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The Hostess With The Mostest

Post #1

Authour's Note:
This story has a fairly long intro, so if you are want ing sex action all the way through you maybe disappointed! I enjoy writing the build up and creating a story, so if thats not your thing do not read this text, or just skip to about haflway down this story!

The party was in full swing. The music was loud and drinks were flowing. People (and there were many!) drank, danced and flirted. The house was full, fortunately it was a large enough house to cope with the large number of guests and hangers on that these college parties would inevitably attract.

Despite the fact it was a house party for the local youth in the neighbourhood, the girls had gone to great efforts. All dressed up in their best outfits, it had given the guys a treat! Usually they admired the girls about the neighbourhood or around college, but seeing them in this light aroused the hormonal young guys very much so!

The party?s hostess was relaxed. Her parents would not be back until next Friday, giving her a week to clear up and make the house look as though nothing had happened! So now she was able to get nice and drunk and enjoy herself!

Fortunately Sophie?s two big sisters Laura and Anna were away too. They would probably have kyboshed the whole thing, had they been present!
Even though they were only four and two years older respectively than Sophie, they still treated her like a kid!

At sweet 16, however, Sophie was far from being a kid now, she was at college after all!
And how she had blossomed within the last year!

Like her two big sisters Sophie was always at the hub of social activities and very much a queen bee of her large group of friends upon the college campus.
The three of them were very blessed, good at academia, friendly and popular and also a whiz at sports, they were never short of male attention!

Sophie, the baby of the family, although very good looking had not inherited the deep dark brown eyes of her two elder siblings and she was a lot more blonde and fair.

Sophie?s face was slightly more chiselled in feature and her jaw a little more squared than her sisters? softer features and she had narrow dark eyes, framed by dark eyebrows and curved long eyelashes.

Despite not looking like a carbon copy of her two sisters and mother, Sophie was still very much a beautiful young lady!
And the one thing that really made her stand out from the crowd was the fact that she had been very well blessed in the chest department!

Dwarfing Laura and Anna, both of who were slightly built (ideal for hockey tournaments), Sophie?s assets were very much the source of attention and inappropriate conversation for many young men! Young men who would often come to cheer their classmates on during inter college hockey games, with ulterior motive of slyly spying Sophie?s beautiful boulders bounce with each tackle and wobble with every strike of the putt!

Back to her party and Sophie and her pretty friends had been on the end of much attention and admiring glances from the male contingent in the big lounge.
Although few would dare to pluck up the courage to go up there and lay it out there for Sophie, what with her queen bee status and in front of the large group of friends that always hung around her.
After all it was rather intimidating putting yourself and your reputation out there on the line in front of all your classmates and neighbours!
But many of the guys had been casting admiring glances at Sophie?s great bust as her more than ample mounds bulged out of her pretty black cocktail dress.

As the night wore on into the early hours, the party began to slow down.
Like with many hormonal teenagers, the girls and the guys began to pair off and disappear into secretive corners of the house and garden, or head home with girlfriends, boyfriends and those who had been less lucky in love slunk off into the night, hoping for better luck next time!

Joleen, Sophie?s good friend said her goodbyes to her hostess and left hand in hand with her boyfriend Jacob.

Looking around her Sophie suddenly realised that all her friends had now departed and dropped away, she was on her own!
She slipped off to the kitchen sulkily, some guests were still chatting quietly listening to music in the lounge, but Sophie didn?t want to talk to them.
Why hadn?t any man approached her!? She thought bitterly.
It?s my party! Where?s my fun?! Sophie sulked to herself, pouring herself a large glass of white wine.

Archie, a cocky young gent had been chatting with a couple of friends when he saw Sophie disappear into the kitchen alone out of the corner of his beady eye.
He distanced himself from the conversation and slowly drifted toward the kitchen door.
Never would such an opportunity present itself like this again! Sophie, all alone it was a done deal, or so he thought!

Archie?s heart sank as he strode confidently into the kitchen. For there at the table in front of him was Sophie, chatting and giggling in a flirtatious manner with another guy!

Archie knew the other guy as Nate. A few years older than Archie and Sophie, Nate had a well paid job and a nice car which was often full of giggling girls.

Archie was not the sort to be put off easily, especially not now he had built his hopes up!

Sophie and Nate looked up.
Sophie smiled and asked how it was going, Nate nodded curtly, but did not look too impressed at the sight of a rival male on his patch!
?Mind if I join you? The chat?s getting dull out there!? Archie lied.
?More the merrier!? Sophie trilled tipsily.

?Nate was just telling me about the time he nearly got done for overloading his car with people.? Sophie explained giggling.

?Oh yeah? Sounds thrilling!? Archie retorted cheekily.
Nate scowled. Sophie giggled drunkenly.
?Do I detect a hint of sarcasm there Archibald?!? She enquired in mock seriousness.

?No, no I?m honestly thrilled by it? Archie attempted to look sincere, meeting Nate?s stare.
?I see why you might find it boring matey. I mean this is grown up talk to you. I mean, you still have a good while yet until you can actually learn to drive, let alone get your won car!? Nate sneered mockingly.

Sophie laughed, her dirty sounding laugh. Archie felt hot under the collar. He wouldn?t let this smug prick outdo him!

?Are you sure you don?t need to drive home yet matey? I know your car doesn?t like to be left out of the garage overnight?!? Archie teased, slyly looking Sophie?s way for approval.

?Thanks for the concern, but when your legally allowed to drink, it means your not allowed to drive a car. You?ll learn that when you grow up a bit!? Sophie sniggered into her glass of wine.
?Anyway the lovely Sophie has allowed me to stay over for the night, so how could I refuse such a kind invitation!?? Nate mocked.

Archie felt hot shame creeping onto his cheeks. Do not let this idiot get to you. He thought to himself.

?Shall we take this somewhere more comfortable?? Nate asked, turning to Sophie.
Archie looked at her smiling drunkenly at Nate. He looked down. Her cleavage looked fabulous. He could not let this go, not when he had been so close!

As Nate got up, he took Sophie?s hand. But Archie wasn?t having this! He leapt up as well. Fortunately he was also a little worse for wear, so any social awkwardness he may have felt was now out the window!

Walking alongside Sophie he joined them as they headed to the staircase. The stairs were narrow, forcing Archie on the hind foot.
As the got to the bedroom Nate turned to him and said;
?It?s ok matey I can take it from here.?
?Not likely!? Archie replied.
?Sophie and I haven?t finished chatting yet!? Archie answered, attempting to barge his way though the door past Nate.
?Listen. We?re not going to be doing much talking from here on in. it?s kind of a grown up thing!? Nate teased, trying to shove Archie out the room.

?Guys, would you just come and sit down?? Sophie sighed.
Nate and Archie stopped pushing and shoving and joined her on either side of the sofa that was in one corner of her big bedroom.

?Luckily I?ve bought up the wine to finish up? Sophie smiled.
She seemed to be leaning more towards Nate much to Archie?s annoyance!

The room was dimly lit in the far corner, so the sofa was shrouded in partial darkness. And as Archie leaned in to try and get Sophie?s full attention his heart sank yet again!
No wonder all had gone quiet! She was kissing him!

Archie was furious! He wanted to bash Nate in the head! How dare they do it in front of him!!
Archie was used to getting what he wanted. Anyway he was a good looking guy, popular, he?d had the odd girl before! What did Nate have, besides a car?! He had thought Sophie would be able to see through all that.

Archie found himself staring at the heavily kissing couple. He was hurt, angry and jealous, but he couldn?t tear his eyes away. He felt a dull ache in his crotch. Dammit! Why does this have to happen now?!

?You still here?? Nate asked pulling away from Sophie?s juicy mouth for a moment and looking witheringly at Archie.
Archie wanted to smack him good and hard.

?Of course he is!? Sophie turned and smiled at Archie, immediately soothing his hurt feelings and welling rage.
?He?s our very own voyeur!? She giggled.
Archie suddenly felt ashamed and almost went to make his excuses and leave. If Sophie thought he was just there as a weirdo to watch them, then that was the lowest of the low!

But the next thing Sophie did changed Archie?s mind! As she continued to passionately snog Nate, her left hand came to rest upon Archie?s stiff crotch!

She could blatantly feel the hardness in his trouser and she caressed it slowly as she kissed Nate.
Archie couldn?t believe his lucky stars! He placed a hand upon her ample thigh and massaged it gently, reaching further up her leg to her crotch.

Looking down, Archie saw that his eager hand had slipped the silky material up her thigh, leaving her luscious soft skin bare. Then he noticed where her right hand was rested. In Nate?s crotch!
He looked hard too! And Sophie was pleasuring them both!

Nate?s hand was rested upon Sophie?s right thigh, caressing it.
Both men were gyrating against Sophie?s hands. Both men?s hands were now tugging away at Sophie?s panty crotch.
Nate was first to get in. his more experienced fingers worked their way to the bald, fleshy, moist skin of Sophie?s lips.

Sophie gasped as she felt the wriggling sausagey fingers working their magic inside her. Archie changed tack and slipped his hand down the top of her underwear and following the thin landing strip of hair which led neatly to her aching clitty.
Archie felt a thrill shoot through his chest as he came into contact with the swollen bud.

Sophie squirmed and her breathing became heavier as the two guys worked their fingers in circles about her crotch. The silence was deafening, aside from Sophie?s ecstatic gasps that appeared to be involuntary.
?Yesss Yesssss, Keep at it Boysssss!? She breathed, her head back mouth slightly open, eyes closed.

While all this was going on Sophie had been continuing to caress the two hard bulges in the two guy?s trousers.
Nate was now ready for the next step. He unfastened the belt on his jeans and, expertly, with the one free hand he unbuttoned himself, allowing Sophie access to his nether regions!
Obligingly Sophie reached into his pants to feel his great length.
?Oooooh someone?s a big boy!? She said raising her eyebrows and smiling her rude smile.

Not be outdone Archie un did his belt, but struggled to remove his buttons as well as Nate had done. In the end he had not reluctantly move his hand away from Sophie?s pounding clit, allowing Nate full run of her panties!

Archie was now free of his trousers and he guided Sophie?s resting left hand back onto his pitched underwear. Sophie slipped her hand beneath his undies and grasped his rock hard 6 inches. As she tugged a squelching noise issued from the two guy?s pants. Their sticky clear discharge was leaking all over her hot hands.

Presently Nate hooked a finger round the crotch of Sophie?s thong and pulled. Sophie obediently raised her shapely legs and allowed her soggy panties to be discarded.

?And so to bed? Nate said breaking the tense horny silence. The three of them stood up. Sophie and Nate kissed long and hard was their embrace.
Archie pressed up behind Sophie, prodding her sexy, yet somewhat overlooked behind. He kissed her neck and blonde hair, while she and Nate locked lips passionately.

They stood in this threeway embrace for some time.
Then Archie slowly reached up and with each hand caressed the sides of Sophie?s colossal globes.
Sophie responded by yanking Nate?s boxer shorts down, letting his long length spring up like a jack-in-the-box.
Archie suppressed a gasp. Sophie was right! As much as Archie hated to admit, Nate was a VERY big boy! Possibly 8 ½ 9inches of prime pork sword, stiff and ready for action.

Feeling a little self conscious, Archie buried his 6inches into Sophie?s ample rear. Here he would be safe and unseen!

Sophie was enjoying the attention from her two horny companions.
Hands were groping her all over. Big Nate was feeling up and down and her thighs, reaching her glorious wet honey pot.
Meanwhile Archie was now gyrating hard into her soft silky dress, his hard point poking her sharply. His hand roughly squeezing and massaging her wondrous big mams!

Presently Archie pulled his hands up to the thin straps of her cocktail dress. He gently slipped them down and unzipped the back of her outfit?
And then he pulled the silk material, over the front of the huge fun bags. Nate stood back to admire what Archie had just revealed.

There they were, in all their glory. Sophie?s much admired, most sought after breasts! Perched upon the undone dress, they were kept nice and pert. Due to there colossal size they weren?t quite as firm as many young ladies? but they did not sag terribly either.

Nate leaned in and took her right nipple in his mouth and teased it between his tongue and teeth. Sophie continued to tug his stiffy.
The three of them stumbled over to the bed, still kissing, licking, caressing and grinding.

As they collapsed in a big horny heap, Archie locked his mouth onto her left nipple and both males suckled away like piglets at the teat.
Archie finally removed his underwear, revealing his dribbling stiff rod.

Sophie was able to reach down and grasp both hard hornyguys and pull them as they sucked and nibbled her nips.
Sophie raised her legs high and wide to expose her juicy wet slit. She guided both males to it, so that their dribbling, pulsating helmets were kissing her warm opening.

Archie and Nate could feel her warmth and dampness, this spurred them both on in an attempt to enter her. Both guys pushed forwards. Sophie knew what was going to happen. She opened her legs as wide as would allow between the two big boys.

The two men?s penises met. Both heads pressed tightly together as their masters forced them forwards into the goal, the hole!

Oddly to both guys, it felt exceedingly arousing feeling a rival dick rubbing against his own. Their rival juices met.

Sophie heaved herself down, feeling the ache deep within her being overtaken by a sharp pain as both men entered her, she was scared she would tear, but seemingly the combination of their lubricating love liquids was enough to sooth the pain and clear a nice path for both penises to plough deep inside her.

They were helmet to helmet still, but now lodged inside Sophie. Being shorter, Archie was balls deep in her, while Big Nate still had a couple of inches to go.
Still more juices flowed from Sophie, running down over Archie?s hairy sac and down the thick base of Nate?s shaft.
This allowed Nate to drive the remaining two inches into Sophie with ease. He was now probing deep into her cervix, leaving Archie trailing in his wake, Sophie was moaning now, feeling these two guys so deep in her, probing her ever further, causing her body to shudder and spasm.

Archie?s hairy sac was now squashed tightly against his opposite number?s.
Nate could feel it too. Those messy hairs were tickling his clean shaven balls.
Both of them could feel one another?s fat juicy scrotums squashing against each other, their balls intertwining as they began to pump young Sophie in unison.

Both Archie and Nate returned to their tit sucking as they pumped.
Sophie was in seventh heaven! She was panting, emitting soft moans at each thrust.

On they went, driving deep, each trying to outdo one another, both trying to prove they had the greater stamina.
In truth Archie was barely holding out. He had only been with one other girl and that had been more of an awkward fumble.
This, however, was how he had dreamed of sex as it should be!

His dream girl, enormous breasts that he had longed to fondle, let alone suck on and oddly the feeling of those smooth soft balls of another man felt most arousing!

But he must not ejaculate! He must outlast Nate! He could prove he had the staying power, experience would not count for everything.

But Nate was feeling the same! But he had trained himself to hang in and control his orgasm.
Expertly he reached to the swollen clitoris of Sophie and began teasing it quickly and gently with his middle finger.
It didn?t take Sophie long to climax. She began to gyrate and pant against the two men lodged deep inside her. Her entire body was shaking. Her big breasts were wobbling violently as her orgasm took hold of her entire being. Sophie stiffened. Her eyes screwed shut, her arms locked around the two boys? necks, for one minute she came.

Finally Sophie relinquished her grip and sank, panting into the pillows. Archie slipped out of the tight love hole. He was covered in a thick film of slime.

Nate was still deep in Sophie. She closed up, her muscular walls tightened round the big thick rod surprisingly snugly, given that she had just accommodated two guys at once!

Nate rolled her over so that she was riding him, which she did so with great gusto! Sophie bounced roughly upon Nate?s big pole. Up and down, up and down, up and down she went, her titanic titties bouncing excitedly!
?WOAH! WOAH! WOAH! WOAH! WOAH!? She yelled full operatic shouts, eyes closed, twiddling her erect nipples as she bounced, her ponytail jigged up and down in motion with her motion.

Archie was slightly taken aback by the loud noises emitting from this hot girl!
He wanted to get back in on the action! As Sophie hunched over Nate, her big boobs squashing up against his pectorials.
This revealed her dick filled vagina, but more importantly to Archie her tight little back passage was exposed!

Her cheeks were being pulled apart by Nate, stretching her pink star, which glistened in the soft lighting. It had been soaked by the combined juices and was nicely lubed, as was Archie?s slimy penis!

Crouching behind the fornicating pair Archie mounted Sophie.
Sophie looked behind in surprised as Archie?s fat head kissed the tight wrinkled skin of her bum.

?I don?t know about that, Archibald?? She said doubtfully.

?C?mooon! You?ve already taken two in the front, what?s one in the back?? Archie coaxed, pressing harder against Sophie?s rear end.

?Well I suppo-OOH! AhhOOWWW!? Sophie cut off in shock as she felt a sharp stabbing pain in her rear.
Archie had not waited for a reply! He thrust forcefully and with surprising ease he was in! Sophie?s sphincter closed tightly around Archie?s stiff organ, the velvet muscle was gripping him with a pleasurable pressure.

Archie took hold of Sophie?s hips and began to pump.
Again both males were pumping in unison. Again Sophie felt that good old tingling feeling deep inside, working its way up to her chest, ready to be released in gasps of ecstasy.
Archie looked in the mirror that overlooked the head of the bed. Nate was on the bottom, eyes tight shut, emitting low groans of pleasure.
Sandwiched in the middle was Sophie. Her beautiful face expressing a mixture of pain and utmost pleasure, eyes closed, eyebrows sloped in a concentrated frown. Her arms propping her body up, hands resting either side of Nate?s muscular arms . Her wondrous globes of pleasure bulging, swinging over Nate?s chest, nipple to nipple they were.
Then, top of the pile was he, Archie! His head just above Sophie?s. his hands gripping onto her hips as he drilled her anal passage.

What a sight it was!

Sophie opened her eyes and saw her reflection sandwiched between these two muscular studs.
The mere sight of it, mingled with the feeling of the two men wedged in her orifices caused Sophie came for a second time. Her crotch shuddering again, pummelling the pair of pricks that pounded her.
?UhhhhhhhhhhUUUUUUUUUH!!? She gasped, collapsing on Nate?s chest.
This time Nate popped out of her pusspuss.
Sophie rolled off Nate, causing Archie to pop out of her gaping botty.

Nate quickly leapt upon her again, ploughing back into her throthing honey pot.
Not to be outdone Archie climbed in front of his competitor and straddled her voluptuous chest.
This was what he had been waiting for! Archie buried his aching bone in between the gloriously warm mounds of flesh.
Sophie pushed them together and Archie began to rub.
Oh it felt good! Oh it was utter heaven!

He did not care that his squashed ball sac and open butt crack was on show to the slightly disgruntled and revolted Nate, because this was the ultimate in pleasure!

?UH UH UH UH UH UH UH! UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH!!? He grunted noisily as he watched his bell end peek in and out, in and out of the big bronze bosoms.
Sophie obligingly licked and sucked his helmet each time it popped into her face.

Within moments Archie was unable to take anymore, the whole situation was too much! With a loud, long groan, nosily, powerful squirts of semen came gushing out of the gaping eye. Marble white shots leaked onto Sophie?s chest and stray jets hit her chin and cheeks.

Archie sank forward, his belly in Sophie?s pretty face, his bum hole winking at Nate.

Nate had seen enough of this!
?Out the way old boy!? He grunted roughly shoving Archie off poor Sophie?s face.
Sinking his impressive penis between the now slime covered chest, Nate began to wank his own tool between the amazing breasts.

?Oh wow Oh wow HO MAMA HO MAMA OH WOOOOOOOOW!!? He roared, grunting and thrusting, sending shots of hot white love milk all over her stunning cleavage, long strands reaching her lips and cute nose.

The three of them lay there panting, exhausted.

?Well you certainly are a most accommodating hostess!? Archie sighed contentedly.

?The hostess with the mostest!? Grunted Nate grinning in self satisfaction.

Sophie smiled happily, it had been so worth the wait!
06-25-2021, at 02:56 AM

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