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Skeletons in my Closet part 14

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Skeletons in my closet part 14 Betrayal of a husband and daughter

John would come and see Megan the next Sunday. Megan and I were out walking in the driveway when he pulled up on a bike with a sidecar. I introduced him to Megan who hid shyly behind me with her walker. I told John to go on in as I am sure he remembered where the family room was as Keith was in there.

John started toward the house then paused as he said he almost forgot. He reached into that sidecar and pulled out the cutest teddy bear. It had a Harley shirt with a big red heart on it, wearing a helmet with goggles.

Megan loved presents and she stepped from behind me with her walker. He handed it to Megan who had to let go of her walker to take it. Megan hugged that bear standing there telling him thanks and that it was really cute. Megan had a little trouble holding the bear and reaching from her walker.

?Here let me take that for you,? John said.

I thought he meant the bear. However, he took her walker instead. He moved it to his sidecar maybe 100 feet away. I looked at John. He told me it was ok Kate.

?Your daddy used to challenge me all the time.? Like you he taught me to walk also.? ?I tell you what if you can walk to my sidecar I will take you for a ride,? John said to her holding out his tattooed arms as he went to her.

?Don't worry I will catch you if you fall,? John added motioning her to come to him.

Megan clutched that bear tightly as she slowly stepped toward John. He took a step back each time she got near him. Megan stumbled and John caught her by her arms. He told her to go slowly and not to think about how to walk but how not to fall.

?Balance is the key, remember that,? John said to her.

John asked her if she was stable enough to try again. Megan shook her head yes. John let go of her and backed up again. It took a while but Megan made it to his sidecar.

I wiped tears from my eyes as she had only walked about 20 feet on her own before. John reached back into the sidecar grabbing a helmet, he slipped it on her head fastening it. He then picked her up telling Megan to wrapped her arms around his neck. She did and he placed her gently into the sidecar. He buckled her into the sidecar.

He then put his helmet on. He told me they would be back shortly and they drove away. As I turned to the house Keith was standing there.

I looked to him as he said, ?I saw everything Kate, maybe we should join them,? Keith said smiling.

He walked me to the garage started his own Harley and I got on the back. We took off and soon caught up to them. Megan still clutching that bear smiling from ear to ear. We followed them to an ice cream stand about a half-hour away.

John told Megan they made bomb banana splits here. He asked if she would like to try one as he removed her helmet, Megan shook her head yes. Keith joined John at the stand as I went to Megan at the sidecar.

?Mom, did you see I walked?? Megan asked.

I kissed her forehead as I told her I sure did and was proud of her. She told me it might not have been far but she had walked.

?Who is that man?? she asked. ?He told me to call him Uncle John,? Megan added.

I told her a very close friend of her daddy. I explained daddy had helped him to walk after he had an accident too. I didn't tell her he was a great fuck as well.

John and Keith returned with those banana splits. He was right they were the bomb. We finished them and returned home. John lifted Megan from the sidecar and placed her at her walker.

Megan said, ?Thanks Uncle John for the bear, I enjoyed the ride and the ice cream too.? ?I hope to see you again,? she added.

She turned to me and asked if I would help her into the house as she was a little tired. Keith asked her if she wanted him to carry her in. No daddy you talk to uncle John. Mom can help me in she told him handing me her bear.

I walked with Megan as she used her walker to get back inside the house. I asked her if she wanted to go to her room. She told me no and started to walk to the family room. I followed her to that old family photo wall.

?Look mom there is Uncle John,? ?I thought I had saw him before,? Megan said pointing to many pictures of him.

Most of them of were of John and Keith with high school faintly wrote in the corner. They were very young in the photos but John was unchanged as he still looked like he had back then except shorter hair.

?Mom is that Sara?? Megan asked pointing to another group of photos.

One set of photos showed John and Keith in high school football uniforms standing with a young Sara. I hardly recognize her but it was Sara. Then more with just Keith in his football, baseball, basketball, and wrestling uniform.

Sara beside him in a cheerleader's outfit. In one they both had crowns on their heads. In the corner was written homecoming king and queen.

That green monster inside me reared its ugly head. My blood boiled as I wondered why Keith or Sara had ever mentioned they had went to school together. Let alone been homecoming King and queen.

My eyes went to the last set of Keith in his very early army uniform as he had no stripes on his sleeve. Sara standing beside him with a big smile on her face. She was in that high school cheerleading outfit in those photos as well.

The last photo showed them kissing passionately with Sara?s one leg lifted like one does when in love. This one I knew was Sara as she had those tits of hers. I felt very jealous as it filled my body.

Somehow I had overlooked those photos. I didn't even know they went to school together. Megan asked me if I was Ok. I told her I was just lost in thought that was all.

Keith came in sat down on the sofa. He patted the sofa telling Megan to take a load off. Megan used her walker to get to him then sat beside him. Keith kissed her cheek telling her she had done well as he had seen her walking.

?Just who is Uncle John?? Megan asked.

Keith explained they went to high school together. We played football together too. John played right tackle me left tackle. He was a hell of a ballplayer. He went to college while I went to war. He blew his knee out his second year of college.

Keith explained John had to learn to walk just like you are. I sort of helped him when not off fighting wars. I also helped him open his Harley shop. We were close friends then and still are Keith told her smiling at me.

?So you went to school with Sara too,? I said looking to Keith.

Keith didn't hesitate as he told us yes he was a senior when she was a freshman. I did some quick math and it seemed to fit as she and Linda were 3 or 4 years younger than Keith and I. He told us she was even a cheerleader then he went off to war after high school. He told us there might be photos on the wall as well.

?Yes we saw them, daddy,? Megan said.

He seemed to have told us everything truthfully. Perhaps not everything I thought but he had at least explained those photos I had overlooked. Beside I trusted Sara like a sister and I had asked her once if she ever had a thing for Keith. She had told me no never. But I was having second thoughts now.

Keith and I continued our new slut games. We always played at the bar Cathy managed. We only picked up men. As far as anyone knew Keith was my boss and I was his secretary.

John would join us often at the bar. I even asked Cathy to join Keith and I one night. However, I explained he would only watch us and not join in. Cathy was ok with that as well.

John would come over often helping Keith with Megan. Plus the three of us were having fun as well without Megan knowing. Keith even allowed me to be alone or go out with John without him when he was busy with Megan.

He was my first male friend with benefits so to speak. John took care of my needs when Keith didn?t have the time. Keith and I still fucked and he loved to hear about me fucking John as I would tell him. Megan only knew I was off on business if out with John. We even had a few getaway weekends with Keith?s blessing.

Sara and Linda were the only ones who knew the truth. One day Sara got John cornered outside. Linda and I were in the hot tub. I couldn't hear what they were saying. It looked like Sara was yelling at him as she pushed at his chest. John just shook his head no raising his hands as if giving up. Then they hugged and everything between them seemed ok.

I enjoyed my time with John. It was just sex no love between us just sex. I had sort of thought that was what their talk was about so I asked him. John told me no it was over something that was water under the bridge and of no concern at all. I believed him as well.

Megan reached her goal. She walked on her own to receive her high school diploma. Everyone cheered while I cried. She had been accepted to many colleges. However, she chose our local community college to get an associate degree in business.

She went there as it was close to home and she could still work for daddy at least part of the day. She spent some of her days with me some with Keith and also some with Linda. She learned all aspects of her daddy's company.

However, she was not without problems. Megan would not dress in anything sexy. Not at home, at work which she wasn't allowed to anyway. She even wore plain type clothes going out to dinner with us.

Megan was mentally troubled because her accident had left her unable to have children. She thought no man would want her because of this. Her other mental problems would begin to show up later. She would never wear a two-piece swimsuit as she was ashamed of her scars across her abdomen.

We checked on plastic surgery to hide those scars but doctors told us the risks outweighed the results. Plus Megan was totally against any hospital stay. I could not blame her for that.

Keith would often say to her, ?Your scars tell a story, they are a reminder of when life tried to break you.? ?Bear them proudly not with shame.?

Keith still blamed himself and I would tell him it was not his fault it had been just an accident. As I had finally accepted that myself I had forgiven him but he still had not forgiven himself. I fact in some ways he seemed more troubled and upset after she healed. However, he refused to talk about it.

As to Megan and I we once again had that mother daughter love. We were perhaps closer than any time in our lives together. Little did I know why she was so loving and nice to me.

At 19 Megan had grown into that lovely sexy woman Keith and I had worried about many years ago. She had grown to 5? 9? with legs which seemed to go on forever. Her body was toned due to her daily workout with daddy. Her tits had grown to 40 DD which were bigger than mine and she had an ass to die for.

Why a girl as sexy as she would hide her charms I could not figure out for the life of me. Especially her tits which were hard to hide anyway. She never teased anyone not even Keith at least that I knew about. She hated men even looking at her.

When the three of us went to dinner she sort of hung on her daddy. She often seemed to hide behind him especially around a strange man. If a man looked at her she would hang her head down as if in shame never looking at them. If too uncomfortable she would ask if we might leave.

Megan didn't have this trouble at work. She knew and trusted those men. I also suppose daddy had told them not to mess with her or else.

As to dating never once did she go out with boys during college. She only went places with Stacy and other girls but not a lot. Those girls would come here in the summer having pool parties. I didn?t really care for that.

The main reason was Stacy. She was just to big of a flirt with Keith. I even heard Megan telling her and some other girls that her daddy was off limits to them. Her daddy had me and no one could ever replace me.

I felt at ease knowing my daughter thought that and sort policed those girls around her daddy. Then suddenly Stacy and those other girls stopped coming around. I asked her about it.

?We had a falling out mom that is all,? Megan told me.

I wasn't too concerned as we seemed to be a happy family. I was about to have a birthday in a few months as I would be 37 and Megan would turn 20 soon after me and earn her business degree. Her daddy had promised her that she could have her own crew when she got her degree. However, there would be no party for either of us as a hell-storm was soon to consume us all.

It was around October of 1997 when my world would fall to pieces. It was a very chilly Saturday. I remember seeing Megan and her daddy off for work they had their cold-weather gear on.

They were headed to the office to do some maintenance on equipment. I only worked Monday through Friday now so I had Saturday off. I would work from home as well. I was going to do just that today however my paperwork was on my desk as I had forgotten it Friday.

I jumped into my SUV and drove to work at 10:00 am I saw Keith's truck parked at the maintenance building. I saw no reason to disturb them as they would be home around 4 p.m. anyway.

I went to the main office doors to find them unlocked. That was unusual unless someone was working in the office. I ran the office so I knew no one should be here. I heard voices coming from Keith's office.

I saw his door was open with the light on. I figured maybe he had left his radio on or something. I got to his doorway and I froze in horror. I originally thought Linda was sucking Keith's cock as I could only see a blonde with long blonde hair sucking on his cock.

I sort watched as it sort of made my pussy tingle in some ways. I had not had my daily masturbation session yet. I was about to rub at my pussy when I realized something.

That woman sucking Keith was not Linda. It was my daughter on her knees sucking her daddy?s dick as he leaned back on his desk just like I had done to him many times. Keith was not pushing her away instead his hands pressed on her head helping her take his cock.

Now I do admit to being a good cocksucker but believe me I don't think I could hold a candle to my daughter?s skills at sucking dick. That girl had all of his cock deep in her throat as she bobbed her head up and down upon it without missing a beat or choking.

Spit and precum strung from his cock to her lips each time she removed her mouth from his cock. Sucking sounds filled his office. I thought I was watching one of those porno movies. She would kiss and lick his dickhead then go to licking his balls. My pussy was no longer tingling as I watched her sucking his big cock.

Megan stood up and slipped her work boots off then dropped her work pants to the floor. She removed her sweatshirt then her white tank top. All the while Keith was pulling on his cock as he watched her undress. Megan stood there in front of her daddy in just her push up bra then slipped her black thong from her body.

I noticed her hands covering the scars at the front of her tummy caused by her accident. Her scars were like stretch marks but much worse and cut much deeper. Keith skillfully unhooked her bra freeing her 40 DD boobs.

Megan?s nipples grew hard the instant they hit the air. Keith gently twisted them between his finger and thumb making them rock hard. Megan moaned softly telling Keith she loved his gentle touch.

Megan slipped her black thong off as her daddy bent over removing her hands from her scars. Her daddy was kissing and licking at those scars she had tried to hide all the time.

Megan lifted Keith's head as she kissed his lips lightly before she said, ?Thank you, daddy, for giving me the love I need and want so badly.?

Megan bent over wrapping her big firm tits around her daddy's dick. She spits at the head of his dick getting it wet as it slipped between her huge tits. She began to tit fuck his cock.

Megan would tease the head of his dick each time it appeared at the top of her tits with her tongue. She used her tits on his cock until his precum was flowing from the head of his cock. She kissed him passionately as she smeared that precum all around the head of his big cock using it as lube.

Megan wrapped her arms around her daddy's neck and jumped up into his lap as she kissed him. She used one hand to guide that huge cock to her pussy. She slipped her pussy easily down onto his cock.

She moaned slightly as she got him all up inside of her. This was not the first time she had taken that cock. I knew because I remembered my first time taking it.

Megan started to rock back and forth on his cock. Her pussy was soon making those wet sloshing sounds as she rode his cock. Keith's hand went to her ass as he started to thrust upward with his cock driving it into her hairy blonde pussy. I could see Megan's white creamy juices running down the length of his cock down to his balls.

Apparently talking pussy ran in the family as Megan's was leaving off loud wet pussy farts each time he slammed that cock up into her. I felt my own pussy juices start to flow. It made my stomach churn as I suddenly realized just what I was watching. At first, perhaps it was rather sensual watching Megan fucking her daddy. However, it turned to hate and jealousy quickly.

Megan was bouncing hard on his lovely big cock. I felt that jealous feeling as it seemed to just fill me with rage. Hearing her moaning only added flames to the fire burning deep inside me. As she was getting pleasure which should have been mine and not hers. I completely lost it when I heard.

?AHhhh fuck me daddy fill me with your cum,? Megan cried out loudly.

?What the fuck do you think you are doing you fucking little cunt,? I screamed entering the office pulling her off of Keith by her long blonde hair.

Megan surprisingly landed on her feet as she replied, ?We weren't doing anything mom.?

?Don't mom me you fucking whore bitch as remember she left you many years ago,? I said as I slapped her hard across her face twice.

?Why Megan Why?? I asked as I slapped her hard again as I turned toward Keith.

?You fucking bastard,? I yelled as I slapped him hard across his face.

Megan and Keith both started to get dress. I told them not to trouble themselves and go ahead and finish their fuck as I was leaving.

I slapped Megan extra hard again as I asked, ?How could you do this to me you fucking cunt??

I turned to exit his office. I stopped and I told them both it might be in their best interest if they didn't come back home tonight as I might kill them both. I ran from the office with Keith behind me zipping his pants. Keith begging me to let him explain. I paid no attention to him as I got in my SUV and raced from the parking lot.

I cried all the way home. Once at home I pack a few bags and left leaving my wedding ring on the table with a note telling Keith we were finished and no longer married as to Megan I told him to keep her as she was no longer my fucking daughter.

I drove until I was just outside of New York City when I was too upset to drive any longer. I got a hotel room using the company card, after all, I still owned 45 percent. I stayed for 4 days in that hotel room drinking and thinking about what to do and also why hadn?t I seen this coming.

I realized I had but had just turned a blind eye to it. I thought it all started with that simple kiss back when she was sixteen. I wanted an explanation from both of them then I was going to take everything away from them both by filing for a divorce bringing their perfect world crashing down as they had done to mine.

I returned to home-packed some more bags making sure they were at work and moved out. I found a charming little house to rent far enough away from home and not to close to their work. I was a little surprised that Keith had not removed me from the bank account.

For the first time in my life, I was alone. I had no one to talk too. I had no husband, no daughter and my mother was dead. I sat mostly at home crying and stewing about what had happened. I went back to drinking heavily. About a month later I went to talk to a lawyer.

He was a true fucking sleaze bag. I told him my husband had fucked on me with his secretary as I was ashamed to tell him it was my daughter. I informed him my husband was well off. He told me we both could make a ton of money. He told me we would take Keith for everything he had.

He told me to come back in a couple of days as he would have papers for me to sign. He escorted me out of his office, as he did his hand grabbed at my ass as he told me maybe he would take me out for dinner as well. I noticed a wedding ring upon his finger. I left never to return to him.

At first, I wanted to ruin Keith. However, in time I didn't, especially as I found my name was still on our accounts and my credit cards were being paid in full each month. However, I still had that womanly despise for him and had to do something.

I drove to a local car dealership and traded my SUV in for a brand new red 1997 Cadillac Seville STS Sedan Luxury vehicle. I used Keith's money to buy it as well. I paid for it in full as well. Perhaps I did just to make him mad or maybe to make him come find me.

I had no contact with him, Megan, or members of our extended family. None of them tried to find me or anything. I drove to John?s Harley shop once. However, I didn't want him to get in trouble so I just drove on by crying as I did.

I drove to the office one day deciding to get my stuff out of my office. To be truthful I was hoping to run into Megan or Keith. I don't know for sure if it was to give them hell or just to see if they were miserable like me. I walked in and Linda came running to me wrapping me in her arms.

?Kate you are back so glad to see you again,? Linda said to me.

I told her I was not back I was only here to clean out my office. I walked away into my office stopping to look to see if Keith was in his as I was going to let him have it again.

However, he was not. I walked around my office gathered stuff I wanted placing them into a box. I looked at that picture on my desk. The one of Keith and I. I picked it up and left the box on my desk as that picture was all I took.

I looked around taking one last look as I thought I would never be here again. I turned my light off and closed the door to my office. As I walked away I thought the party was finally over as well as my life.

Linda yelled my name as I walked by her desk. I did not stop I just kept walking. Linda came running out to me as I was getting into my car. She told me it didn't have to end like this. She asked me to give Keith a chance to explain.

?Would you if it had been your daughter he was fucking?? I asked crying getting in my car and driving away.

I returned home sitting on my sofa just looking at that picture of Keith and I. It made my mind fill with fond memories of all the fun we ever had. Then my mind filled with Megan fucking him.

I threw that picture across the room smashing it against the wall. I grabbed a bottle and started drinking. I passed out waking the next morning. I cleaned the broken glass from the picture I had broken.

I went out and brought many extra frames as I figured it would happen again. Days turned to weeks then to months. I drank so much I didn't know what day it was anyway. I replaced that frame many times as well.

I would often drive by the office not knowing why. A few times I saw Keith and Megan together in his truck she would be cuddled up to him just like I once used to be. It only made me feel angry and sad as I missed that cuddling but at the same time, I hated him for what he had done to our family.

I was miserable sitting at home with nothing to do but drink. Drinking only made it worse as the only thing I was doing was remembering what I had seen that day being my daughter fucking my husband. It didn't make me horny it made me mad.

I decided to do what any woman would do I went shopping. I brought new furniture, new sexy clothes, and new high heels. I was still amazed none of my credit cards had been canceled. I even went to the bank and drew money out daily just to see if my account had been closed or my name removed from it, however, It had not.

After about three months I decided to go out one night. I went to a bar I knew John or anyone from work never went too. I was dressed for sex as well. I had a short skirt, no panties low cut top, nylons, and high heel. I sat down at the bar ordering a drink.

In a little bit, a man in his fifties or so asked me if the seat next to me was taken. I told him no. He introduced himself to me. His name was Ted and I told him to just call me Ms. K.

I thought to myself just how much I hated people calling me that while also thinking of how much I missed being called that now. We talked I told him I was recently divorced, he told me the same. He was about my size in fact with my high heels on I was taller than him. We were buying our own drinks.

Ted was checking the girls out, more like drooling over them. Ted told me a few racy jokes. I laughed at his and told him a few that I knew. He finally brought me a drink.

I felt his hand on my thigh. His hand rubbed at my nylons. I think he thought to buy a woman a drink meant you could feel her up. However, I allowed him too as I was getting horny.

As we talked and drank I found him to be rather charming and sweet. He seemed very interesting and to be truthful I would have just about fuck anyone as I needed sex.

Ted?s hand roamed under my skirt this time. He smiled finding out I had no panties on. One of his fingers rubbed between my pussy lips as his finger felt my wetness. I grabbed his hand from between my legs. I licked at his finger which had my wetness on them as I asked him if he would like to go back to my place. He smiled telling me it would be his pleasure.

Ted followed me back to my place I sat him down on the sofa excusing myself while I slipped in something more comfortable. I returned in a brand new leopard nylon bodysuit covered in a long black robe. I walked to the small bar I had set up in my living room. It was stocked with the best liquor Keith's money could buy.

?Care for a drink?? I asked Ted.

?A scotch would be just fine,? Ted replied.

I poured his drink thinking about tossing it in his face as that was Keith's favorite. Instead, I walked sexily back to him. As I handed him his drink I allowed my robe to slip open showing what I had on under it.

It worked I thought sitting down next to him seeing that boner he was sporting. As we talked I placed my hand upon his thigh. I was slowly moving my hand to his boner. Ted finally got the message. He placed his drink down and took me into his arms.

Ted kissed me as I kissed him back. Our tongues slipped into the mouth of the other. I broke our kiss stood up removed my robe. Standing before him in my leopard nylon catsuit bending down giving him a view of the girls. I turned around showing him my ass and the cute tail attached to my outfit.

I dropped to my knees in front of Ted. I unzipped his pants and pulled out a below-average cock about just five inches. I took his cock directly into my mouth.

I bobbed my head up and down on it as I sucked at it. One thing about a small cock it is not a struggle to suck it. One can also take it all into one's mouth.

I had only been sucking on his cock for maybe five minutes. I felt Ted tense up then his cock swell a bit. His hands went to my head pushing it down on his cock.

?Ahhhhhh shit,? Ted moaned out as his cock twitched in my mouth.

I was waiting for the big blast of cum. The kind that splashes down your throat as it flows into one's mouth. Instead, I only felt a small tasteless squirt of cum landing in my mouth.

I removed my mouth and moved up to kiss him. Ted stopped me laughing as he told me I had just sucked his dick. No shit dumb ass I thought to myself as I gave him a look.

Ted stood up zipping his pants looked at his watch as he said it was time he got home. I was still on my knees when I noticed his wedding ring upon his finger. I stood up walking him to my door. I opened the door, Ted stopped as he looked at me.

I pushed him out the door telling him to tell his wife I said hi. I heard him call me a fucking bitch as I slammed the door in his face. I returned to the sofa and cried. I had been a fool to trust that man or any man. I knew better.

I picked up that picture of Keith and me. I carried it with me to the bar grabbing a bottle and returning to the sofa. I sat there gazing at that photo as I drank from the bottle. I cried as I just kept drinking hoping it would take my pain away.

As always love to hear your comments

Chapter 15 soon
09-11-2021, at 09:11 PM

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