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Too young, too dumb.

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Too young, too dumb.Years ago I was hanging with some high school friends on a week end. We were only lads. We spent most of our time cruising around on our bicycles in a gang of six or so, looking for cool places to hang out, searching for girls, swimming at the beach and just looking for normal hol some fun. On this particular day, we bumped into a girl who we all new from school. Her name was Lesa and she was a real beauty! Lesa was a dark girl who had a Polinesian Islander look. At school in the locker rooms, the boys would always grope her and cop a feel. Sometimes Lesa would retaliate with a grope of her own! We were so naive that we had no idea what we were doing.. We just new that we really liked her and she seemed to like us.. Even though, at times she would try and act like she didn't want it.. We all new it was a front.. And she knew that too.. It was her way of trying to keep face if others witnessed our goings on.So here we were, a day off from school and hanging at the beach with Lesa! Straight away, we were attempting to offer suggestions to Lesa of places to go. We had a bit of a hide out cubby house that we had built in the bushes near by. But Lesa suggested that we go to her house because no one was home. This excited us so much! şişli escort From being the ones who were more often rejected, always trying to initiate something, Lesa had taken us all by surprise. She had taken the bull by the horns so to speak and stunned us all. It was a short ride to Lesa's place. But in that time, my cock had grown hard with anticipation of what was to come. It was throbbing hard! By the time we all pulled into the yard, my undies were soaked in precum! I wasn't alone, we were all as excited as each other, including Lesa! We were all giggling as we dumped the bikes and scurried inside like a pack of randy dogs and Lesa like a bitch on heat. Inside we surrounded Lesa and began groping her like we did at school.. Fumbling, frantically and competing against each other for a feel. Lesa had an incredible body! Great tits! A perfect ass, long legs and a super pretty face with a beautiful excited smile. We were so hasty and inexperienced. Slowly, it dawned on us that we weren't in the locker rooms with only minutes between classes. Things began to get a lot more relaxed as we took turns at kissing her and getting a good feel. We had begun to undress her. First, her top.. And then her skirt and panties. Lesa told us to stop. So şişli escort bayan we did. We were all so worried that it was all over. As excited as we were, we still backed off if a girl told us to. As we stood there wondering what was going to happen next, Lesa sat back on a lounge chair and spread her legs! She knew axactly what sort of power she had over us! We all stood there with our eyes popping out at the first sight of a real life pussy!! It looked sooooo fucking good ! I am sure we were all salivating! The thing I remember most is how fucking wet her pussy was! It was just soaked! Glistening and actually dripping with her sweet pussy juices! We were just amazed! Jaw dropped and eyes wide open in total astonishment ! A couple of lads had sat beside her and were taking turns at kissing her and playing with her perfect tits. I got on the floor in front of her for a closer look at her pussy and began to slide my finger in. It was soo fucking hot! And I mean hot to touch.! Her pussy juices coated my finger in a tide of clear, smooth liquid. Lesa was moaning and was absolutely loving every second ! After a while, she was bucking and trying to really fuck my finger! We took turns and were still competing against each other for a feel. mecidiyeköy escort bayan One of my friends who was sitting next to Lesa had a turn at fingering her. Then all of a sudden, he was struggling to get up and kinda surprised us all. We were all thinking, what are you doing man?! Even Lesa.. Then Steven stood up and fumbled to pull his pants down. Then to our surprise.. His huge cock sprang out. We all kinda jumped back as thick jets of cum flew from his cock! It was like whoa dood! Everyone look out! LolWe were all so young that we all burst out laughing. I don't think any of us boys were far away from shooting our own loads, but we were so naive that the laughter kinda killed the moment. We all hastily packed up and Lesa put her closes back on all laughing at what had happened. As it turned out. That was the one and only time I got to play with Lesa. I still think back and dream of that wet pussy of hers and how I wish I had of fucked her! I shot one of the biggest loads of my life that evening when I got home! And I think the other boys did exactly the same! I think even Lesa would have made herself cum that night.I still see her around from time to time. Things never quite lined up for us. But each time we see each other we both have that knowing look of that day.. I think we all dream about it, imagining if only we knew then what we know now! We would have all fucked Lesa over and over! She would of had soo many cocks spurting cum! Like Cher once said- "If i could turn back time"
10-06-2021, at 07:35 PM

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