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Cuckold with a view

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Cuckold with a viewWednesday evening I came in from work and as I entered the kitchen from the garage I could smell supper cooking. Since its mid June I was of course all sweaty and smelly from working in my shop all day. I glanced around for my wife and noticed her standing just outside the patio door talking on her cell phone. I didn't want to bother her, I knew she had heard me come in so I decided to grab a shower before eatting. I tossed my work cloths into the laundry room and went to the main bathroom. As I entered the bathroom I saw a towel laid out with my stainless chastity device resting in the center. I remember thinking its midweek, what has she got on her kinky little mind? I enjoyed a nice hot relaxing shower and touched up my totally shaved pubic area. She loves me completely smooth. After drying off I slipped the ring around my balls a dick, then slid the cage on and put the pin and lock through the hole. But I didn't lock it. The part I like best is putting the screw in tube in my penis. I adjusted the cage so it felt comfortable.I carried my towel to the laundry room and on the way to my room for a pair of shorts I was met by my wife. She gave me a quick kiss and at the same time I felt her lock the device. We where headed in different directions so over her shoulder she said never forget to lock it. I put on a pair of cargo shorts and a golf shirt and went back to the kitchen. She had just set the table and told me to have a seat. I sat down and she and I enjoyed a wonderful meal. I kept waiting for an explanation on why I am locked up mid week but she never brought it up. After we cleared the table we went into the den to watch some TV she had told me she had something she was excited for me to watch. She grabbed the remote and the TV went totally blue, I knew that ment a video. I asked her what movie is it? She said it's a video she had made last month. I had more questions but I've learned that while I'm in my device the less I talk the better for me. The movie started and there was a nice room with a bed in the center of it. I could hear talking off screen and I recognized my wife voice. Then in a minute she came to the bed wearing a black garter belt and stockings and extremely high hills. She sat facing the camera. Soon the ass of a black guy came in from the right. He turned to his left and my wife took his long soft cock in her hand. She put it in her mouth and begain to get him hard. We didn't speak during this scene , it wasn't until that same guy pushed my wife to her back and entered her pussy that a little moan escaped my wife's mouth. The camera angle was set to show how her pussy lips where wrapped tightly around his extremely thick black cock. As he slowly worked his cock in and out of her it became shiny and very quickly a small ring of foam formed on his cock showing how deep it went each time. I had to ask and I did. Sweetheart is that yours or his? She şişli escort never looked over to me when she answered mine. After he had made a couple of more strokes she added I was so horny that I started cumming when he first entered me. She said I came on his cock at least eleven times before he shot his load in me. As soon as he came he stopped moving and after about a minute he was soft and he pulled out. As soon as he did the camera zoomed in tight on her creamy pie. I asked was there some one else there running the camera? She said yes Marco was there. She said the reason I had you put on the device tonight and showed this video is that Marco has a gang bang set up for Saturday afternoon and he told me he wanted you to attend. Me ? I said, why me? She said he is shooting a amateur cuckold video. She said you are the cuckold and I'm the hot wife being fucked by twelve well hung black guys. Then after the nonstop sex my cunt will be dripping with cum and you will clean me totally clean with your mouth. I've eaten her pussy several times after it has been fucked but never on camera. I asked her why did I need to be locked up tonight. She said so by Saturday your obedience won't be an issue. She was correct , the rest of the week I couldn't get Saturday off my mind. Friday night when I came in from work I was greeted at the door by my wife. She was wearing a lace up corset. It was laced extremely tight and that caused her tits to form perfectly round globes. They are thirty four b cups and on her one hundred pound body look just perfect. Her legs where covered in black nylons that had a six inch wide lace band at the top. They where being held up by eight garter straps. She looked a good three inches taller thanks to the black strappy hills. I noticed her pussy was totally uncovered. She had all of her pubic hair permanently removed last year so she never has razor bumps. I asked about why her pussy was uncovered. She said Marco was on his way over to tell her where and when the video was to be shot. I said couldn't he have just called you with that info? She said yes but then he couldn't see my pussy. Are you two going to have sex I asked. She said not tonight. You see when I show off my body it works to make me horny and helps get me in the mood to gang banged. I had never looked at it that way. She benefits from teasing too. I took a hot shower and put on the boxer shorts she laid out for me. I was trying to get my mind off tomorrow by watching a car show on TV. My wife didn't help any by continually walking through the room. Her firm butt cheeks naked and in my view. At just after nine o clock the doorbell rang. I heard my wife call out that she would get it. Her hills clomping on the hardwood floor. I can't see the front door from the den but I turned the sound down just enough to be able to listen. All I heard was a hey from each of them then I heard hills headed my way. I acted şişli escort bayan as if I was watching TV when my wife and Marco entered the room. My wife said to me honey say hello to Marco. I looked his way and said what's up? He said are you excited about watching your beautiful white wife being used over and over by all that thick black cock? I tried my best to be cool. Yeah I guess is all I said. He turned his attention to my wife after my half assed answer. Baby you are a wet dream come true. My wife put her hands on her hips and sttod with her legs about a foot apart. She asked if he liked the look. He said that hot little body is amazing how it can take that much fucking from guys that try their best to beat your cunt up. She smiled and said well I try. Marco then said I don't want to get that pussy tonight I want you Randy and hot tomorrow. But he said I'll just have you give me head. He unzipped his pants and pulled out a soft cock that is already two inches longer than mine is hard. Without a word my wife went to her knees and took his black hose pipe into her mouth. It took her about twenty minutes to cause him to tighten up and fill her mouth with his load. She never lost a drop and swallowed it . she stood up and he took put his now soft cock away. He handed her a envelope and said don't be late. He then leftMy wife followed him to the door. And when she returned she sat down and started watching my program with me. I said that was sexy. She said did you enjoy that? I told her my cock got hard. She laughed and said how? I told her I can still get hard but it doesn't show. She put her hills on the coffee table an let her cats fall apart. She said my pussy is dripping wet. I sure could use a cock right now. I said get the key and set me free I'll fuck you. She smiled at that and said well honey, two things . one I don't have the key and two your pee wee won't help. I said where is the key? She said Marco made me give it to him. I freeked, what he has the only key? She said yes, that lock came with two keys and I had to give him both. He told me he didn't want you and your little pee wee messing up his pussy. That night I mat have slept a total of an hour all night. The envelope Marco handed my wife last night had a map to where the shoot was to be. And also there was five one hundred dollar bills. I said you get paid to fuck now? She said only when the video is going to be sold for profit. What, this video will be sold I said. She said yes. I've made a couple that Marco sold. She said I need to shower and get dressed. I sat and watched TV with knots in my stomach whole I waited on her. It took just over an hour for her to get dressed. She came in the den in only a black garter belt and black stockings. Her tits uncovered as well as her pussy. She was wearing those same high hills. She said are your ready to watch your sweet bride get her cunt totaled by twelve black cocks? mecidiyeköy escort bayan I asked her if that's all she was wearing? She said yes let's go. I turned the TV off and picked up the map. We entered the garage through the kitchen door so the neighbors couldn't see her. As we drove several guys in high setting pickups blew their horns at the sight of my wife's naked tits. We pulled up to the house and had to park on the street. The drive way was full of hoopity rides , all looked like a black man's ride. My wife had no problem getting out of the car and walking to the house in broad daylight with her tits and pussy exposed for all to see. She looked to me like she was proud of what she had. She knows on the door and Marco opened it. As soon as she and I entered there was a cheer. All the guys where already naked and most had hardons. There where two white women fluffing for my wife. Marco led my wife to the bedroom . there where three expensive cameras set up around and lots of lights. She turned and faced one of the cameras, she then said her name and reached pulled me into the screen and introduced me as her real life husband. Then she said I am doing this of my own free will as well as my husband's blessing. I would even try to describe every stroke of the cock but she was fucked none stop for the next five hours. I for the life of me can't understand how she did it. Twice that day she was air tight. A cock in her pussy, ass and mouth. I was called in six times to clean her pussy because the cum was just running out as she was being fucked. At first I tried to be careful to not get it all over me but toward the end my face and hair was covered in sperm from men I didn't know. Just after seven that evening the last load was deposited in to my wife's now totally relaxed loose cunt. After I had licked it up she and I said out good byes. On the way home she dosed off. I pulled into the garage and closed the door. I helped her into the shower. She came in the den after washing herself.She sat next to me and asked if I where OK? I said yes I'm OK but after I shower can I please have sex with you? She smiled then put her hand on my cheek. Aww baby she you can't . why , I almost shouted. She said your lipple pee pee wouldn't do me any good after all those thick cocks. Just go shower and come relaxed with me. I ran a cold shower to ease my now blue balls. That Monday when I got home she was wearing only a garter belt and stockings. She said I have a surprise for you. She held up a DVD and a key. She said she had visited Marco that day and he gave her the DVD, the key, and a load of cum. I asked if needed to clean her pussy? She said the load was in her ass and she was going to keep it there until her next visit to the shitter. After a shower I was hand cuffed with my hands behind my back and the device removed . we watched the movie. All five hours of sex had been cut down to a two hour video. As my four inch dick waved in mid air I asked why she had to have five hours of sex just to make a two hour video? She said who cares. I came with a hands free orgasm while watching the video. I never put my dick inside her body that week.
10-07-2021, at 10:00 AM

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