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Brahmin Boy And His Mom

Post #1

Brahmin Boy And His MomThis is a start to a very long journey?School days bring memories of all the playing and mischief played, that is to a person born and schooled before 1990s. But for a person born and schooled in the nineties it was not the same. It includes: when they got their first ps, ipod, and more importantly at what age they were exposed to porn, attained puberty, first GF, date, night out(mind it all are different) and even more importantly seeing the gooey liquid come out of the body, from where urine comes out.Mine too went through all these phases. Born into a modern, yet conservative Brahmin family. Confused? My mom was a typical Brahmin housewife, giving her k**s music lessons till 11 and then wanting them finish schooling with a 98% and then getting a two digit rank in the IITJEE. But dad was different, burst into the internet bubble, worked for an IT giant and yeah i had a super cyber savvy lifestyle. Got a regular dose of electronics, but it kept me away from the regular k**s and s*s got her barbies and dolls. Thus i reached my higher secondary, virgin at heart and soul. Then it happened my dad was transferred form one metro city to another. So we had to relocate. My new school was not the cities hi-fi school, it was too late for the admissions. My mom and dad set out on a day?s advisory session, telling me how I could study from any where, etc, etc. First day at school, I enter school to a large building completely surrounded by residential complexes, and noooo play ground. And contrast to the high priced school I studied in, here we just had to wear just a shirt pant and an I.D card, whereas i wore a tie and a blazer in my old school. Then there is this gang and their leader comes and tries to bully me and gets attracted to m?not me, my new ipod. The bullying stops from day two, and for the first time in life i sit in the back bench with the ?outstanding students?.Over weeks, angry birds and doodle jump became boring and the we actually started talking, me becoming close to Suresh the gaaang leader who had failed and been returned to the class. Then one fine day it starts, the story of the bee and flower?? remember. Have you seen porn? Suresh asks me. No looked very elusive to Suresh. We talk over it and I get really interested. But i couldn?t see porn at home or on my device because my dad was too good to elude. Also I couldn?t show Suresh that i was frustrated about it, I had to maintain my status. This continued for sometime. Suresh used to show me stuff on his phone, a lot of desi stuff. He actually thought i was watching hi-class(western) porn at home. The desi influence made me look at every passing woman with a sexual eye, literally devouring them with my eyes. My teachers were exception to that. Especially our physics teacher Chithra and our English teacher Mercy. Both were the among the only white people in the school. They both were voluptuous. Though the height differentiated them, Mercy was shorter. That meant I sat when Chithra went up and down the class and I watched up, and I went near Mercy?s desk being the first student to complete an essay, article, etc. to look down on her cleavage. Both wore sari showing a lot of their stomachs, enticing views.With luck we could see their belly button and a lot of cleavage.This made my virgin dick stand up in salute every time. I found it tough to conceal it. Suresh started taking a hint of me seeing the boobs of all the teachers. He confronted me, but the pride in me said no. He didn?t take a long time to find 2 2 was 4. This day, Chithra was wearing a shiny black sari. The sari was a turn on in itself apart from the cleavage and the navel it revealed. I could?nt help it but look at her. I was caught red ?handed?, but i begged him so much revealing that i was so scared of what i had done. My hard on was dead. In the weeks to come I got caught more often. Then it was Mercy, we were crowding around her desk to get out marks. As usual she was showing her trade mark cleavage. I unlike the others wanted more than marks. I kept seeing the cleavage, got a hard on. In my absent minded stare i forgot about the class. Suddenly i came back to senses with a startling shock on my dick, some one was holding it. I realized it was Suresh. Then it was over, I went back to my seat. Then time passed. Again an ogling session was broken but this time on the arm. Suresh caught me with a hard on. This time he kept pressing my dick and scared to expose me. I became a puppet. The next time this went further, he took my cock out and started jerking me. This was the first time this happened, a tingling feeling in my body. I wanted to ooh-aah, but couldn?t. That was the first time i saw the white liquid come out of my dick. I was totally drained and lay on the desk. He was still shagging me. Over time the whole gang started to shag me when they were attracted to the teachers.At times they would take me to the restroom and remove my pant and play with my dick, the white Brahmin dick. The royal rich stag became a clown. There were times when i was unzipped for the whole day. It would raise on seeing the teachers or the class girls and there would be a giggle in the gang. They took a step further, the shagging session was just over and i lay on the desk, I saw that Suresh had his cock out too. Just when I thought he was gonna shag, my head was dragged and my mouth was forced to cover his dick. The only humiliation I was left with was getting fucked, but good heavens gay was still a forbidden thing in India. The guys never felt gay, they just liked doing it to me. Like disgracing a richer k**.Though I never gave them a blow job later.Then I started crying, and all this stopped. Two of them Suresh and Raju, would start talking like real friends, i.e. showing me more videos. Slowly the gang segmented. We three were not part of any particular gang. We would meet up in my house playing games, or in their homes watching porn. We went to my room and ps became boring. Then they insisted that we see some porn. But I knew my dad was hardcore computer guy, who could find out things. So i rejected the idea. Then Raju complained that i was not sharing any porn with them and was being selfish. But i couldn?t do anything. We went up to the terrace and i showed them my favorite hobby, smelling and caressing the bras and panties. It was new to them, there was a good collection because it was a saturday. Every one had put their clothes up for drying. I went to this particular line and took out a bra, it was a plain cream bra and showed them. They asked me what was special about the bra. I told them that it was a 38d bra belonging to the aunty next door. The next action even amused them i began stretching the bra. I told them that i am making the bra loose so that her boobs will sway when she moves, it was actually a very good long term technique I had developed. Then I took a panty from another line belonging to a spinster, rolled my dick with it and started shagging. I told them to do the same. I ended up cumming in the 38d bra. They got 36c and 34d respectively. I also thought them how to spread the cum to make it invisible. It would stick when they sweat and when i see them and remember I cummed in their cups I got a hard on.They lost interest even in this great hobby, I don?t know why. I was struggling to get their attention and keep up my status. But i started realizing that I was loosing out. Then Raju asked me if I had seen any one fuck in real. I said no. He called Suresh and me to his house and we stayed over for the night. In the night he took us to the balcony and told us to jump across to the next balcony. Just when we reached there we knew why he had called us. His brother and his wife were love making. It was not a fuck like the ones on CDs but different. The brother had removed all her dress and was nude too. He spent minimal time on foreplay and did an extended humping session. What amused me was that his sister in law was concentrating more on not shouting than on sex, typically to avoid Rajus curiosity. We had a great time watching and shagging.The gang leader Suresh started boasting about what he did better. Suresh and Raju then revealed that they had fucked Suresh?s mother a couple of times. I was shocked to the core. With that shock I went home. My s*s had been selected for a drawing competition and had to go to Delhi for a few days. My dad was to take her to Delhi. Next day I blurted to Raju and Suresh about this and they got exited, reason unknown to me. They asked if we could sleep over at my house, I then understood the whole scheme. I rejected the idea and left home. At home mom called me as we were preparing to take dad and s*s to station. She told that Raju had called, I asked what he said. he had asked her if they could stay over at his home for a few days. And my mom objected because she would be alone and told them to stay over at our house. Good idea Raju.We left s*s and dad at the airport and came back home. Raju and Suresh arrived with their bags packed. A chillness went through my spines. They were welcome and we had our Dinner. I could see them ogling her. After giving us a well dressed room to sleep in, mom declared that she was going to sleep. Mom went to sleep and we to my room. We argued about everything and came to settlement. It was accepted that i would allow them to see my mom and ?make them? cum on her. Yes, I would shag their juices on mom. I knew mom was a sound sleeper but i had to check, I went to her room and called out her name. Then I called Raju and Suresh they came and opened their zips I took their dick in my hand and started shagging. They were rock hard. I then noticed them trying to touch mom but I beat their dicks and pushed them back. First Raju said he was gonna cum, I then stopped Suresh and took Raju?s cock to moms sari, and made him cum. Then it was Suresh?s turn but Suresh but then lifted mom?s sari and started seeing inside. I grabbed his dick and shook his hands off the sari but then he cummed on her legs, which I later cleaned.Next day in school they were very kind with me they even took me to a position from where i could see Mercy mam?s cleavage properly in her staff room. Then we came home. I still didn?t accept to their ideas of fucking mom, I knew I couldn?t persuade mom to fuck them. It was time to sleep and we went to sleep. I expected them both to try something so i remained awake. As expected they both got up, i scolded them and tried stopping them but I was no match to them both. They went straight to moms room, I decided to save mom and die. I shouted moms name but she didn?t wake up. Then Suresh told me that they had slipped some sleeping tablet into the milk she drank, so she wont wake up. I was shocked again. They said if I cooperated it would all be smooth so i thought okay and let them, but my mom was wearing a sari and I rolled the sari and petticoat up, while they both already removed her blouse and started sucking then they saw what I had done and told that they wanted her naked. So I had to remove the whole dress and make her wear it before she wake up. So I removed the dress while studying how to put it on. Now mom was lying facing up all naked. Firstly they were licking her every where, Then Raju came and lay on her. But i found that mom?s breathing increased so i pushed him off. He asked what else to do i told him to stand on all fours and do. He did so and he was not able to place his dick in her vagina so he asked me to do it. I tried but when his dick went in mom let out a mourn I immediately pulled his head out. He asked what else to do. Suresh suggested that if I suck them off they need not fuck mom. So as Raju was on all fours I licked and sucked his dick and he cummed in my mouth, then Suresh did the same. But it was not enough for them so they told that if i help them my mom wont get hurt. Then I asked them what. Then Raju lay on the bed face up. I and Suresh lifted my mom with her curves and made her sit on Raju?s dick. Then we inserted it and made her lay on Raju with her vagina filled by his dick. Then Suresh went onto lick her boobs Raju told me to hump mom. So I had to lift mom?s ass up and down to simulate her fucking Raju. I did the same exercise to Suresh till both cummed in ma. Then the unexpected happened, they told me i had to do some thing and pushed me to lick her pussy. I did so but started enjoying. while i was licking Raju and Suresh started pinching mom?s nipples and they were becoming red. They told me till i cummed in her they wont let her nipple go. So I put my dick in mom and fucked her. I ejaculated immediately. It took me 2 hrs to dress her up and clean her. Then in the morning mom said she had fever and body pain so couldn?t make food. Suresh and Raju said its okay and leftThis is just a beginning of a very steamy an innocent family being devoured?
04-06-2021, at 08:37 PM

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