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Lindsey: An Unlikely Romance part 9

Post #1

Lindsey Chapter Nine

The next few weeks, Lindsey had put items she needed for sleepovers on my Amazon account and the few times we were able to get together were amazing. But Thanksgiving came around. The boys went to see their mother in her new house. Josh did come by and we had a beer and talked about how much he liked college. He even began seeing a girl and things were getting serious.

Lindsey went to her mom?s in Boston. Like usual her mother paid little to no attention to her. I had half a mind to fly out there, we could have spent the weekend together without interruption, but I settled for texting. The house was quiet but I spent most of my time working on the Camaro. The few rust repairs that were needed were complete, and I began with body modifications to allow larger tires. I was welding on the wheel tubs when my phone started blowing up. Lindsey was texting me. She and her mother had a huge fight and she wanted to come home. She didn?t know what to do. It was Wednesday before thanksgiving and the airports would be a mess. I jumped on the phone to my travel agent. He came through in a big way. He had a car pick Lindsey up at her mom?s and got her on a plane to San Francisco. She landed early Thanksgiving morning. Her father had gone to Minnesota to his mother?s. He texted me and asked if I would drive her home and make sure she was ok till he flew back in that Sunday.

I arrived about an hour before her plane landed. For some reason I was nervous. I had butterflies in my stomach. I could hardly stand the anticipation. As soon as the flight monitor went from on time to arrived I sprung out of my chair and went up to where she would be coming out. It was torture waiting; I knew they still had to pull up to a gate and deplane but I was like a kid at Christmas. Then in a crowd of people I saw a flash of red hair. She was jumping trying to see over the sea of people. Then she saw me and screamed so loud I thought the guy in front of her shit himself. She pushed her way through the crowd and jumped into my arms. We had just spent the night together a week ago before she left. But it was like we had been apart for months. She held me so tight.

We kept the kissing innocent till we got her bags and got to my car. The parking garage was packed but that didn?t stop us. We made out hot and heavy for quite some time until the people with the car next to me showed up. We straightened up and got out of there. On the way home she couldn?t keep her hands off of me. It was hard to drive safely.

We got home and before I pulled in the driveway Lindsey had her shirt off and my pants unzipped. I put the parking brake on and killed the engine. Lindsey had her lips wrapped around my cock the second my hands came off the wheel. She eagerly sucked me until it began to get cold, it was five in the morning in November; it was getting cold in the car quickly. The windows were fogging up. I pulled her off my cock and gently pulled her chin up for a kiss. We made out for a while but I wanted to get her inside. We got out of the car, Lindsey just threw her top on and didn?t bother buttoning it. She ran to the back door and turned and flashed me then ?oh shit!? She exclaimed! And she turned around and ran inside laughing hysterically. I turned to see my neighbor Bob?s head go back behind his fence. Fortunately I know Bob well enough that he wouldn?t say a word.

I got inside and Lindsey was completely naked leaning up against my banister. Well, we didn?t make it up the stairs. She did a sexy seductive walk to me, swaying her hips. And yanked my pants down and continued the fantastic blow job, as she sucked me I removed the rest of my clothes. She seemed determined to make me cum right then and there. I picked her up, threw her up and her legs draped over my shoulders, I caught her by her ass cheeks and and lifted her little pussy to my mouth. It happened so fast it took Lindsey by surprise. She grabbed handfuls of my hair to steady herself. I have a high ceiling in my living room, I turned and she was pinned against the wall while I ate her beautiful pussy. She had one hand in my hair the other was groping her face and chest as she came. She was cumming hard and her juices were flowing. I could tell she was losing her balance so I lowered her back down. She just looked up at me astounded. We sunk to the floor right in my living room. We rolled around kissing; I was on my back up against the couch. Lindsey straddled me and rode me wildly. Squeezing her sweet ass cheeks as she bounced on me Lindsey was cumming hard and loud. I pulled off as her orgasm subsided. She got on her knees with her ass high in the air. I got behind her and slipped inside her. I could tell that I was going a bit too deep. So I shortened my strokes, but picked up the pace. Lindsey straightened up and at this angle pulling her in tight by the arms I slammed into her hard. We came together hard. Just as we laid on the floor the door opened!

?Jesus dad!? Josh exclaimed and averted his eyes. Lindsey scrambled; grabbing a wad of clothes she ran up the stairs and nonchalantly said ?hey Josh!? As she ran by him. Josh was speechless. I grabbed my pants slipped them on and gathered the rest of my clothes. Jake walked into the kitchen. ?So, it?s true,? Josh said. ?Depends what you?re talking about.? ?Dad, how long have you been fucking Lindsey?? I told him the truth. Putting my shirt back on I offered him some coffee. We sat in the breakfast nook and drank coffee. He was skeptical at first , but after talking for a few minutes he said, ?Wow dad, I?ve never seen you this happy. Mom says it?s your midlife crisis, but it?s more, isn?t it?? I told him it was. Lindsey came back down and stood in the doorway listening. She reluctantly walked in not sure what to say. She went from little wild sex vixen to polite young lady. ?Can I pour you another cup?? She asked. Josh declined but I accepted. She sat down next to me with her own cup and mine. Josh said he came over to see if I need any company on thanksgiving. ?Obviously you don?t, I see.? Lindsey leaned over, ?my bags are still in your car I?ll be right back? she whispered. I insisted she stay put and I went out and grabbed them. Josh walked out with me. ?So, dad, do Lindsey?s parents know?? I told him no and that until she finished college I wanted it to remain private. He was still not sure about the relationship but he would go along. I brought Lindsey?s bags upstairs and went back out the talk to Josh more.

I told Josh I was still going to make Thanksgiving dinner for Lindsey and me, and I would have more than enough for him too. Bob saw Josh pull up and came over to say hi. They talked about college. After a while Josh went back inside. Bob had a shit-eating grin on his face. ?Congratulations, that?s a hell of a rebound girl!? Bob was less than tactful when it came to women. I was not entirely comfortable with him knowing about Lindsey. He tried to get me to tell him more but I wouldn?t.

I went inside and Josh was watching tv. We sat down and Josh said he wasn?t going to stay for dinner. He said his mother would be upset and it looked like Lindsey and I needed some time alone. He waited till Lindsey came down from getting cleaned up. He assured the both of us that he was cool with everything, ?but it will be awkward when my step mom is younger than my wife.? We laughed and I showed him the door.

That afternoon we spent in the kitchen. We had fun cooking together, I never had this much fun just being with someone. We sat down for dinner early, other than my boys not being there I couldn?t imagine a better Thanksgiving. After dinner we cleaned up the kitchen. And when it came time to do the dishes there was a moment when I reached over Lindsey to grab a dry dish towel and she turned to set a dish down. It was déjà vu. Only this time rather than shrink away I leaned into it. Lindsey looked up, stood on her tip toes and kissed me. She dropped the dish, it crashed on the ground as she jumped up in my arms. I set her on the counter. I took off my shirt and Lindsey did the same. I took her cute little bra off revealing her gorgeous little breasts. I sucked her breasts as she ran her fingers through my hair. I kissed up to her neck and reached up and pulled her panties off. There she was on my kitchen counter, topless, one leg up, her skirt riding up exposing her beautiful little pussy. It was too much. I had to stand back and take it all in.

?Are you going to fuck me Mr Anderson?? It was just so dirty the way she called ?Mr Anderson? during sex. I don?t know why but that always drove me wild. I puffed up my chest, put my serious face on and yanked my belt off sharply, unbuttoned my pants and unzipped. And let my pants fall doing my best tough guy act. Lindsey bit her lower lip and flashed her wicked smile. Slowly I removed my boxers stepping towards her. I put my arm under her knee and pulled her onto my rock hard cock. This angle she was painfully tight. That didn?t stop me from delivering powerful deep thrusts. She came hard and loudly. I pulled out of her, still playing the tough guy role. I stepped back and gave her a look, I didn?t have to ask. Lindsey slid off the counter top and went to her knees. She eagerly sucked her own juices off my cock, looked up with those big green eyes as she took me deep. ? she pulled off, is this what you wanted Mr Anderson? ? she said in a cute little way. I just grunted in approval. She was bound and determined to make me cum like before. So I let her. ?Your gonna make me cum, is that what you want?? I growled at her. ?Yes Mr Anderson! I want to taste you!? And she went back with even more enthusiasm. It didn?t take long before I was ready, Lindsey backed off and jerked my full load into her open mouth. She swallowed and looked up and said ?Wow Mr Anderson, that was some thanksgiving desert! Mmmmm!?

She got up, put her shirt back on and continued washing dishes like nothing happened. My god I was in love! We finished the dishes, I was buck naked the rest of the time. After I put my clothes on and poured myself a beer. I offered Lindsey a drink, she asked if I had any wine. I went over to my bar, opened a three hundred dollar bottle of wine that I was saving since my wife and I first got married. I poured her a glass, ?you know, this wine is older than you?? I chuckled. ?Naw, I was just born twenty years too late.? We laughed together, it was a beautiful cold but clear night. We went out on my deck and stared at the stars. I finally asked Lindsey what happened between her mother and her.

Her mother had found her birth control and when she admitted to being sexually active it was world war three. Lindsey couldn?t understand why parents who treated her like a burden would care so much about her being in love. I would have figured her father would have said something to her mother, but apparently they don?t talk even about something that important. Lindsey was finished with her glass of wine and came over and sat in my lap in the cool night air.

It wasn?t late yet but we were up so early we were ready for bed. I carried Lindsey to bed, she was sound asleep the moment her head hit the pillow. I laid beside her and fell asleep. An hour later Lindsey woke, still tipsy from the wine and very horny. I woke and she already had me hard and was on top of me, she said she was trying to be gentle and see if I would sleep through it. I laid there and let her have control. The moonlight lit the room up, her beautiful pale skin shone blue in the moonlight, her hair was jet black. And she was as graceful and elegant as she is on stage playing her violin. I wish I could say that was the most incredible night of our lives, but Lindsey always had a way of raising the bar. It was five am by the time we were done. We had made love on and off all day it seemed everything else was just taking a breather.

That morning we slept till ten. We both got up and took a shower. With the same tenderness of the night before we washed each other head to to. That afternoon we went to a shopping mall, we stopped by a jewelry store. There was this ring she fell in love with but was afraid to give me the impression she wanted me to buy it for her. She pulled me away from that store when I asked the salesman about it. We walked to the department store right next to the jewelry store. I had to use the restroom, Lindsey said she would just wait out in front of the store. When I came back Lindsey was back at the jewelry store, I kept my distance. She was trying on that ring, and now without me around she was gushing over it. I waited a bit longer and she thanked the sales man for showing her then went back to the department store front to wait for me. I met up with her and we continued shopping. I was buying her clothes and shoes and makeup. I never liked shopping with my ex wife, but with Lindsey I loved buying her stuff. And it took some doing before she would let me.

We had a nice lunch and I dropped her off at her house. I told her I had some things at work that needed my attention but I would be back to pick her up for dinner. I raced back to the mall and the man at the jewelry counter recognized me. ?I take it you would like to pick up the ring your daughter was looking at?? He asked. Wow that hit home. I just told him yes. I looked at it, the it was a diamond surrounded by emeralds, it was a pretty big diamond. I asked how the fit was, he said it would have to be adjusted but that would be no charge. He knew exactly how much smaller it needed to be. The ring was five grand and I was pleasantly surprised, there are many rings there over ten grand. I paid for the ring and filled out my information and it was to be delivered in a week.

I drove to the office and put the paperwork for the ring in the safe next to my desk. I didn?t want to risk Lindsey finding it.

I arrived to pick up Lindsey and take her out for a nice dinner. She wore a green sparkly evening gown and was made up incredibly sexy and grown up. We went to the steakhouse in town. Before our drinks came, Lindsey got up to use the restroom. When she was gone Karen came walking into the restaurant. I tried to hide behind my menu but it was no use. ?I would spot that car anywhere Dale.? She said coming up to say high. She kept rambling on about another fund raiser she had thought of and I was sweating bullets. She asked if I was alone or if my boys were there. There was no use so I told her a half truth, ?No, I?m actually here with Lindsey.? Karen?s jaw dropped, before she could speak I continued.? Her dad called me to pick her up from the airport, her mother and her got into a big fight and she just wanted to go home. Well I went to check on her and she was going to microwave some dinner so I decided it would be nice to get her some real food.? Karen looked unsure about my explanation. And then Lindsey came back. Well she was dressed to kill and I don?t think Karen or her husband was ready for that. I knew I was busted. Karen greeted Lindsey, looked at me and whispered ?Don?t do anything stupid if you haven?t already!? I feigned offense to that remark. Soon as Karen walked out of ear shot Lindsey let out an ?oopsie!? We had dinner sitting across from each other, we even kept the conversation innocent. But Lindsey kept sending me text with the tongue emoji along with the cat, or the tongue emoji with the roster.

When we got to her house she asked why I was dropping her off, ? I have a change of clothes at your place.? She said questioningly. I said there was a good chance Karen would follow us or check up on her. She protested but understood the kind of problems this could create for me, we risked one last kiss and I left her at her door. Once she was safely in I went home. Very disappointed that I was stupid enough to bring her out in town to a place like, that with her dressed to kill. The entire way home Lindsey blew up my phone. When I parked the car I looked and it started with just kissy emoji, and went into the ?I love you? and then reminiscing about how we first kissed and how many times before that she had tried but lost the courage. I wrote back letting her know how impossibly hard it was to deny my own feelings for her. And how amazing she is. Then she said she was crying because she couldn?t be with me right then. The conversation turned a little dirty after that, she began with how she blew me in the kitchen and how we had done it in every room in the house with the exception of my boys rooms and the laundry room. She said that she was coming over in the morning and I was to fuck her in the laundry room. I laughed thinking she was just being funny, I called her to hear her voice one more time before I went to bed, we said goodnight and I could her her struggle to get the words out. I was heartbroken.

That morning I was woke by my bed being rocked violently. Lindsey had taken a running leap into bed. She kissed me with my morning breath and all, she acted like it wasn?t even a thing. I got up to pee and brush my teeth. When I got out of the bathroom Lindsey led me by the hand and out of the room. I asked her where we were going, ?to the laundry room silly! Your going to fuck me there!? My dick was awake right then. When we got in there Lindsey grabbed a comforter from the linen closet and threw it on the floor. She pulled down my pajama bottoms and made sure I was ready. Once her lips were certain I was hard enough she stripped down. She jumped on me like a little spider monkey. She reached between us with her free hand and set her self on me. I bounced her on my rod, she was so wet I could feel her gushing as I plunged into her. Despite being before sun rise I was full of vigor. My laundry room was too small for much so I just bounced her on me until finally I filled her with my first load of the day. We were sweating but not tired, we took a shower in the tiny downstairs bathroom to check that one off the list.

After I made us bacon and eggs, I was going to need all the protein and healthy fats I could get for todays work out. While we were eating Lindsey begged me to take her home and fuck her in every room of her parents house. I?m sure glad my personal trainers testosterone boosting program seemed to be working. My recovery time was minimal and my stamina has never been this high. Not even when I was a teenager. We cleaned up breakfast and I was ready to go again, but Lindsey just teased my cock and said ?Not till you take me home and fuck me!?

We ended up in her car, we drove to her house and into her garage. She shut the door and said ?garage?? I shrugged ?sounds like a good place to start! We got out of the car as we undressed she told me about the rainy night when I fixed my car in there, and how she took my wet towel when I left and masturbated to my smell that was left on it. It was so fucking hot how she described playing with her pussy with the part that smelled like my cologne over her face. As she described the orgasm she had that night she came all over my cock. One down.

She led me by the hand into her living room where she bent over the arm of the couch. I fucked her there until she came again. Next was the kitchen. Here she told me about the night at the pool party, and how when she got home she touched herself thinking about my hard cock pressed against her, that was the first time she had ever came masturbating. Next their den.

We fucked on their dinner table and I came hard inside her. We took a break and got some water. The next leg of the tour took us up stairs. We fucked for an hour in that room. And I had spilled my second load. We jumped in the shower to cool off and catch our breath. We went down stairs and Lindsey made us lunch. We sat and ate lunch and we talked about college. I told her about getting my engineering degree and how it has paid off for me, after lunch we just held each other for hours talking, we talked about places we wanted to go and where we saw ourselves in ten years. It was a pleasant thought down the road when we wouldn?t have to hide.

It was getting dark before we realized, ?it?s getting late and you still have three more rooms to fuck me in.? She said getting up and reaching out to grab my hand. We went up stairs. In her dads office first, then the upstairs bathroom and finally her parents bed room, that felt a little awkward to me but she begged me. That last round was much more slow and loving that the earlier sex. We made love in the starlight on her fathers bed. We made love for so long afterwards I fell asleep.

That morning I woke falling out of bed to a loud ?WHAT THE FUCK?? I was yanked out of bed. Lindsey?s dad had come home a early! I was scrambling for my clothes still unaware of where I was exactly. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Lindsey?s father yank her out of bed by the hair. Buck naked I rushed over there grabbed his wrist and nearly broke it before he let her go. He took a swing at me and missed hitting his dresser. He tried again but when he lunged I stepped aside and shoved him down. I had enough time to throw my pants on before he tried some wanna be MMA take down move on me. I didn?t mean to toss him down the stairs, it was really his own fault! Lindsey?s was yelling ?don?t hurt him? her dad got up and said ?don?t hurt him? He?s a fucking dead man!? ?I was talking to him DAD!? She was right this Jack was only five six and one seventy five soaking wet. I was just trying to make an exit, and find my fucking shoes.

I found one shoe when it went zipping by my head, the second hit me square in the nose. He came at me again, the little Irishman had fire in his belly for sure. But I?m six three and have a good seventy pounds on him. I just held out my arm and he throat punched him self in my hand and went down hard. Lindsey was crying ?Dad! Just fucking stop! You?re just going to get hurt!? I apologize to Lindsey and called an Uber on my way out. I sat on the street corner waiting for my ride when a squad car showed up. I turned to see what was going on and was ordered on the ground at gun point. One cop stood on my neck while the other did his best to dislocate my shoulder hand cuffing me even though I gave zero resistance. I still had a knee on my neck as I heard Jack come up. Telling the officer how I broke into his house and assaulted him.

The officer on my neck got up and I looked around Lindsey came out begging them to let me go. She was crying her eyes out. The neighbors were looking out their windows, another car pulled up and two officers yanked to my feet and over the hood of one of the cars. I was patted down at gun point, but I kept calm and quiet. Next I was tossed in the back seat of one of the cars right as my Uber arrived. The two younger cops who drew down on me were explaining the situation to an older cop about my age. The older officer seemed much more sensible than his younger colleagues. The other two let the older gentleman begin to take the report. The car door was left open but I could only hear some of the conversation, but I had an advocate in Lindsey correcting some of her fathers outrageous claims. I heard him start with claiming I broke in and Lindsey shot back ?That?s bullshit dad and you fucking know it!? The officer asked Lindsey to wait off to the side while he finished. Jack went on an exaggerated tale of our encounter. When he was done interviewing Jack he had him wait by the other officers and he asked Lindsey for her account. They were too far to hear much but I did hear a lot of ?That?s a lie? and ?that did not happen? . When he was done with her, he instructed them to wait in their house. On the way in Jack yanked Lindsey by the arm hard, I leaned out the back seat and yelled ?DON?T YOU FUCKING..? I was about to say hurt her when the taser prongs dug in and fifty thousand volts made me bite my tongue. I could hear Lindsey screaming but I was disoriented. I picked my head up calmly and he hit me again. I just laid there in the back seat trying not to piss my self. The older officer grabbed the taser from the younger one and told him he was done here and dismissed them.

After removing the taser barbs he apologized for the other two. He said they were called to an armed intruder call and got over excited. I was just happy to be able to talk to a rational human. I calmly explained the situation, I went through the entire ordeal in detail. ?And you were not armed?? He calmly asked. ?No sir.? The officer just laughed. ?I?ve been on a few of these calls before Mr Anderson. ? he took the cuffs off of me. ?Ok I can?t charge you with anything, you were clearly invited in by Mr O?Brien?s daughter, and obviously your little scuffle was nothing. You did your best just to leave, yours and Mr O?Brien daughters account match to perfectly to be collaborated in the span of ten minutes. That and she IS eighteen.? He asked me to wait in the back seat while he explained the situation to Lindsey and her father. When he was done he gave me a ride home.
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