreading, her nipples hardening on her dangling breasts."Now we give my buddies a couple of minutes to get over here. They won't take long, you can bet on that!" John laughed, and she heard the sound of a refrigerator opening and then the pop of a beer bottle. Oh god, she thought to herself, they're going to have a party! And I'm the entertainment!Three more young men showed up and admired the helpless naked Anna, talking coarsely about her body. Squatting and looking beneath the bench, they admired her full dangling breasts, fondling them and pinching her nipples. Other hands patted and stroked her buttocks. One hand slid between her spread thighs and harshly stroked the length of her cunt, a finger pushing rudely into her vagina as it passed, and then rubbing the juices it collected around her tight wrinkled anus. She tried to protest but hardly any sound was making it around the ball gag that silenced her.She heard more beer bottles open, and then their voices as the four men flipped coins to see who would enjoy her first. The winner stepped behind her, and she felt the feel of coarse denim on her buttocks and the back of her thighs, and the warmth of a stiff shaft as it pushed against and then between her buttocks. She felt hands spreading her legs, and then a hand guiding a cock up against her cunt. It was slippery, apparently lubricated, and she was grateful for that. She was frightened now that she knew the ****s were going to start, the tingle of excited anticipation she'd felt earlier completely gone now, and she was sure her cunt would be dry."Oh yeah, this feels great!" a man's voice said as she felt the cock push inside her body. One long push and he was buried to the hilt inside her, his jeans pressed hard against her bottom. Oh god, she thought, he's fucking me! I have that man's cock inside me! I don't even know what he looks like, and he's fucking me like he owns me!Then, holding her motionless with hard hands on her hips, he proceeded to fuck her hard and fast, going for his own pleasure and satisfaction. Anna could feel the hard cock hammering deep inside her and was grateful that he'd lubricated himself; otherwise a **** this violent would've been sheer agony. She could feel other hands still fondling and squeezing her breasts as her body bounced on the bench from the heavy stroking, the man's hammering cock.She could feel the excitement building in her now, her body betraying her as it responded to the stimulation of the cock sliding and driving into her, the fingers pinching her nipples, even a finger rubbing her clitoris! She tried to breath around the ball gag as she became even more excited, moaning with passion now as she felt an orgasm building inside her! She was going to come from this man r****g her, from them all using her! Her humiliation and shame disappeared in a flood of sensation as she exploded in her first overwhelming orgasm.All four men ****d her, one stiff cock immediately replaced with another as each man came inside the helpless excited Anna. Again and again her body responded to the almost unending sexual stimulation to her cunt and her clitoris, with repeated orgams during the entire sequence of ****s. Her muffled cries of pleasure were audible around the gag in her mouth, her body convulsing on the narrow bench as she came hard, responding to the sexual stimulation and her helpless but exciting violation. There was no thought now of protest, of complaint, nothing but the sensations of being fucked over and over again, the stroking cocks and squeezing, stroking, pinching, wonderfully exciting hands bringing her to one orgasm after another.Finally it stopped. Exhausted, gasping around the ball gag, her entire body super-sensitive to the slightest sexual stimulation, she lay quivering on the bench, naked and helpless, and still shamefully open and ready for the next man who wanted to fuck her. She felt a hand stroking her hair. "You did good," she recognized John's voice. "And you're really hot! Some women don't come at all when we're gang-banging them, but you really got into it! That's good .. because it's not over yet!" He stroked her some more, and then said "I'll take out that ball gag if you promise not to give any problems or scream. I'd recommend you agree: you'll be able to breath a lot better." Completely submissive to his demands now, Anna nodded, desperate for any relief. Gratefully she took in huge gasps of air as her mouth was freed, but her relief was short lived. Removing the ball gag, it turned out, wasn't just for her benefit: the men had their own plans for her wet mouth and full red lips.When she felt hands lift her face up and a half-hard cock pressed against her lips, she resigned herself to what she had suspected would be coming: she opened her mouth unresistingly and took the cock in. Clumsy because of her position, the strain on her twisted neck, hardly able to move her head at all, she tried to suck and excite the man, hoping to get him excited and ready to come again. She realized, the sooner she could wear these man out, satisfy and exhaust their sexual needs, the sooner it would be over. Her cunt ached from the heavy pounding, her labia from the unending friction of cocks penetrating her .. but she was open and hungry for the next fuck, eager still for another orgasm. She sucked harder, wishing, praying for a cock to push inside her cunt.Another man penetrated her while she was still sucking the first one, and she found herself becoming aroused again by the heavy fucking and the admittedly exciting idea of her being fucked while being forced to suck a complete stranger.She felt pinching on one nipple, a sudden sharp pain, and then the same on the other. The pain turned to a steady ache and pressure, and she felt a weight pulling down heavily on her aching breasts. She tried to protest but could make no words around the cock still slowly sliding in and out of her mouth. Desperately she continued to suck and squeeze the cock in her mouth with lips and tongue. With a groan and several slow strokes, the man fucking her cunt came inside her again, and withdrew his softening cock. The man she was sucking, not getting enough pleasure from Anna's sucking mouth and her lips squeezing on his cock shaft, pulled his cock out of her mouth to take his second turn fucking her. Anna let her head hang wearily and then saw what had happened to her breasts. Two large clamps were pinching her nipples, each clamp wired to a heavy length of chain dangling above the floor. The weighted clamps pulled her nipples down painfully, her breasts extended down into two obscene cones. As the man fucked her hard from behind, his hips slapping against her bottom at each full stroke, her body moved back and forth, swinging the heavy chain and pulling even more on her aching nipples.Almost completely absorbed in the sensations of her aching breasts and her heavily fucked cunt, she barely noticed the men talking about the photographs they were taking with a digital camera. They talked in crude vulgar language, agreed that Anna was far sexier than the last women they'd trapped like this. Vaguely Anna understood that she wasn't the first woman who'd received the attentions, served as a sexual vessel for these men. Being thought sexier than the others gave her a slight feeling of satisfaction, but she would've preferred being free and gone from here, she thought to herself, her mind still dazed from her last explosive orgasm.The men were surprised to have seen Anna having orgasms during several of the ****s, were pleased with themselves for getting her that excited, and they wished the camera could actually capture her having an orgasm. They agreed that next time they'd have a camera that could take videos, one with sound, so they could record the full effect, their victim's orgasmic spasms, the sounds of the physical fucking, and especially her moans of pleasure. Because, they all agreed, it was obvious this woman was hugely enjoying what they were doing, with her body convulsing in one orgasm after another, and the muffled moans and cries, demands that she be fucked harder, deeper, as she was overwhelmed with excitement and pleasure. One even suggested that she might return willingly since she seemed to be enjoying the sex so much. Anna felt her heart sinking: it was obvious these men all intended to have her return, to do this again! Oh god, she thought, it wouldn't be over! Could they do that? Could they force her to endure this again? Her thoughts s**ttered as another man moved behind her and she felt his cock slide smoothly into her sensitized cunt.After the next round of all four men r****g her, they took a break for more beer and pictures of the helpless and thoroughly fucked Anna. One man found two more large paper clamps. Reaching beneath her groin, he fastened one to each of her aching labia and taped another chain to each clamp's opening. Looking beneath the bench, she could see her labia as they were pulled down by the weight of the chain. Their appearance was remarkably obscene, much different from their usual slim swollen shape and position on either side of her vaginal slit. The man pulled the heavy chain up between her legs and let it drop. Anna groaned at the discomfort as the chain's weight jerked even harder on the two clamps, and the continuing pain as the chain swung, pulling her aching labia back and forth with each swing.Excited already by his fondling her body and his cruel attentions to her abused cunt, the man moved behind her and pushed his cock inside her aching cunt. He was able to take full strokes inside her despite her stretched labia, but discovered the clamps were rubbing his cock and balls when he was at full penetration. Pulling out of her, he relocated the clamps higher up on each labia, closer to her clitoris, freeing the lower section of her vulva for his abuse. Anna groaned at the new sensation: now the slightest pull on the labia clamps would also pull on her clitoral hood, sending peaks of sensation throughout her groin! The man hadn't realized it, but he'd perfectly situated those clamps for the most exquisite sensation Anna could experience! As he resumed fucking her, she came again and again in an almost unending orgasm, crying out in the unbearable combination of pleasure and pain.The men were very pleased at their new discovery and her heightened responses to their ****s. Two of the men forced her to suck them to yet another erection, and each fucked her to his climax. But by now Anna had reached the limits of her sexual stamina: she was too tired now, there was too much pain and discomfort, her cunt was aching from her punished labia up inside to its deepest reaches from the stimulation of the clamps and the men's heavy repeated fucking. And her clitoris, at first so exquisitely sensitive to the slightest touch or pull on her labia or vagina .. it was now almost completely numb. Her genitals just couldn't respond to any more stimulation: for sexual response, she was done. But she was still wet, still open, still lubricated, still an available sexual vessel for the greedy men, her body still ready to accept a cock stroking inside her. She lay there helplessly, enduring as the next man fucked her slowly and then faster, finally coming to a climax, shooting his cum deep inside her abused vagina with a satisfied groan.A third man fucked her for a few minutes but was worn out and went soft before he could come in her again. The fourth man didn't even try. "That's it," he groaned. "I'm satisfied, fucked out. That's enough for me!"The men washed up, leaving the exhausted Anna lying helplessly on the bench, her nipples and labia aching from the pinching clamps and their hanging chains.Then John brought back the dog. "Here ya go, Jack. Remember him, honey?" he taunted the helpless Anna as the dog licked her face in a friendly fashion. "He's why you came here in the first place!" As he led the dog around behind her, he patted her naked bottom casually. "Well, you're gonna get to feel his cock inside you after all! Wouldn't want you to miss out on that, you know!" Anna stared at the long thin pointed cock jutting out from the dog's belly: it was so different from a man's cock, and she wondered what it would feel like inside her. It was so long, so stiff, so pointed! She felt a tingle of fear, but also one of excitement. Despite all the abuse, all the ****s, the aching of her poor abused cunt, she still was almost eager to experience what this dog would do to her!Anna heard the coarse laughter of the other watching men, and then felt the fur of the dog's body and his front legs hugging her above her hips as Jack positioned himself on top of her buttocks and expertly pushed his long red cock between her legs.Jack was excited, knowing from experience that a woman positioned like this, smelling like this, would be a source of pleasure and satisfaction for him. He didn't mind at all that Anna had been fucked so many times by the men. But he whined and complained at the unfamiliar clamps on Anna's labia, and pulled away, only returning to remount her when John finally removed the clamps and chain from her cunt. Anna's aching vagina was still wet and slippery from her internal lubrication, the lotions the men had used, and the ample slippery cum from their repeated ****s. She gasped as the hard pointed cock pushed against her tender labia and her aching clitoris: the dog wasn't quite on target yet.Then he finally found the opening into her sex. Penetrating her easily and driving his full cock length into her body with the first heavy push of his hips, Jack whined with pleasure and satisfaction. His breath was hot on Anna's back as she felt the long stiff cock bury itself inside her. She could feel the sharp point pressing against the deepest reaches of her vagina and hoped that she was open enough, deep enough, to take that long pointed shaft without it hurting her so deep inside her.Then it began: satisfied with his full penetration, Jack fucked her hard, fast. Despite her soreness, Anna tried to pay attention to what was happening: this was why she'd come here in the first place, after all, to see what it felt like being fucked by a dog. His cock felt harder than any of the men, but slimmer and very stiff. It penetrated deeply but didn't fill her very much, didn't stretch her vaginal channel or its opening like a big human cock would. Still, even after the repeated ****s, her numerous orgasms, her uncomfortable aching cunt, sore from overuse and abuse, she still felt an excitement building in her. The dog wanted her, needed her, and was thoroughly enjoying himself fucking her! And somehow this was turning her on!After a few minutes of hard heavy fucking, she heard him whine again and then felt his body jerk and hammer against her buttocks, and the feel of hot cum jetting deep inside her, much hotter than the men's cum. Jack pressed hard against her, his body still jerking, jet after jet spurting inside her. And then she felt a swelling, a pressure, and something began to swell inside her labia, inside the entrance to her vagina. Looking down beneath the bench at herself, she could only see the dog's furry belly and his hard dangling balls. But her labia were bulged out a little, as if something were swelling inside her cunt!"Never had a knot inside you, have you honey?" she heard John say. Turning her head, she saw him squatting beside the bench, looking between her body and the dog's furry belly to see where his cock was buried in her cunt. "When a dog comes," he continued, "he gets this knot, a swelling in his cock shaft. That locks him together with his bitch so he can be sure of getting and keeping all his cum inside her! That's what's happening to you, darlin'! You, the bitch, got yourself knotted bigtime with your dog stud .. and he isn't leaving until he's sure you're knocked up!" The men laughed at her predicament. "So he's doing his best to give you a nice litter of puppies!" another laughed. "I hope you like German Shepherds," another scornful voice taunted.Anna lay there helplessly, the dog lying motionless now on her back, his paws and forelegs still grasping her tightly around her waist, with the feel of the knot distending her cunt and labia. She felt hugely full, but not uncomfortably so. Concentrating, she could actually feel his pointed cockhead still inside her beyond the knot, twitching against her vaginal sheath somewhere deep inside her, and the pulsing of the knot as it swelled with each of the dog's heartbeats. She actually felt a little disappointed: she had started to get aroused again and wouldn't have minded having another orgasm really! She wondered, lying there, what it would feel like to come in an orgasm when a dog shot his hot sperm so deep inside her body. She was thinking it might be a really unique and exciting experience. But she was also thinking, no way in hell was she ever going to go through something like this again to find out!After a few minutes, the dog's knot subsided and he pulled himself out of her body. Laying down on the floor beside the bench, Jack nonchalantly began licking his still-erect cock clean. Anna could feel a rush of cool air inside her vagina, still gaping from the distension of Jack's big knot. The heat of the dog's cum deep inside her had subsided, but her cunt still ached from the heavy fucking the dog had given her. But a pleasant ache, and again Anna had the passing wish that his cock could have brought her to another orgasm.But the men didn't give her any time for thought or wishes. The men unstrapped her ankles and lifted the exhausted woman to her feet. Still naked, her arms bound behind her, the heavy chain dangling from her aching nipples across her stomach, they forced her to look at the small viewscreen of the digital camera as they showed the images they've captured. Clear views of her face, hair pulled back, and then her mouth filled with a man's cock. Her eyes closed, obviously participating in sucking the man. Rear views of men fucking her, none of their faces, just clothed bodies with hard cocks sticking out and penetrating her, cockheads spreading her labia, thick veined shafts halfway inside her, cocks fully buried in her cunt with balls pressed against her cunt, thick cocks pumping in her. All the usual obscenity of a woman being ****d by multiple men.A closeup from behind, between her legs, of her cunt, empty for the moment, gaping from a just-finished **** with the sensitive inner lips and vaginal tunnel clearly visible, with whitish cum dribbling and draining out onto the floor. A shot beneath the bench, of her breasts and clamped nipples distended by the hanging chain. And then pictures of her naked body on the bench, with the dog mounting her and then fucking her, open mouthed, teeth shining, obviously enjoying himself. And there, a man's hand lifting her head, showing her face clearly, her eyes closed either in pleasure or pain, her ungagged mouth open and gasping for air, her lips still swollen from her continued excitement, as the dog fucked her.And some last images: pictures of her clothing spread on a table. And closeups of her drivers license and credit cards! Oh god, she thought to herself, they knew who she was!"Now honey," John told her, confidence in his voice, "you can try to make trouble, you can call the cops, you can tell your husband, whatever you want to do. But whatever you do, we have these images. And if you cause any problems, if we get any complaints at all .. well, these images are going to be all over the place. On the Internet, tacked to telephone poles around town, in mailboxes in your neighborhood. 'Good Time Anna! Got a dog needs fucking? Just call!'" He and the other men laughed. "There's four of us saying you were there for a good time. That you wanted the bondage, to feel helpless, to have us doing a gangbang on you! And you wanted the dog to fuck you too! That friend of yours who told you about my dad? We know who she is too, I already checked and she's in Dad's schedule! She'll have to testify that she told you all about it. And how hot you were for some great dog sex!"He closed the little camera's viewfinder with a click. "And who do you think they're going to believe? And what will your life be like with something like these images everywhere?"Anna nodded and hung her head in surrender. They had her, she knew; there was nothing she could do but somehow get out of there with what little dignity she had left.One of the men removed the clamps from her breasts and Anna groaned at the sudden pain as blood rushed into her aching nipples. The men fondled and stroked her naked body again, sated, no longer hungry for her, but still enjoying their power over her. And Anna stood motionless, helpless, submitting to them and their last pleasures, the hopefully final indignities.Then John stepped behind her and unbound her arms. Rubbing her aching wrists, she looked over at the table where he was pointing: there were her clothes, her shoes, just as if nothing had happened. "Go ahead, honey, get dressed. You're done for today. You can wash up in the bathroom over there if you want."Anna went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet, her eyes closed as gobbets of thick cum drained from her cunt into the bowl, no doubt a combination of the men's multiple ****s and the dog's final climax inside her. She used a wet paper towel to clean herself and to wipe the shiny cum streaks from her bare thighs, trying not to look in the mirror. The rough paper was painful on her chafed and reddened labia, but she managed to get herself halfway clean. Stepping back out into the garage, she was too dazed and exhausted to even think of the four men drinking their beers and staring at her as she dressed. Her purse was there and she checked: yes, her wallet was still there, her cards still inside, her money there."We wouldn't take anything, honey," one of the men laughed. "We're not thieves, we just like fucking hot sluts like you!""Yeah, especially when they enjoy it like you did!" another man added, and the four laughed together.When she was dressed, John led her through the house to the front door and opened it. "Now you drive safe going home, okay? And you be sure to call me the next time you want a good time! Or maybe I'll be calling you!" With a hand behind her head, he pulled her face to his and kissed her hard. She was surprised and startled at this: it was the first time anyone had kissed her during the entire afternoon! She didn't resist but just stood there, feeling his lips pressed against hers, his tongue pushing into her mouth, his other hand fondling and squeezing her buttocks. She knew that any neighbors could see her through the open door, but this final abuse just didn't seem to matter any more. She thought as he squeezed her breast painfully that, if he were to spread her legs and **** her right there on the lawn, she wouldn't even object.Stepping back, he grinned at her. "That's right, honey, we'll be doing this again! You can depend on that! More good times, I'll bet you can't wait!"Confused and frightened now, afraid of what the man had meant, Anna turned and left the house. Walking quickly to her car, she looked around her: everything was the same, a quiet residence, no one watching, nothing unusual. The door was closed behind her, the entire experience just history now. Her cunt and nipples ached, her jaw was tired from the multiple cocksucking, her throat sore from the cockheads hitting it as she tried to deep throat the cocks fucking her mouth. But there were no marks on her wrists and arms, she noticed, as she started the car and drove away, no marks on her ankles, no sign of the straps that held her helpless and vulnerable. The red pinch marks she'd seen on her nipples as she cleaned herself up would go away quickly. Her shaven labia didn't show any real sign of their abuse, the long and heavy sex by the four men and then the single fuck by the dog, other than a puffiness and a slight redness.There was hardly a sign of what had just happened to her. And she knew she wouldn't be telling her husband, she wouldn't be complaining to the police. She'd made a very bad mistake in coming into that situation, trusting in a stranger, putting herself into such a vulnerable position. She'd paid for that mistake, and she told herself: she certainly would never do it again.---Anna sighed after telling me about her terrible experience. Embarrassed, she showed me a printout: it showed a side view of her naked, bound as she described on the bench, a chain with clamps pulling down her nipples and breasts. Her ankles were securely strapped to the bench legs, one man was fucking her from behind, and another stood holding her head with his cock in her mouth."Where did you get this?" I asked her.She explained that she got a phone call from the owner of the dog, John, demanding her email address. He wanted to send her a souvenir of her visit, one of the images they'd made of her having sex with them. She at first refused, but he wasn't going to acccept that."Don't give me a hard time, honey! I just might send a printout in the regular mail, right where your husband might find it! Get me in a really bad mood and you might find copies of some of those nice pictures we took pinned up all over your neighborhood!"Knowing he already had her address, knew her name, her phone number, Anna submitted and gave the man her email address, and in a few days this image along with a dozen others appeared in her email. And in the message body was a demand: she would give him dates when she had several hours free during the day. He would then give her a date and time for a return visit .. a visit where she would get a repeat of the treatment from her first visit. And this wouldn't be the only visit either: the writer made it clear this would be a regular thing: his friends and he were looking forward to really enjoying their new sex slave! And of course she'd get to enjoy the dog every time as well. Their special treat, a bonus for her, in return for her pleasuring them.And a reminder: if she didn't obey, if she didn't submit: well, those images would be spread farther than she could ever imagine. And what was her husband, her family, her friends, going to think about that?Anna was humiliated and horrified: she couldn't bear to have to submit to those men again, to be their victim for as long as they wanted. But what could she do? They had those images, the men knew who she was.I asked if I could keep the printout, and the distraught Anna gave it to me, begging me to keep it absolutely private. I suggested she forward to me the full email message with the blackmail demands and the images, and she promised to do that as soon as she got back home. Again, she begged me to keep everything absolutely secret; she had no illusions of how badly her husband would take this if he found out about it. Even though it was his suggestion that she might enjoy canine sex, he certainly wouldn't approve of her going to experiment with it on her own, much less her falling into the blackmail sex trap she was now in.I reassured her that she didn't need to worry, that I'd look into this right away. I told her to NOT respond, to NOT send the man any dates or anything else, not until I had a chance to see if there was a way out. If he called, she should tell him her husband was home and she couldn't talk. I didn't want her committing herself to anything, or giving these men any hint that she was still submitting, still their helpless and compliant victim.I investigated the street address where Anna had been ****d. I saw an older man coming in and out, working around the yard, but no sign of the younger man she had described. After several days of occasional observation, I paid a visit to the home and confronted the older man who answered the door. In my most imposing and threatening manner, I held the image of Anna's **** in front of his face and bluntly laid down the law."My lady friend came here and was repeatedly gang ****d by four men. And now she's being blackmailed."I saw his eyes open wide in surprise as he stared at the obscene image and then at me, and continued. "This is not going to happen, she is not going to cooperate. She's been victimized enough. If there are any more attempts extort or threaten her, if you don't cooperate with me completely, bad things are going to happen .. very bad things .. probably beginning with the death of your dog."The man was at first confused by what I was saying, his eyes glanced back at the obscene printout, and tuen returned to me. He was angry at my threats, but there was a hint of something else in his eyes. "Look, buddy, I don't know what the hell you're talking about! Nobody's been ****d here!"However when I described what had happened to Anna, and especially when I forced him to look again at image printout she'd given me, he grew serious and the anger went away. He invited me in, obviously trying to calm and placate me. Sitting at the kitchen table, he introduced himself, Harry, and extended a hand in a friendly fashion. I just stared at him, ignoring his hand, and he realized I was serious. He shook his head."Okay .. I think I know what happened, what's going on. And yeah, you're right: I have a real problem I have to clean up here." He saw my hard look and continued, "I know, it's my problem, and I really wish it weren't your problem too. I'm really sorry what happened with your lady friend, okay? I just didn't realize it was this bad." He gestured at the printout lying on the table between us.He admitted that yes, he had a dog, and yes, women had come by to experiment with canine sex. He shrugged and smiled: "It's like a community service I like to do, okay? Doesn't hurt me, doesn't hurt Jack, he's the dog you know. And it's what the women want!" He smiled reassuringly. "You know, I've really been surprised at how the word got around, how many perfectly ordinary women were fascinated by the idea of sex with a dog .. and how many really enjoy it too!" He grinned and shook his head. "Not ugly women either, who maybe couldn't get any other sort of sex. These are usually really attractive women, nice bodies, sexy, women who just really like sex and want to try something new!" He looked at me frankly. "And not just once either. Most of them call me again, want to come back for another session. I swear," he grinned again, "I had to keep a schedule just for Jack!"I was curious now, starting to believe this friendly and apparently honest man. He just wasn't coming across like a guy who'd abuse a woman like Anna had described to me. Perhaps he was telling the truth, that this wasn't his doing."So, Harry, this isn't uncommon?" I asked him, and he shook his head. "Nope, like I said, I was really surprised. I guess over the past couple of years there's been, oh I donno, maybe 20 women a month come by to enjoy old Jack?" He grinned at my startled expression. "Yeah, they come pretty regular and Jack gets laid a lot! I even give him special vitamins! I've even been thinking of getting another dog too! But that might cut too much into my own time.""So this is your community service," I said, still dubious. "What's your part in it all?" I'd heard Anna's description of what the other man John and his friends had done with her.Harry explained: he assisted a visiting woman in handling the dog, positioning her on the bench he'd invented, helping Jack mount her if the woman was inexperienced and needed reassurance, and usually was there during the woman's entire visit, just to ensure that neither dog nor woman were having any problems. And he admitted to thoroughly enjoying watching his dog fucking these women. But he never forced any of the women into sex with him or the dog. True, they were quite often in the mood to let him enjoy them, either before or after the dog, and he certainly took advantage of the offer .. but it was always voluntary, never ****d, never extorted, never forced. Sometimes they would offer to exchange other visits for sex with him, if they could continue to have sex sessions with the dog .. but again, there was no extortion, no threats. On occasion they would accept his offer that he photograph them in the act. But again, no extortion: they got all the images and he never kept any. He shook his head ruefully: his dog must've fucked a hundred different women or more, and he didn't have a single picture of any of them!"What about that bench? Those straps? That's for bondage, for holding a woman helpless!" I accused.Harry blushed a little. "Well, okay, yeah, you're right. I really like watching a woman having sex when she's helpless like that. But the women, a lot of them like it too! I added those straps just in case one of them would go along with it, you know, just to give me some kicks? But it turns out it's one of the best features! A lot of them REALLY like being helpless when Jack is fucking them! If they don't want the straps, I don't use them, honest!""Okay, Harry, so maybe I believe you. But what the HELL happened the other day to my friend here?" I pointed at the printout again. "This is some pretty obscene proof that she didn't have a nice friendly 'community service.' And she sure hadn't volunteered for that bondage either. Those guys are r****g her!"Harry's face fell and he shook his head sadly. "Okay, I'll be honest with you. What from what you described, what your friend told you, and I think maybe one of the guys in that picture .. I'm pretty sure it's my son who did this. He comes by to feed Jack and take care of the place when I'm out of town, especially if there was a visitor on the schedule, a woman coming to enjoy Jack."I knew John would handle the dog when women would visit, he would joke with me about what had happened. And I knew he got a real kick out of watching them too. But he knew my rules, he knew how it went. I even had him stay with me and watch during a couple of visits, just so he knew how a visit should go. I don't know if he was fucking those women too," Harry said, looking at me seriously. "But he knew the rules, and if anything was going on with those women, with Jack or John .. it was supposed to be all voluntary!"I knew that maybe he was having friends over, kind of showing off Jack as a special treat for his girl friends or some other girl a friend brought over who wanted to try it out. I had no idea that John and his buddies were r****g women, blackmailing them, everything you've been describing.""Well, that's what happened, to my friend at least. And who knows who else? She said they talked about other women, so I'll bet she wasn't the first. They had it down too pat, like they'd done it many times before."Harry nodded. "I can believe that, and like I said, this is a real problem, I know that." He looked at me and asked, "Do you have any suggestions how to stop this abuse? I know it's wrong, I know it's criminal even, and I know my son and his buddies will eventually get into a huge amount of trouble. And I don't want this to be happening to any women either! It just isn't right!" He looked at me, concern obvious in his eyes. "I don't want my son to go to prison, no matter how big a jerk he is, but obviously this crap can't continue."I agreed to talk it out, to see if we couldn't come up with some sort of a plan to make sure his son never did anything like this again. I accepted his offer of a beer, and we did some serious talking over his kitchen table. Harry was still concerned that I would bring legal action or other retribution against his son, but I assured him that all I wanted was for my friend, his son's latest victim, to no longer be threatened. "She's paid for her mistake, for her carelessness," I told him, "and revenge wouldn't do anyone any good. She hadn't been hurt really, she admitted that in some ways it had been an exciting experience .. but now she just wanted the problem to go away. This was an experience she never wanted to repeat." Harry nodded in sympathy as I added, "Gang ****s just aren't her thing, you know?"We worked out a plan, and Harry asked me to stay. "No use putting this off. John will be here pretty soon, he planned to come over this afternoon. So we can set this straight right away, you and me together. I know it's my problem, but this way you'll know I'm not bullshitting you. I want this to stop as much as you do."John walked into the house about an hour later, and the two of us confronted the young man together. I threatened him with the law, and convinced him that the woman he'd ****d had agreed to bring charges and testify against the four of them. The pictures he'd sent her, along with the video from the secret security camera his father had in the dog sex room, were more than enough to convict them all. The son was startled to hear of the (nonexistent) security camera, thinking his cleverness in keeping their faces out of the blackmail and porn images was enough to protect them. But his attitude was still unsincere, unapologetic."Yeah, I guess I might as well be honest with you, Dad. This woman, Anna .." he glanced at me to be sure he had the name right, that this was the right woman. I felt a flash of anger, but contained it. He could see it in my face though, and immediately became even more conciliatory. "Yeah, Anna, that's her, I remember, really nice tits! And man, wasn't she hot once she got going! Yeah, she was over here. She wanted to try out Jack, you know, just like always. Except she wasn't one of your regulars, Dad, she wasn't on the schedule and she didn't really know very much about dog sex, just that she wanted to try it. So I figured it was a good time for me to have some fun, me and my friends, since it wasn't anybody you knew. She'd still get Jack, which was what she wanted, but we'd get to enjoy her first!"He looked at his father and then me, trying to push his sincerity and innocence across. "We didn't hurt her or anything. It was just sex, you know, having fun with her. Hell, that's what she was here for, although maybe she just wanted to try out Jack and really hadn't expected the four of us like that."But we didn't really hurt her, we just fucked her a lot. And she was liking it too! Man, I can't tell you how many times she came! She was really hot, really excited, she loved what we were doing to her!"He glanced at me and saw my anger building. "Okay, so maybe we were wrong, we shouldn't have done that with her. I'm sorry, Dad, I won't do that again, honest!"I demanded that he produce the extortion images. He brought out the camera and, on my demand, scrolled through the images in its memory chip, showing them to his father and me."All the pictures we got from Anna's session are still in the camera's memory," he explained. "From her session and I think from a session with another woman before her. I'd downloaded one to print out to send Anna, trying to set up a blackmail thing, you know?" No apology in his tone or face, just doing what he wanted to do. "And then some more to put in the extortion email I sent Anna when she gave me her email address, but I hadn't downloaded them anywhere else yet."At that "yet" I caught on to another problem. "Where are the other images? Of the other women you and your buddies had already blackmailed?" It was only a guess, but it was a good one: the son grudgingly produced a flash drive and several camera memory chips. "Everything's here, I swear! I wanted to keep everything together so they wouldn't get lost, so I'd have them if any of the sluts ..." He glanced at me and hastily corrected himself. "If any of the women needed more copies, you know, for their own use or for a little persuasion or anything. And it was fun to go through them sometimes, showing them to my buds, or maybe at a party .. although nobody except my buds knew that we were .. well, you know, making these women do all this stuff." He looked at me, trying to convince me. "I swear, all the images we ever made are right here."Without asking, not even a glance at Harry, I confis**ted them all. "I'll be taking these," I said in a hard voice. "You aren't going to be doing anything like this ever again, right? So you damned sure don't need them.""You can find some other porn to entertain your friends with," his father added. "I can't believe you did this shit!" He glanced at me, "I'm glad you thought of that. Let's check something else too! I got a PC here. I don't use it for much, just Jack's schedule, my email, that sort of thing. But if John was sending any email, I'll bet he did it from here."Harry started up his personal computer, and forced his son to log into the "John" account we found there. I did a thorough search of the hard drive, and the CD's I found on the desk. I found many images, to include a lot of typical porn, but none of women in the dog sex room, none with the bondage bench, none with the dog having sex with a woman. We checked the son's email and found several archived messages with attached images that he'd sent to Anna and other women. I was right: Anna wasn't the only victim, and here was the proof. I copied them all to the flash drive I'd confis**ted, and then permanently deleted them from his mail files, along with his entire address book that had contained Anna's email address and probably those of other victims as well."Aw man, don't delete my addresses," John complained when he realized what I was doing."Just shut the fuck up, John," his father growled. "You still don't get it, do you? How close you are to twenty years in prison? Or maybe ..." he glanced at me, "maybe just getting your dumb ass shot? Hell, I wouldn't even feel sorry for you! r****g all those women, extorting them .. I am REALLY ashamed of you! I swear, if this guy wanted to kick your ass, break your legs even, for what you've done to that lady friend of his, to Anna .. I'd hand him the baseball bat to do it with!"The son for the first time started to look ashamed. "Gee, Dad .. I'm sorry. I guess I just wasn't thinking."Shaking his head, Harry turned to me and assured me he would make sure his son and his friends never did anything like this again. The son appeared to be convincingly cowed by my threats and his father's anger, so I could only hope we'd stopped this little **** club conspiracy in its track.Leaving an apparently repenting son behind us, the father walked me out to my car, again assuring me this was the end of it. "Look, I know this doesn't mean much .. but please apologize to Anna for everything that happened to her. And, just in case she might still be interested after all the bad shit that happened to her over here, if she still wanted to try Jack out again .. well, I'll let her use him any time she wants, okay?" He glanced at me and smiled apologetically. "I know, that's kind of awful, but she WAS the one who was interested in trying him out in the first place. She might want to try canine sex again, only without the gang ****, right?" I nodded, Harry was probably right. I'd certainly pass on his message."I'll even bring Jack over to her house or wherever she wants, if that would be more convenient for her, if she didn't want to visit this house and awaken bad memories. I really want to make it up to her, honest!"I nodded again. Harry didn't seem like such a bad guy. Or maybe he had the idea he might get to enjoy Anna's pleasures himself? Well, that was Anna's business, her decision.With a wry grin, he added, "Oh .. I'd been thinking. All of Jack's work, all that community service, and I don't have one lousy picture of his good times! Like I said, I always gave any pictures to the ladies, never kept any for myself. But now that I've been looking at them ..."He paused and continued, "I know you have all those images, the flash drive, the memory chips .. and that's good. I damned sure don't want them here, not where John might find them and start having ideas again. But if you thought it was okay, if you don't mind picking out a few images, of Jack having sex with Anna or the other woman, I might enjoy actually having an image for a change. You could mask her face to protect her identity, so she'd be anonymous. But I kind of regret my decision not to keep any photographs of Jack. He really does a good job, you know .. and usually my visitors do enjoy him. Heck, from what you were saying, even Anna actually enjoyed him! Even if a lot of bad shit happened to her before he got his turn to mount her.""Well, I'll think about it," I replied. "Maybe we can work something out. Especially if Anna says she might want Jack's services again. No use letting a perfectly good German Shephard go to waste, right?" I grinned at him, finally relaxing now that the hard part was over and the problem apparently solved."And maybe ..." I continued. "Well, I've never been around canine sex before, haven't even seen it in person. Maybe .. if you might need help managing him during some other woman's visit?"We exchanged leers, "Yeah I could probably make something like that happen. Like I said, Frank has a pretty busy schedule, so there's always some pretty lady dropping by. I'd just have to make sure we picked one that liked being watched, that's all!"Shaking hands with Harry, I left for home, the problem apparently solved.--I met with Anna and updated her on what had happened at the dog owner's house. She was surprised to find out she hadn't met the actual owner her friends had all told her about, but had been entrapped by his younger son. And she was hugely relieved that I'd confis**ted all the images, the emails, and that the father and I had convinced the son to stop the whole **** extortion scheme.I passed on Harry's sincere apologies, and his standing invitation for her to use his dog if she was still interested, even if he had to bring it by her house for her convenience. That brought a blush to Anna's face."Well?" I asked her, curious as to how she was taking all this. "The way you told it, the dog really didn't get a fair chance at pleasuring you last time. Are you interested in trying it again?"She shrugged and avoided answering, but I suspected she still had that dog in mind.Then she slid over on the couch, put her hands on either side of my face, and kissed me firmly, warmly, wetly, her tongue darting out into my mouth. After a long kiss, she pulled back and nuzzled her face into my neck, still hugging me closely to her full body. "But I owe you so much!," she said. "That was not a good experience for me, all in all, but it could have become much worse if that John had been able to blackmail me! I didn't know what to do, I probably would have returned to him, let him do whatever he wanted! Because how could I refuse? If those pictures had gotten out, how shameful, how humiliating! How dangerous for me!"So I owe you a very big favor. And I want to repay you."She looked at me and smiled invitingly. "So .. anything you want, anything I can do for you .. I will gladly do!"Smiling, she sat up, reached down and unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her full breasts. "Those men all fucked me, the dog fucked me. Maybe now it is your turn?" She smiled even broader, her tongue darting out to lick her full lips. "I can promise you, I will be very VERY grateful!"Reaching down to unfasten my belt, she smiled teasingly. "And just maybe, if I decide to give Jack another try .. maybe you would like to watch too? Even join in if you want?""Take turns with a dog?" I laughed. "Gee, I donno .. what if he wears you out first?"Anna smiled as she opened my pants and lowered her face to my hardened cock. One long smooth suck on my cock, and she looked up. "He would never wear me out. I'd always have the energy for you!"I smiled with pleasure as she returned to pleasuring me. I just might encourage this sexy woman to give Jack another try after all!-- end --
04-06-2021, at 08:37 PM

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