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My birthday sex party part 4

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My birthday sex party part 4My Birthday Sex Party Part 4???????..shall we go get another drink lads and leave the girls to recover and clean themselves up they laughed as they walked out. Jo said right that?s them out of the way lets clean you up, leaning towards me and kissing me again. Then pushing me back on the bed she started to like above my pussy at all the cum that had been spilt there. She made sure it was all gone before saying its on your stockings too hun, and removed them too so for the first time I was completely naked like her. She move round and positioned herself over me so her pussy was above my face once more but this time I could see it, it looked really nice and there was cum seeping out of it as my husband had only a few minutes early emptied his load inside her.For the next few minutes we both cleaned each others pussy of the cum which had been deposited in there and Jo?s tasted fantastic with the mix of her juices and my husbands cum and the way she was licking my pussy was driving me crazy obviously done this several times before. She lifted her head after a while and said you?ve never opened our present, the one that had first got her access to my pussy.She ground her pussy hard into my face then swung a leg over me and climbed off the bed to fetch my pressie, Jo passed me the present and said I hope you haven?t got one we search high and low for the perfect present this morning, I was intrigued what was a bloke who had been invited by my husband to take advantage of me and a woman I had never met before thought I might want for my birthday. I ripped at the paper and oh my god inside was a double headed dildo I looked at her open mouthed and she laughed and said you haven?t got one have you. I smiled and said no I haven?t how did you know I always wanted I one of these laughing with her. Jo said come on open it and we?ll see it it fits wasn?t sure of your size giggling like to school girls we opened it up and Jo grabbed it of me pushed my legs open and gently slid it in to me, look it fits perfect as she moved round and put her legs over mine and slid the other end into her pussy, and I had a feeling this wasn?t the first time she had done this she moved the dildo back and forward using her muscles to control the dildo it was great and watching her do it was an art form in itself.She stopped and said shall we have some fun, I thought we were having fun but nodded and said what have you got in mind, with a wicked look on her face she said get on all fours which I did and she opened my legs a bit and slid the dildo into me until it wouldn?t go any further it felt like it was half way up my body she said hold it there Beth and I presumed she was going to get on the other end but no she got off the bed and walked out on to the landing and shouted downstairs John where are mine and Beth?s drink, she returned giggling, I said what you up to, she replied I thought John would like to see how well our present fits, I started to say something but JO got on the bed and slid the other end into her and started to move it back and forwards.It wasn?t long before we heard John coming up the stairs, as he walked across the landing he said I don?t know why I?ve brought these up you?ll have to come down we?ve ordered food at it will be hear in a bit, then as he walked in the bedroom he just said holy shit at the sight of me and Jo kneeling on the bed with a dildo joining our pussies together. He was just standing there open mouthed not saying anything as Jo carried on to move back and forth, she stopped and said pass me the drink then John instead of just gorping at us its thirsty work. Eventually John said I see you are enjoying your present Beth as he passed me a drink, yes very nice I answered and the right colour too laughing he just stood staring at it in our pussies then he reached forward and grabbed the spare bit between us and began moving it every time he pushed it into me I could feel his hand brush my pussy.He stopped after a couple of strokes and said we should go down stairs we have ordered food and it will be here any minute, Jo said yes I could do with a bit to eat only thing I?ve eaten all day is Beth?s pussy giggling again but I?m not getting dressed she added. I thought does she mean she?s going to go downstairs naked and would I have too although they had already seen a lot of me. Then she said have you a robe I can borrow, on the back of the en-suite door I replied she opened the door grabbed mine and threw it to me and she but Paul?s on, this meant I was going downstairs naked apart from my robe which wasn?t too bad I was just about to do my robe up and she picked up the nipple clamps and said haven?t you forgot something smiling, I said my nipples are still a bit sore from you all tugging on the chain earlier, she smiled and said ok I?ll put it on then so with a bit of help from me she was clamped up.By the time we got downstairs John had told them about the sight of us on the bed, as we entered the room Dave enquired if they would be getting the show as well, to which Jo replied if you are very good boys we might be persuaded to put a show on for you that?s if you?ve got enough money laughing. The door bell rang and Paul said foods here as went to get up Jo said to you want me to get it, as she untied her robe so it fell open, like this. John said I bet you won?t, to this she grabbed the money off Paul and headed for the front door, I burst out laughing and John said I told you she was a dirty cow. We could hear her talking to him then she shouted its ten pound short Beth can you bring it, the boys looked confused and Steve said here will sort it later, aren?t you going to open your robe Beth John said I laughed and the others egged me on, so I did, when I got to the door there was a young Indian lad about 19/20 stood there and Jo is stood there robe wide open I said he could look if he let me off the extra tenner but no I went to pass her the tenner and she reached forward and opened my robe too I tried to stop her but it was too late, how about now can you let us off, he looked in shock mumbled something I can?t I would if it was up to me Jo said ok gave him the other tenner and he passed her the food and he turned and walked away arranging himself as he went.We went back in to the lounge laughing and Jo said we couldn?t get away with the other tenner even with us both flashing him, the lads thought it was so funny then Jo said who gave the extra money, Steve said I did she reached in the pocket of the robe and pulled out a tenner the naughty cow had got enough all the time. I went to get plates and cutlery from the kitchen and said to Paul sort the table out and we?ll eat in there Jo said I?ll help, I walk into the dinning room and there?s Jo on top of the table naked with Paul?s cock in her mouth which she removed and said is this what you meant.i said can?t you wait until we?ve eaten you tart???.
04-06-2021, at 08:37 PM

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