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when mum was watching me

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when mum was watching memum used to be a tight ass when it come to wash time me and my two sisters had to share a bath every day from when we were one year old I was in the youngest they allways would make fun of me saying small willy and no balls mum pull me aside and said they are upset cause they want to touch ur willy but its up to u if u will let them I can make them wash u so that night they washed me and cindy grabed my cock and started to toss me and I mum was watching from the gap in the door and when she notice that I see her she turned the hall way light on so i could see her naked body in the light and then I was thinking about mum I blow my load and cindy said that's not fare he got to cum but I did not mum walks in and said cindy and me to mums room and wendy to her room she said she needed to talk to us both and me and cindy walk to mums room and I lay down on the bed and I felt somethink hard cindy finds it first canlı bahis and pulls it out from the sheets and stops and looks at it and says its a big willy mum walked in and went red in the face cindy asked is this a fake willy mum and mum said yes this is cause I don't have ur dad here to play with me so I have that and watching u two together cindy asked mum how do u use it she aked if we really wanted to know cause she said we will end up rooting and we are not aloud to do that but mum said if we want to we have to use a condom cindy asked does it hurt mum said for the first time it will but It will get better and better mum asked if I get wet panties when I am at school I said yes once I was on the monkey bars and I was rubbing on the rail and my best mate looks at panties and asks if I just wet my self I said no try what I am doing so I jump up on the bar and start to buck on it and I am not wearing any panties so I wet bahis siteleri my skirt and me and linda go hide in the rec room and she asked me if I would show my fanny to her I said yer but u have to get naked and play around with my boobs I looked down at them and said what boobs she said the nipples I like them licked I said ok stood up and took off my skirt and polo top and I don't like wearing panties they always get wet and I feel wet all day until I take them off cindy said u have boobs poping out and I have noting that's way the boys pick on me then linda stood up and took her dress off and she had her mums gstring on and she looked hot as I put my hand on her fanny and she didn't move so I stuck one finger in and she let out a loud moan and someone herd us and came looking but we hid up in the roof cause they were fixing something up there when it was safe we went back to class and we got pick to sit it the middle of güvenilir bahis the class back to back lucky I was facing away from the teacher cause I lost my panties one of the boys seen my fanny so he then shows his willy it was big for his size then I got wet again so I asked if I could go to the bathroom teacher said ok just as I was walking to the bathroom the teacher said ur mum is in the front u need to go home I was like saved buy mum then mum said I got a new car I said cool what did u get she said a 4wd when I got in mum said were are ur panties I said I wet myself at school and was to scared to ask then mum said right I don't belive u when u get home u are not to wear anything and u have to answer the door if someone comes and u have to masturbate in front of me or ur granny and just as I thought it was over mum lifted my skirt and started to touch my fanny she then sees a nice spot to pull up and lay the back seat down into a mad big bed mum then said I smelled like cum not piss and asked who will it be be mum or granny I said granny and mum said guess again I said u she said no both of us then u will not mess up trying to squirt ur cum
09-30-2021, at 02:28 PM

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