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Forbidden Desires Part 7

Post #1

Kimiko Hashitani sat on her couch, dressed in a cream-colored satin teddy, with a matching robe over it, sipping a margarita. As she had done repeatedly during the past twenty-four hours, she went over her situation once again in her mind. She was about to contribute to the sexual corruption of not one, but two minor children, her own students, no less. That she had already done the worst, by seducing young David Drake, was some small comfort to her. The crime, once committed, could not be undone. But now she was going to compound it by not only having sex again with David, but involving another student as well. She told herself that she had no choice, confronted with Susan Ramsey?s not-so-subtle blackmail. But she knew the truth, and the truth was that she was in this predicament because she had once again succumbed to the insistent cravings of her own body. And not reluctantly, but willingly, eagerly. She had no one to blame but herself.

She sipped some more of the drink, her sense of responsibility as an adult and a teacher wrestling in her mind with her wanton, almost ungovernable sexual needs. She already knew the outcome of this internal battle. She had surrendered many times to the urgent demands of her libido, and she would do so again, she knew. She had no choice. She began to contemplate the scene about to unfold with her two students, feeling a familiar warm wetness stirring between her slim legs.

David arrived first, on foot, since he lived close by. He could hardly contain his excitement and anticipation as he walked up to the door. Not only was he about to once again have sex with the woman of his dreams, but with the added bonus of Susan Ramsey there. He knew that if he played his cards right, he would soon have his cock buried to the hilt in her snug little 12-year-old pussy. The mere thought of it nearly made him come in his pants. Once again he told himself to be cool, to hold back and not act like an overeager kid. He knocked on the door, and smiled when Kimi answered.

?Hi, Miss Hashi?uhhh?Hi, Kimi.? He stared at her, his cock already coming to eager life. He had imagined her many times, naked and lustful. And yet, she was even sexier now, with her body partially concealed beneath her satin lingerie. God, she was gorgeous! He gazed down at her open robe, revealing tanned legs that led up to?

?Come in, David,? said Kimi, trying to restrain her own excitement. ?Would you like something to drink? I made a pitcher full of margaritas.?

?That would be great, Kimi,? he replied, wanting desperately to show her that he could act like a sophisticated adult.

Kimi smiled. ?I thought Susan was going to come with you,? said Kimi off-handedly, pouring him a glass from the pitcher.

?No, she said she?d meet us here,? said David.

?David,? she said, returning with the glass and handing it to him. ?Have you had sex with her??

?Well?uhhhhh?.not really. Kind of.?

?What do you mean, kind of??

?Well, it was right after that night I came over here the first time, remember? It was in the restroom at school.?

?Yes, I remember,? said Kimi, smiling. ?You?re lucky you didn?t get caught. So, what did you two do??

?Ummmm?..well?? He paused, unsure of himself.

Kimi pressed him. ?C?mon, after all we?ve been through, you can tell me.?

?We?ummm?.she?.used her mouth. On me.?

Kimi gazed into his eyes. Her voice was soft, reassuring. ?David?you have to promise me that you won?t ever hold anything back from me, okay? You know you can say anything to me, don?t you.?

?Sure, Kimi.?

?All right then, David. Tell me what she did. You know the words to use. She didn?t ?use her mouth on you?, she?..?

David blushed. He knew what his teacher wanted. ?Well?she sucked my cock. And after awhile, I came all over her face. And then she sat on the toilet and I licked her pussy, like you taught me to?.?

?And did she like that?? persisted Kimi.

?I think so. She seemed like she did.?

?Did she come??

?I think so. She said she did.?

?But you didn?t fuck her??

?No. I wanted to, but we didn?t have time. And when we came out, Mr. Merriam was waiting.?

?Oh my god!? exclaimed Kimi, suddenly alarmed. ?What did he say??

?He was really mad at us. He told Susan to come to his office after school that day. She never told me what happened.?

?Hmmmm,? said Kimi, thinking over the implications of this latest confession. ?Did Mr. Merriam call you into his office too??

David shook his head. ?No, he never said anything after that day.?

?So, anyway, David, did you like what you did with Susan??

?Sure?I mean?she?s really pretty, and it felt great. But?it?s not the same as it is with you. I mean, you?re a grown-up, and you really know what you?re doing.?

Kimi smiled. ?Thank you, David, that?s so sweet of you to say.?

At that moment, the doorbell rang, and Kimi got up to answer it. Susan stood in the doorway, dressed in the lowest of low-rise jeans, so tight that they seemed sprayed on, and a string bikini top. ?Hi, Miss Hashitani!? she said, smiling brightly. ?Wow, I really love your teddy! That?s really sexy! Sorry I?m late, my dad had to grill me about what I was wearing, where I was going, who I was with, when I?d be back, yadda yadda yadda.?

?He?s right to worry about you, Susan,? said Kimi, smiling. If he only knew, she thought to herself. ?Come on in. David?s already here. Would you like something to drink??

?That looks good,? she said, pointing to Kimi?s glass.

?Well, I guess if you two kids are old enough to have sex, you?re old enough to have a drink,? said Kimi, turning and walking to the kitchen. Susan closed the door behind her, making sure it was unlocked. While Kimi busied herself pouring her a drink, Susan walked into the living room.

?Hi David,? said Susan, smiling. ?Are you nervous??

?A little,? acknowledged David.

Susan sat on her knees on the couch, smiling at him. ?Don?t be. We?ll have a great time. I?m really looking forward to it.?

?Now then?? said Kimi, walking in and handing Susan her glass. ?I think the best way to get started is to get more comfortable.? She untied the belt of her robe and let it fall open, then shrugged it off her shoulders. She stood before them in nothing but her teddy. Her breasts swelled above the low cut material, revealing just a hint of her nipples. She reached up and slid the spaghetti straps off of her shoulders, one by one.

?Golly, Miss Hashitani?? said Susan quietly, in awe of her teacher?s body. ?You?re so beautiful!?

?Thank you, sweetie. And please, call me Kimi. Now it?s your turn.?

The two 12-year-olds both took a sip from their drinks, set down their glasses, stood up and got undressed. Susan struggled out of her tight jeans, followed quickly by her skimpy little panties. In a few moments, they were both naked, David?s cock already hard and ready. Kimi gazed at Susan?s nubile body, her heart skipping a beat in her chest.

?Now, both of you, get on the couch, on your knees, facing each other,? said Kimi, sitting down in a nearby chair, enjoying the role she had decided upon for herself, the role of director. She was a teacher. She would teach them both.

David and Susan did as they were told, facing each other on the couch. His cock was nearly touching Susan?s belly button, it stuck out so far.

?Now, kiss her, David, nice and slow and soft and easy. Don?t use your tongue, not yet.? David leaned forward and touched Susan?s lips, which softly parted. They kissed each other gently, letting their lips caress each other?s, nibbling and sucking a little on each other. Susan reached up and ran her fingers lightly along David?s back, and he did the same, enjoying the smoothness of her skin. Both their hearts were racing.

?Now, let your kiss get deeper. Touch your tongues together?let them explore. David, touch her breasts. Just nudge her nipples with the backs of your fingers. Aren?t they pretty? See how hard her little nipples get??

Their kiss deepened, David?s tongue meeting Susan?s, softly touching, twining, as David lightly caressed Susan?s delectable young breasts. She sighed into his mouth, and slid her tongue deeper, probing against the roof of his mouth.

Susan?s mind swirled with the sheer intensity of the scene. She was making love to a boy, her friend and classmate, with an adult watching! God, it was so fucking HOT!! She felt her pussy flood eagerly with her nectar. Unable to resist, she reached down with her hands and began to lightly caress David?s protruding cock. David moaned.

?Mmmmm, that?s nice, Susan, play with his cock, nice and easy. Just caress it. Doesn?t he have a nice cock??

Susan gently broke their kiss, a trail of saliva connecting their lips as she stroked David?s cock with her fingertips. ?Uh-huh?it?s nice,? she said softly. It wasn?t quite as big as Mr. Merriam?s, she thought to herself, but that?s not a totally bad thing She knew it would feel wonderful inside her! She gave his cock a fleeting squeeze as she smiled at him.

?Now, move up closer, so that your bodies are touching,? said Kimi, her hand slipping between her legs. This was just too exciting. She rubbed herself slowly through the lacy material, and then eased her finger beneath it. She felt the wetness she knew was there. ?David, kiss her again. Can you feel her nipples against your chest??

Susan?s nipples were excited and erect as she and David moved closer, kissing each other eagerly now. His cock pressed against her tummy, rubbing against her smooth skin. Their hands were all over each other as their excitement mounted.

?David, I want you to bend down and suck on one of her nipples. Do you remember how to do that??

?Yes, Kimi?? he said, moving back from her a little and ducking his head. Slowly, he encircled Susan?s eager nipple with his tongue, getting it wet before gently sucking it between his lips. Susan arched her back and gasped with pleasure.

?Ohhh, David, that?s so nice?suck on it like that.? She reached up and slid her fingers into his hair as he made love to her nipple. This was a whole new kind of lovemaking for Susan, nothing like the hard fucking she had received from Mr. Merriam at the beach, and it excited her beyond imagining. Her pussy was sopping wet with anticipation.

Kimi caressed her clit lightly, wishing she were suckling Susan?s perky, sensitive nipple. ?Now the other one, David. Don?t neglect the other one. You can touch her pussy if you want, very lightly. I know you want to.?

Susan let her legs part as David eased his hand between them, his fingers lightly caressing Susan?s dewy labia, feeling her flowing wetness. At the same time, he captured her other nipple between his lips. The young girl groaned as her arousal quickly grew, and her fingers closed around his cock, squeezing it tighter.

?Miss Hashitani?Kimi?.,? said Susan, breathlessly. ?Don?t you want to join us?? She gazed excitedly as Kimi played with her pussy, her fingertip gently caressing her clit beneath the thin material of her teddy.

?I do, more than anything in the world,? said Kimi. She rose to her feet, and walked to the couch, bent down, and took Susan?s erect nipple, still wet with David?s saliva, between her lips. Her hand drifted to the girl?s sweet little ass, caressing it as David?s fingers sought the wetness of her pussy.

?Ohhh, godd?? murmured Susan. It was the first time she had ever been touched sexually by another woman. Yet she felt no fear or revulsion, only a burgeoning arousal. ?That feels so wonderful!?

As David?s fingers searched, Kimi released Susan?s delectable nipple for a moment. ?David, honey, it unsnaps?.right there?? she murmured, guiding his hand to the snap. Then she recaptured Susan?s nipple with her mouth and suckled it gently. David unsnapped her teddy, exposing her naked pussy completely to his touch. She moaned as his fingers found her parted labia, lightly caressing her wet folds.

Kimi released Susan?s taut nipple and raised her head, capturing Susan?s lips with hers. They kissed each other hungrily, as Susan?s hand drifted down between Kimi?s legs, seeking her pussy. Kimi moaned into the girl?s mouth as both of the children caressed her sex. It was as erotic a moment as Kimi had ever experienced.

After a few moments of this gentle exploration, Kimi broke their kiss, panting breathlessly. It was all she could do to keep from pushing the beautiful pre-teen onto her back and attacking her pussy with her lips and tongue, but she held herself back. Instead, she turned to David. ?Lie back, David. I think it?s time that your beautiful penis got some attention.?

David was in no mood to argue. He fell back on the couch, his cock sticking straight up between his parted legs.

?Now, Susan, I know you?ve done this before, but maybe I can still show you a few things,? said Kimi, moving closer.

Susan looked at her in surprise, her eyes wide. ?But?how did you?.??

?David told me what you did with him in the rest room, sweetie. Don?t worry, it?s all right. I?d be a fine one to criticize, wouldn?t I??

Susan smiled, and slid down to where she could watch the proceedings close up. She?d never watched a cock being sucked, and the thought of it thrilled her.

Kimi moved her face closer to David?s aching cock. ?Now, the first thing is, everything should be wet, wet, wet. Oozing, dripping, slurpy wet. Saliva everywhere.? She leaned forward and slowly slid her tongue around the spongy head of his cock, until it glistened with her saliva. David moaned softly, thinking that he had died and awakened in heaven.

?Rule Number Two, no teeth,? said Kimi. You have to use just your lips and tongue, and keep from scraping your teeth on it. Well, maybe a little love bite or two.? She demonstrated, smiling wickedly.

?Now, the head is the most sensitive place?and right here on the underside.? She illustrated by caressing the sensitive spot beneath the head with her tongue. Then she moved up and slowly slid her pursed lips down over the head, taking him into the warm, wet sanctuary of her mouth. Susan watched, fascinated, as Kimi softly sucked on his cock, her head slowly moving up and down. It was wonderfully erotic, like watching one of her dad?s porn videos, but so much hotter in real life, up close and personal like this!

Kimi slid her lips off his cock, trailing a thick strand of saliva between her lips and his cock. and smiled at Susan. ?Now you try.?

Susan leaned forward and extended her tongue, caressing the flared head of his rock-hard cock, as Kimi held it at the base with her fingers. Soon she slid her mouth down over it and sucked at as Kimi had, making soft slurping sounds. Kimi slowly stroked the shaft with her fingers, masturbating him into Susan?s mouth.

?Mmmmmm, that?s nice, sweetie,? said Kimi, smiling. ?Sooo sexy. Remember, there?s no hurry. It?s so much better for him when you make it last a long time.?

?Now, on to Lesson Three,? she continued. ?Don?t forget his balls.? Kimi moved lower, as Susan paused in her delightful sucking of David?s cock, and began to lick and caress his swollen testicles as she watched. ?Most men just love having their balls licked and sucked, Susan. But they?re sensitive, and you have to be gentle.? Her tongue-tip slowly encircled his balls, freely exploring, getting him all wet.

Susan slowly stroked his cock with her fingers as she watched Kimi make love to his sperm-filled balls. ?Let me do it,? she said softly.

Kimi smiled and sat up, her fingers replacing Susan?s on David?s throbbing penis. The eager pre-teen began to lap contentedly at his balls, occasionally sucking gently on one of them, then the other, while Kimi continued her lesson. ?The main thing about sucking a man?s cock?is to let him know how much you love doing it. It?s not dirty, it?s not a chore. Learn to love doing it. He should think you absolutely adore sucking his cock, live for it, could do it patiently for hours, and love every minute of it. If you do, he?ll be your slave for life.? Susan giggled as her tongue caressed his balls, imagining them filling with hot, thick sperm, all for her.

David listened in awe to the conversation, struggling with all his might to keep from coming. The vision of two girls lovingly sucking on his cock, coupled with Kimi?s patient instruction of the young girl, was just too incredibly sexy.

Kimi leaned forward again. ?Let?s both lick him, Susan. I?ll bet he?d like that.? Susan grinned, and they both began to lick the sides of his erect shaft. Soon, they both moved up to the crown, and they leaned forward and softly kissed. Susan?s heart again seemed to leap into her throat, so aroused was she by the soft touch of Kimi?s lips.

?Ohhhh, Miss Hashitani, I want so much to make love with you?,? she whispered.

The little vixen! Kimi?s flowing pussy yearned for the young girl?s tongue. ?Soon, Susan?very soon. Now, take David?s cock in your mouth again.? With her fingers, Kimi guided David?s penis to her lips. Susan slid them down over the head and began sucking him again, her head slowly bobbing, her lips caressing the sensitive crown.

?Lesson?what lesson are we on? Oh, never mind. Susan, I want you to try to take him deeper into your throat. Just try to relax and let the head of his cock slide back as far as it will go.?

Susan obediently sucked David?s cock deeper, feeling the head nudge the back of her throat. Since he wasn?t as big as Mr. Merriam, she found that she could get it almost all the way into her mouth, her lips straining toward the base of the shaft. She fought the urge to gag, holding him there, and then quickly moved back, coughing as her mouth flooded with saliva. A thick rope of it stretched from her mouth to his cock.

?That was really good, Susan. Now try it again. You?ll get used to it.?

Susan, thoroughly turned on by this turn of events, once again plunged her mouth down over David?s dripping-wet cock. This time the head slid down into her throat, and she found her lips pressing against the skin at the base of his cock. He was completely in her mouth! Slowly this time, she eased back, her lips pursed tightly around the shaft as they moved upward, sucking on him as she withdrew. Finally, she let him escape, teasing the sensitive place with the tip of her tongue and smiling like the cat who swallowed the canary.

?Good GIRL!? said Kimi, admiringly. ?Oooh, that was so sexy!?

Susan grinned. ?Maybe David will let me practice on him a lot, until I get really good at it.?

David still could not believe his good fortune. Susan was practically begging to suck on his cock. He imagined himself lying on her lacy canopy bed, in her bedroom at home, surrounded by lots of stuffed animals, while Susan slurped on his cock, coaxing the warm, hard spurts of come from his balls. ?Susan, you?re already good at it, but you can practice on me any time you want,? he said,

?Oh, I almost forgot, Susan,? said Kimi. ?It?s really good to maintain eye contact when you do this. Your eyes should tell him that you absolutely adore sucking his cock.? Susan opened her blue eyes and gazed up at David, her lips stretched taut around his aching penis, as her mouth slid slowly up and down.

?Okay, Susan, I think it?s almost time to let David come, don?t you? Now, the way to get him to come is to suck him nice and steady, not too fast, just in a steady rhythm. Try it, okay??

Susan was eager to show Kimi how much she?d learned. She engulfed David?s cock again, and her head began to bob as she sucked him at a slow, steady pace, slurping softly, taking him deep into her mouth each time. She never took her eyes off of his, her saliva oozing down the shaft as she bathed him with it. Kimi, meanwhile, had reached down between his legs and was softly caressing his eager young balls, coaxing them gently.

?Mmmmm?that?s perfect, Susan,? said Kimi. ?I don?t think he?s going to last much longer. Have you ever tasted a man?s come??

Susan raised her head a little and nodded yes, her lips stretched taut around the shaft of David?s cock, thinking dreamily of when David had come in the rest room, and when she had sucked Mr. Merriam?s big cock.

?Did you like it??

Susan nodded again, winking at Kimi. She was, in fact, beginning to regard the taste of come as a delicacy, something to be savored.

?Me too,? said Kimi. ?Anyway, you might have already discovered that guys have kind of a thing about their semen. They think it?s like the nectar of the gods. And they want girls they?re with to feel the same way about it. So you have to really learn to love it, okay??

?Mmm-hmmm?? said Susan, her mouth full of cock. That shouldn?t be too tough, she thought to herself. David?s face was strained and tense as he listened to Kimi?s words.

Kimi returned to her lecture, watching the girl?s delicious, patient sucking. ?So, there?s basically three things you can do when you suck a man off. First, you can swallow. Some guys love that, but it?s over kind of quickly. Second, you can let him come on your face, on your titties, or some other place on your body. A lot of guys just love to jerk off on a girl. Third, you can play with it. You know, let it ooze out of your mouth down onto his penis, or down your chin. Or you can spit it out and then lick it up again, or drape some of it over the head of his cock, that kind of thing. If there?s some on your face, you can gather it up with your finger and lick it off. That can be really sexy.?

David was going out of his mind, hearing Kimi describe what Susan could do with his come in such a matter-of-fact way. He wanted her to do all of the above.

?David, I want you to go ahead and let Susan suck all that nice hot, thick come out of your balls,? she purred. ?And Susan, I want you to hold it all in your mouth and not swallow.? She leaned forward and fastened her lips around his nipple, sucking it hard. Her hand continued it?s gentle fondling of his balls, teasing them, coaxing them to release their pent-up contents as Susan sucked him harder, more insistently, her head bobbing, her lips exerting firmer pressure as they slid up over the sensitive head.

And that?s all it took. ?OHHHHHGOOODDDDDD!!!? David groaned suddenly, his voice strangled, feeling his young balls contract. ?I?M GONNA COME!!?

Kimi released his nipple and purred. ?Oooh, yeah, come hard in her mouth, David! Let it go!?

David felt his come race upward and spew into Susan?s welcoming mouth in hot, thick pulses. Her lips pressed tightly around his youthful member, and she moaned softly as he filled her mouth with his come, so much that some of it slipped out over her lower lip and down her chin. She loved the fact that Kimi was so eagerly watching David come in her mouth, loved the sheer sexiness of the entire scene.

At last, the pulses of David?s cock eased, as Susan held his thick sperm in her mouth, her lips moving slowly on the shaft, her tongue caressing the underside.

Kimi smiled at David. ?Ooooh, David, that was so nice. Did you like having Susan suck all that hot come out of you?? David nodded, gasping for breath, feeling like he had just ejaculated his brains.

She turned to Susan. ?Susan, if he?s finished coming, I want you to ease him out of your mouth, not letting any of it escape. Just keep it in your mouth, okay??

Susan did as she was told, not sure what her teacher had in mind, but knowing it would be sexy, whatever it was. Her lips moved up over the crown of David?s flagging cock, pursing tightly around it and keeping his sperm in her mouth. Then she looked up at Kimi, letting her lips part so that she could see his accumulated come in her mouth. Kimi bent forward and kissed Susan on the lips, letting their kiss deepen. The young girl moaned again as Kimi slid her tongue into her mouth, her fingers slipping into her silky hair and holding her head. Soon they were sharing David?s viscous white come between them, forcing it back and forth with their tongues, tasting it. Some of it escaped and drooled slowly down their chins.

After a few moments, Kimi broke their kiss, and gazed into each other?s eyes. Kimi smiled as she swallowed, and Susan took her cue and did the same. Kimi leaned forward and slowly licked the stray rivulets of sperm from Susan?s face and chin, lapping at her like a kitten.

Finally, they both sat back. Susan was the first to speak. ?That was unbelievable,? she said, breathlessly. ?I?m so glad I have you as a teacher!?

?It was my pleasure, sweetheart,? said Kimi, tracing her lips with her tongue. ?But now I think it?s your turn to come. So why don?t you just lie back and relax.?

Susan gave Kimi a big smile and lay back against the couch cushion, her legs casually parted, exposing her dewy pussy, fringed with a few strands of golden hair.

?David, why don?t you get up close so you can watch,? said Kimi, smiling. David grinned and slid down to the floor on his knees, moving as close as he could.

Kimi reached out and pushed Susan?s legs up and apart a little more, and leaned forward, turning her head and touching her tongue in the hollow behind Susan?s knee. Slowly, she traced wetly with her tongue down the smooth inside of the girl?s thigh. She took her time, exploring slowly with her tongue, moving tantalizingly close to her pussy but saving that for later. Her tongue caressed the junction of her thigh and hip, then across the cheeks of her firm young ass, until Susan yearned for it to delve into the folds of her dripping-wet slit.

At last, Kimi let her tongue glide upward along the fluted petals of Susan?s delectable labia, and her breath caught in her throat. Slowly, Kimi explored between her labia, parting them with her tongue, moving close to her clit but not touching it. David watched it all with rapt attention, grateful for the opportunity to study female anatomy some more.

Kimi raised her head, and brought her hands up to Susan?s thighs again. ?Susan, I want you to hold your legs back with your arms, like this.? She arranged the girl?s forearms against her thighs, so that her legs were almost behind her head. Then Kimi slid her hands beneath Susan?s ass, holding her as she lowered her head again. Susan?s pussy and the tight little rosebud of her ass were completely on display now for Kimi to feast on. She leaned forward and slid her tongue upward between the folds of her pussy and across the girl?s quivering little clit.

?Ohhhhh!!? sighed Susan, as pleasure raced the length of her body. She watched breathlessly as Kimi lapped at her, her tongue fluttering against her clit like a feather. She couldn?t take her eyes off Kimi?s tongue-tip as it slid all over her naked, exposed flesh, even gliding down over her sensitive skin to her asshole and licking it, getting it all wet, and then worming her tongue against it, forcing it just a little way inside and wiggling it. Susan held her breath as her arousal leapt upward. She had never dreamed such pleasure was possible. Kimi seemed to know where every one of her nerve endings was hiding, waiting.

Kimi slid her tongue back upward, stiffened it, and slid it deep into her vaginal tunnel, tasting the sweet nectar flowing out of the young girl. Moving her head, she began to slowly stab her tongue in and out of her. Susan bit her lip, her orgasm lurking very near, temporarily hovering just beyond her reach. She knew, somehow, that she would come like a rocket as soon as Kimi took possession of her clit again.

Once again Kimi let her tongue slip out, and once again, she began to bathe the girl?s nakedly exposed asshole with her saliva, forcing her tongue a little further inside as Susan groaned in agony.

It was time. Kimi sensed that her beautiful student was on the edge of orgasm, and she yearned to feel her, taste her. She moved up and began lapping at her clit, with increasing pressure. Then she captured her clit with her lips and suckled it gently. Moving her hand up, she slid her third and fourth fingers into Susan?s wet vagina, thrusting them in and out as she released her clit and licked her still faster, more insistently.

Almost without any warning, Susan felt her orgasm seize her young body in an iron grip. She gasped, her breath once again catching in her lungs, as Kimi?s tongue drove her over the precipice into free fall, and she was coming!

?UHH!!! UHHH!!! UHHH!!!! OHH!!!? she gasped as the powerful surges of pleasure crashed through her, Kimi?s fingers thrusting into her as she sucked on her clit. Susan shuddered violently with the force of her come, feeling it wrench her body upward, harder than she ever had in her young life.

And then Kimi was moving up her body and wrapping her arms around her, holding her as she shook and sobbed into Kimi?s shoulders. Susan wrapped her arms around her clung to her, trembling from the aftershocks of her tremendous climax, loving the feeling of Kimi?s skin and the smooth satin, their breasts softly pressing together.

They lay there like that as Susan gently descended from the pinnacle of her orgasm. After a few moments, Kimi slowly extricated herself, while Susan lay back on the couch, a little dazed. ?Ohhh, god, that was so good!? she whispered breathlessly. ?So good. But now I?.I want?.?

Kimi smiled. ?What is it, Susan??

?I?want?I need? something inside me. More than ever!?

Kimi laughed. ?I think that can be arranged, sweetie.? She turned to David. ?David, do you think maybe that nice big cock of yours is ready for another round??

David was more than ready. Having watched as Kimi drove Susan to a furious climax, his cock had risen quickly to attention, as he imagined it plunging into Susan?s tight little pussy. ?Yes, ma?am!? he said, getting up and moving between Susan?s legs as Kimi moved aside to give him room. She reached out and closed her fingers around his cock, guiding it between her legs and moving the head up and down her sopping cleft a few times. Sensing his eagerness, and Susan?s, she positioned the head at the entrance to her vagina.

?Now, David, fuck her, nice and slow.? David savored the wonderful moment, holding back for a few seconds, and then slowly drove his aching cock all the way into Susan?s tight, welcoming pussy. Her vagina felt like a warm, wet, velvet glove gripping his cock. One thought flooded his mind. I?m fucking her! David was in a kind of Nirvana as he began to slowly thrust his cock in and out of Susan?s lusciously clasping pussy, loving every wonderful sensation, loving the adoring look on Susan?s face, loving the fact that his teacher was watching his cock slide in and out, glistening with Susan?s flowing wetness.

?Ohhh, jeezus, it?s like her pussy is sucking on my cock!? he moaned.

?Mmmmmm, David, your cock feels so gooood in me!? said Susan, breathlessly, her arousal once again rapidly building.?Fuck me like that. Don?t ever stop!?

?Oooh, David, she?s going to come all over your beautiful cock,? crooned Kimi. She bent down and sucked one of Susan?s little nipples into her mouth, cupping her budding breast in her hand.

Susan was delirious with pleasure. She had desperately needed her pussy full of cock, and now David was deep inside her, skewering in and out, while her teacher encouraged them, orchestrating their deliciously forbidden fucking. His cock didn?t stretch her the way Mr. Merriam?s had, but it felt heavenly inside her almost virginal pussy. She felt her orgasm begin again to take possession of her body, wrenching her hips upward to meet his thrusts as he accelerated his pace, bouncing off her clit each time.

?OH, GOD, GONNA COME AGAINNNNNNNN!!!!!? she screamed as her climax began to overwhelm her. David responded by fucking her harder, faster, his young cock pistoning in and out of her, working with her, helping her reach the penultimate pinnacle. ?UHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNN!!!!!?

David felt her pussy convulse around his embedded cock, gripping it tightly in successive hard spasms, proud that he had been able to hold back and let her reach her climax without pumping another hot load of sperm into her. He slowed his pace as Susan shuddered from the force of her orgasm, moving in and out of her gently, letting her gradually come down.

Kimi, by now, knew what she wanted, needed. ?David?move back for just a minute. Susan, I?m going to get on my back, and I want you to get on top of me, straddling my face. I want to lick your pussy as David fucks you from behind.?

David reluctantly slid out of Susan?s still-spasming pussy, aching to be back inside her. Susan rose from the couch on wobbly legs, and Kimi got up on the couch, on her back. Susan immediately climbed up over her, understanding now what Kimi wanted. The thought of making love to her teacher?s lovely pussy while David fucked her from behind sent the girl?s arousal spiraling upward again. She straddled Kimi?s face, and Kimi immediately raised her head and began to lick Susan?s clit. Susan buried her head between Kimi?s thighs and began to kiss and lick her pussy, her hands around her teacher?s hips. She had never tasted another girl there, and she was thrilled to add still more to her growing treasure of sexual knowledge and experience.

David, meanwhile, had moved up behind Susan?s firm ass, and Kimi reached up and once again guided him to her entrance. He slid inside her as she watched, fascinated by the merging of their bodies right in front of her eyes. David, impatient now to come again, began to thrust his cock in and out, as Kimi alternated between lapping at Susan?s clit and letting her tongue slide along the underside of his cock. He reached down to grab Susan?s ass, holding her cheeks in his hands as he watched his cock fuck in and out.

Susan was in paradise, her tongue stabbing deep into Kimi?s juicy vaginal tunnel, then sliding out and lashing at her teacher?s clit, all the while feeling David?s eager cock fucking her fast and hard, driving her inexorably toward still another shattering climax.

Slowly, the three of them built toward their mutual climax, the culmination of everything they had done together. Susan was the first one to come, crying out as Kimi licked and kissed her clit, her own body responding with a shattering orgasm as Susan eagerly returned the favor. The squeals of his two lovers and the tight grip of Susan?s pussy as she came all over his cock sent David past the point of no return. Feeling his balls tighten against the base of his cock, he moved back and his cock slipped out of Susan?s tight sheath. He wanted to reward his gorgeous teacher. He wanted her to have his come. She fastened his lips around his throbbing member just as his sperm erupted, flooding her mouth with spurt after spurt of it as she sucked him hard, loving his cock, loving his innocence and eagerness, loving his boyish come.

?Well, well, isn?t this nice?? said a calm voice from the chair across the room. David jumped, his still-drooling cock pulled from Kimi?s mouth. Kimi, too, jumped up, as Susan fell back on the couch. The three of them looked toward the voice. It was Mr. Merriam, sitting naked in the chair, gripping his big, stiff cock in his hand.
09-11-2021, at 09:11 PM

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