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My Sweet Sister Sasha III

Post #1

I held her tightly to me, sweat covered our panting bodies as we both caught our breath. I loved the closeness I felt on the come down from orgasm with my lovely Sister.

I'd almost never had any bad feelings towards my sister, just usual sibling taunting and the odd spat.

I had always loved her, but as a brother, and this new experience brought us into a whole new world and relationship that bound us to one another in a way that I imagine adults experience, but as adults.

We hadn't done this just to get off, we really loved each other and the natural progression of our love and teenage curiosity had just opened a whole new world of possibilities.

Just then, as I was in that lovely warm dream world and still firmly buried in my sister?s wet cunt, and displaying a wonderful example of Sod's Law, someone rang the doorbell.

Impatiently, and three times.

My sister's face fell, and I swore under my breath.

I quickly disengaged form Sasha and ran to the window to see who it was. It was just a postman,

I put on my dressing-gown, and hurried to the door.

"Hi mate!" said the postman.

"I got a parcel 'ear for Ms. Hunter, d'you know her?" I nodded, and the man asked me to sign for the package. I was to regret that later.

I thanked the postman, and closed the door after him.

"Sash!!" I called out.

"Yeah?!!" she shouted from upstairs.

"Parcel here for you!!" I called back.

"Coming!" She said as she came down the stairs, naked and looking beautiful. Her developing boobs jiggling as she walked. I noticed a line of my cum sliding it?s way down the inside of her thigh.

She took the parcel from me. "What is it?" she asked.

"Dunno." I replied, "But it looks important, it's wrapped-up pretty well".

Sasha placed it on the table, and tried to open it, but it was one of those packages that stretch, change shape, and change colour, but never actually open. I got a pair of kitchen scissors, and cut it open.

Inside, it was filled with foam-pellets, and Sasha dug-around inside it, spilling foamy insulation stuff all over the floor. She grabbed something with a frown on her face, and withdrew her hand, holding a clear, smooth cylinder with twists of colour. Sasha realised what it was a moment before I did.

It was a glass or Perspex dildo.
Both our eyes widened in shock. "What...?" I asked, mystified that my sister had ordered a sex toy what must have been days before we had sex.

"I didn't....." she said.

"Wow, what the hell is this?" I asked. I wasn?t angry, just very curious as we had already committed two crimes: incest and underage sex, but I was extremely puzzled as to why my sister has ordered a kinky dildo.

"Damien... I promise that I didn't order this!" Sasha said, pleading with her eyes for me to believe her.

"Well who did then, Mum?!" I said, in puzzlement.

And then, with a clang like a released man-hole cover, the penny dropped.

"Oh... d'you think...?" she faltered.

Sasha had obviously come to the same conclusion as me: our mother had ordered it, and the label must have been wrong. To this day, I'm actually not sure whether it really was Mum who ordered it or not, but I do know that I wouldn't mind it now.

"Well hey..." Sasha started with a look of pure lust in her eye.

"Do you think that... You know... We could use it?"

We played with the dildo for a few minutes, and then Sasha jokingly placed the top of the toy against her nipple.

? Ohh wow, that feels funny..." she said, grinning at me.

Sasha held the colourful sex toy by the right end, and started to rub it softly against her wet lips, and then parted her already dripping slit.

"Ohhh, it's so cold!" she exclaimed, but continued to push more and more of the length between her soaking lips.

"Hey, let's sit on the sofa?" I suggested, and together, we walked to our sofa and lay down together.

Sasha slid the toy into her slit again, and started to move it against her clit. Her breathing changed and her cheeks turning hot pink.

"Unh, unh, unh!" she moaned, making my cock twitch under my dressing-gown. I pulled my erection out, and started stroking the hardening length as my sister rubbed the Perspex cylinder up and down her pussy.

"Here..ooh...let that..." said Sasha

She took my cock in her hand, sliding her hand along the length of my now straining cock, while the speed of her hand picked up its pace.

Then she then opened her legs to the widest angle possible displaying her juicy, pink swollen pussy in all it?s glory. She slowly slid the toy into her wet depths and immediately went into orgasm.

"OHHSSHHIITT!!!" she screamed, and bucked wildly. Her hand pushed down hard on my shaft almost caused me to cum also, but not quite.

As she came down from her screaming orgasm, I gently moved the dildo away and started licking her pussy, flicking her clitoris and using my tongue to lap up her gorgeous musky juices.

With my sister?s pussy still spasming, this brought her to new heights of bliss, and she started to pant wildly. My tongue lashed her engorged and sensitive clit.

?Oh don?t stop, just there?.yes, oh my God yes.? She screamed again as she came, squirting bursts of musky juice into my mouth.

"Hnh...Hnh...get your cock inside me Damie, now" she demanded.

I couldn?t wait to oblige, and positioning my cock at her dripping entrance, I slipped easily into her well lubricated pussy. My hands went to the tips of her firm and gorgeous tits, one of her best features ( of many)

After the excitement of her cumming so powerfully and the sheer passion she now displayed, I couldn?t hold for long. Sash knew this and whispered into my ear.

?I love you Bro, Cum for me ,cum in your babe sisters pussy? she invited and that was it, who could hold out against that invite?

I exploded inside her tightness, squirting huge pulses of hot cream as deep as into her as I could force my hardness. Her pussy walls trembling and twitching, causing me to shoot until my balls were empty. Even then the spasms continue for several minutes.
06-25-2021, at 02:55 AM

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