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School Wife Doris

Post #1

To look at her, you would think Doris is a small, pretty, slightly oriental looking young lady. Half Chinese, with dark hair and a slim little body with shapely legs and small pert high set tits that look good on her petite frame. She really can't help looking sexy. And she is married to my friend and neighbour, Jack.

For some time now, Jack has had the desire to see his lovely young wife used, so long as she remembers nothing about it afterwards. He found the perfect way to achieve this by making friends with a rather elderly man who once had a stage act as a magician. Joe could still put people under, and was of course delighted to help Jack, with Doris as his occasional reward. My role in all this is to observe and record for posterity everything that happens.

Jack has enjoyed having this set up several times. Sometimes it has been merely inviting one or two guests to enjoy having Doris to play with, sometimes his plans have been more elaborate. Our latest adventure involved some of his friends acting out a scene for him.

Doris was told that Joe and I were dropping by, and she kindly gave us coffee and biscuits, before Joe used his magic on her. She was told to go and get dressed as we were all going a party, a ploy that was used quite often.

Jack took her out of the room to get ready, and Joe explained to me what today's plan was. We were taking Doris to one of Jack's friends. She would act normally, but not recognise anyone except Jack, who she would think was her boy friend. And she would do everything that Jack told her, without question, even if she felt she shouldn't, even if she felt she didn't want to. It was going to be an interesting evening, and afterwards, Doris would remember nothing about it.

When Jack brought his wife back into the room, I had to gasp. Doris is very slim, and only about five feet tall, even in the spike heels she was wearing. Jack had dressed her in a shirt and tie, and the shirt was a little bit tight. It was also very thin cotton, and Doris was not wearing a bra. Her nipples were easily seen through the flimsy material. She was wearing dark stockings to mid thigh, with suspenders. Her little skirt didn't quite reach the stockings, leaving a tiny sliver of bare skin visible above the stocking tops. The overall effect, from her pretty oriental face to her high heels, was that Doris was a slutty schoolgirl showing most of her assets, and obviously making herself available.

We set off, and Doris, in her bemused state, did not seem concerned at all about her appearance. We were shown into a room furnished only by three large couches arranged in a triangle. Our host, Mark, had two other guests, another man introduced as Walter, and a woman, Tara.

There was ample space for the seven of us to be seated on the three couches. Attention, of course, was focused on Doris, innocently unaware she was to be our little schoolish plaything for the evening. She sat beside Tara on one of the couches, legs crossed and rather carelessly showing quite a stretch of stocking clad thigh, suspender straps and bare skin. Tara put her hand on Doris's knee and smilingly asked, "Are you ready to enjoy yourself, Doris?"

Doris looked puzzled at the question, but hesitantly nodded. Tara looked around at us. "Well, she's certainly a cute little thing. I'm sure she'll give us a lot of fun tonight."

Doris, still looking puzzled, frowned at her. Tara stared back. "Haven't they told you, Doris?"

Doris murmured, "Told me what?"

Tara laughed. "Why you're here, and that I'm going... to fuck you."

Doris's eyes went wide. "What?" she exclaimed.

"Don't worry, honey," Tara purred. "You'll enjoy it. A sexy little thing like you gets a lot of fucking, don't you."

Doris looked aghast. "No!" she said. "What makes you think..." Her voice tailed away as she looked round at the rest of us. Tara put her arm round Doris's shoulder and pulled her close. "Look at the way you're dressed, Doris," she said. "Showing off those little tits like that. And your stockings. And I bet all the men here can see all the way up this thing you call a skirt."

Doris looked across at Jack, her supposed boy friend. "Just do whatever Tara tells you, Doris," he said with a grin.

Doris looked warily at Tara. "I don't understand," she said. "What are you telling me?"

Tara's expression changed. She took hold of a clump of Doris's hair and turned her head to and fro. "You are going to do everything I tell you to, Doris," she said harshly. "Do you understand that?"

"You're hurting me!" Doris exclaimed. Then she added, "Yes, I understand."

Tara still has a hold of Doris by the hair. "Right, honey," she said. "First, we don't need knickers, do we. Take them off."

"What!" Doris cried out. Tara yanked Doris's head about. "I said, take off your knickers, Doris!"

Doris hesitated for a moment, but she knew she had to obey. Trying to be discreet, she kept her legs close together, put her hands behind her back under her skirt, and wriggled her knickers down her thighs. Her face showed her embarrassment and disbelief that she was baring her pussy in this fashion. When she had finished, Tara told her to stand up. She took hold of Doris's wrists and pulled, until Doris was bent double and their faces were almost touching. "Everyone's looking at your arse, Doris," she hissed. "Do you think they like what they see?"

Trembling, Doris croaked a miserable "I... don't know."

Tara jerked Doris's wrists and Doris tumbled helplessly across her lap, face down. Tara flipped the tiny skirt up above Doris's waist. "Well, I'm sure they like what they can see now," she said. She held her tiny prisoner in place with one hand, and ran the other up and down the back of Doris's thighs, and patted her neat rounded buttocks. "Let the men see what you've got between your legs, girl," she said. "Feet apart."

Doris seemed reluctant to open her legs, and instead there came a soft moan of "No, please, no."

Tara smacked her hand down on Doris's bare bottom. "I told you to spread them!" she said sharply. "Do it!"

Doris made a half hearted attempt to obey. Tara slithered her hand up the inside of Doris's thigh, from nylon stocking to bare flesh, then on until her fingers were touching Doris's pussy. She rubbed up and down the slit, then curled her hand and probed between the lips. Little by little, she inched her finger in. "Oh, Doris honey," she exclaimed. "What a sweet little cunt! So tight! No wonder all the boys like screwing you! You must be a great ride!"

She slapped Doris's bare bottom and pulled her upright by grabbing her hair. She kept Doris arched backwards as she undid the buttons of her shirt and removed it. The pert little tits were the next object of her attention. She caressed them, fondled them, tweaked Doris's nipples, and finally bent her head to suck on them. Doris was making little moaning sounds, unable to move while Tara worked on her. When she finally sat back, Doris's nipples were stiff and erect, and Doris was panting.

"Now then, Doris," Tara said, "You sit on the couch. Spread your legs."

As Doris slowly and reluctantly obeyed her, Tara knelt between the outstretched legs and bent her head to Doris's pussy. She began to lick. Doris looked horrified and clasped her own head with both hands as Tara started to tongue fuck her. She moaned and gasped helplessly until Tara raised her head. With a big grin on her face, she said, "Well, Doris, now I've got your cunt nice and wet, let's see if I can get two fingers into it."

With her eyes fixed on Doris's shocked face, her hand crept along Doris's thigh. Her middle finger easily penetrated the exposed cunt and made Doris gasp. She pulled back, twisted her hand round, and pushed two fingers hard into the waiting cunt. Doris cried out and Tara laughed. She dug her fingers deep into Doris's cunt and began to finger fuck her hard and fast. Doris let out a surprised wail and her face contorted.

Tara kept on laughing then said, "Little girl, I can't wait to fuck you properly." She reached for Doris's wrist and pulled her hand down. "Play with yourself," she commanded. "Keep that tight little cunt hot and horny while I get ready."

Doris sat still as a statue on the edge of the couch, in her stockings and high heels, her feet on the floor, her legs parted, her hand merely covering her pussy. She was staring into space, paying no attention to everyone sitting opposite eagerly watching her. Then Tara re-appeared. She had stripped to a corset, her stockings attached, her heels even higher than Doris's. The corset left her breasts fully exposed. Round her waist was fastened a harness holding a long, thick, black, cock shaped dildo. It jutted straight out, bobbing slightly as she advanced on Doris.

"This is for you, honey," she said.

Doris looked towards it and her eyes went wide. "I don't... I don't understand," she said hesitantly.

Tara's smile was almost a sneer. "Don't act like an innocent little school girl," she said. "You came here tonight, dressed like a tart. You know very well what this is, what it's for... and where it's going."

Doris turned towards us. "Jack!" she cried out plaintively. But Jack sat still, silent and grinning, enjoying watching his half naked wife cowering on the couch.

Tara towered over her and grabbed a handful of her hair. She twisted Doris round to face her with the dildo almost touching her. "Suck it, Doris," she said. "Give it a suck like you do with a real cock." She pressed the dildo against Doris's mouth and pushed. The bulbous head disappeared between her lips before Doris could close her mouth. Tara twitched her hips and the dildo moved deeper. Still holding Doris's head, Tara moved the fake cock backwards and forwards, forcing it deeper into Doris's mouth. "Suck it, slut," she said. "Lick it, suck it, I want it all wet."

She stood arrogantly, her pelvis thrust forward, moving Doris's head to and fro, making it look like Doris was actually sucking the fake cock. Eventually, she pulled back and freed the dildo. Doris was panting and breathing hard, her face flushed. Tara stared down at her. "Now, bitch, it's time for you find out how good this dildo feels when it's between your legs."

With her hand still grasping a clump of Doris's hair, she pulled Doris to her feet and dragged her to the side of the couch, and pushed her face down over the arm. When Doris tried to stand up, she was roughly pushed back. Tara's hand smacked down hard on Doris's bare arse. "You stay like that, bitch!" Tara said with some anger in her voice. "Or I'll whip your arse so hard you won't be able to sit down!"

Doris whimpered and tried again to turn and get up. Another hard slap on her arse made Doris cry out and collapse over the arm. Tara said, "Why are you struggling, Doris? You're a nice friendly girl, aren't you? You'll do anything for anybody, so why not be friendly with me?" She leaned over Doris and pushed her head into the seat of the couch. "Maybe you're just a fucking whore, Doris," she went on in a harsh voice. "I know you take cock from anybody that wants your cunt, now I want it, and I'm going to fucking take it."

And so, with Doris whimpering and her tiny helpless body bent over the arm of the couch, Tara pressed the dildo between her cheeks, even turning slightly to let us all see the dildo pressing between her cunt lips as it started to penetrate her. Tara pushed the thick black dildo in slowly, hearing Doris's whimpers becoming moans, pushing it deeper and deeper until almost all of it was inside. She paused then, running her hands up and down Doris's back, ending up holding her by the hips. Then, with a sudden final hard thrust, she slammed the rest of the shaft into Doris. Doris let out a sharp cry as Tara's thighs slapped against her arse cheeks. The long thick dildo was filling and stretching her, but Doris's tight little cunt was able to take it.

Tara drew back slowly, then rammed the dildo home again. Doris's cry this time was louder and longer. Tara leaned over her, keeping the whole length buried in her cunt. "How does that feel, Doris?" she said. "Like it? Want some more?" She drew back slowly, letting almost all the dildo withdraw, then slammed it back hard. Doris uttered a little scream. "Oh Doris," Tara smiled. "You do like it. You're such a good little girl taking this big fat cock all the way up your cunt." Once more she drew back slowly, sliding most of the dildo out. And once more she drove it back hard, her thighs slapping against Doris.

She gave Doris two or three more thrusts like that, and each thrust brought out a high pitched cry, and each thrust jolted Doris's slender body against the couch. Then she began fucking Doris with shorter, quicker, thrusts, and Doris's cries became a constant moaning.

Suddenly Tara pulled out. She grabbed Doris by the hair again and dragged her to the front of the couch. Doris started crying. Tara jerked her head up and said, "Now, my little cunt, it's your turn. You do the fucking."

She sat down on the edge of the couch and pulled Doris on top of her. The dildo was between Doris's thighs, and Tara guided it up into her cunt. "Now ride me, bitch!" Tara said loudly. "Ride my cock, you fucking little whore! Fuck yourself on it, fuck yourself until you cum on it!"

Panting hard, Doris started moving herself on the dildo. She was crying and looked terrified, but there was no doubt she liked to feel that dildo in her cunt. She wanted it. Her hips were grinding on it faster and faster. Her head tilted back and she was almost frantic in her movements. Her cum must have been strong, she wailed and sat upright, her hips moving so fast Tara had to hold her in place.

When she began to calm down, Tara kept a grip on her. The next part of Jack's plan was about to begin.

The dildo was embedded in Doris's cunt and Doris had slumped over Tara, exhausted by her efforts in making herself cum. She tried to lift herself up and Tara quickly pulled her back down. "We're not through with you yet, bitch," she said with a snarl. "We're having a lot more fun with you before we're finished."

With a distraught look on her face, Doris slumped forward again and closed her eyes. Tara looked past her and smiled. "I think our sexy little whore wants more fun," she said. "She's only cum once, and she absolutely loves taking cock, so if we fuck her some more maybe we can get her to cum off again." She had her arms round Doris, and half turned the small body sideways to expose Doris's tits. "Look, her nipples are still rock hard," she said. "The dirty little cunt is still horny, she's ready for more. Somebody give the slut a cock to suck!"

Unseen by Doris, Mark and Walter had stripped. Having just watched Doris riding Tara's strapon, their cocks were rigid. Walter climbed on the couch and knelt beside Tara and Doris. Tara smiled when she saw the size and hardness of his cock. "Open your eyes, Doris," she purred. "Look what Walter's got for you."

Doris slowly turned her head and gasped when she saw the cock beside her face. Tara gave her instructions. "Hold it in your hand, Doris." With a groan and a rather horrified look on her face, Doris tentatively reached out her hand. Her thin little fingers took hold of the shaft.

"Wank it, Doris," Tara commanded. Doris obediently began to move her hand up and down slowly, and Tara went on, "Now take it in your mouth and suck him off."

Doris stopped wanking him and looked up at Walter. Walter looked back down at her. "Do it, bitch," he growled. "Wank me and suck me off, you little cunt." Doris whimpered, and then started to wank him again. The cock was almost touching her lips, and it was simple for Walter to ease forward until Doris was taking it in her mouth. Once more her hair was gripped and her head jerked to and fro, forcing the cock in and out between her lips, fucking her mouth.

Behind her, Mark ran his finger up and down between Doris's rounded arse cheeks. Even with her mouth full of cock, Doris gasped as she realised someone else was touching her. Tara clutched Doris tightly to prevent her from moving, Walter had both hands gripping her head, and Mark had complete freedom. He gently eased his middle finger into Doris's exposed arse.

Jack got up and came closer to watch. Joe and I joined him, clustering round to get a better view of Doris getting her arse finger fucked by Mark. She was making gurgling noises as Walter made her take the whole length of his cock in her mouth. Tara's dildo was still buried in her cunt. And we knew that we were about to see her tight little body fucked up the arse by Mark's cock.

Mark had managed to get two fingers in her before he pulled them out and pushed his cock against her arse. There was a muffled scream from Doris as she realised what he was trying to do. She tried to twist and wriggle but she was being held firmly by Walter and Tara. Crouching over Doris, Mark forced his cock past the rim and slowly edged it deeper, his upper body lying along her back. Doris was now helplessly sandwiched between Tara and Mark, being double penetrated by cock and dildo, and having her face fucked at the same time.

Walter suddenly gasped out, "I'm cumming! I'm gonna make the cunt swallow!" His arse started frantically jerking and Doris was taking the whole cock in her mouth. She started choking on it and Walter pulled back, the last spurts of cum hitting her full on the face.

Mark by now was shagging Doris's arse hard, and Tara joined in by thrusting upwards as best she could. She was panting too, but she gasped out, "Are you cumming Doris? Cum for us! Cum, Doris, cum!"

Jack pushed his hand between Doris and Tara. "I'll make the little whore cum," he grunted. His hand found Doris's clit, and Doris wailed as he started to rub and squeeze it. Her body started jerking, more than the jolting she was getting from the force of the two cocks fucking her. The triple action of cock and dildo fucking her holes and Jack rubbing and pinching her clit was enough to bring Doris off. Mark stopped fucking her, but Doris carried on. She was frantic, out of control, desperately working her holes on the shafts filling them, her head rolling about, her back arching, her cries loud and constant. Her wailing stopped when she climaxed, her mouth wide open in a silent scream, her arse jerking spasmodically, the rest of her slender little body rigid.

She came down from her orgasm sobbing and panting and moaning, utterly exhausted. Mark and Tara disentangled themselves and left her sprawled on the couch, still wearing her heels and with her stockings and suspenders intact and her tiny skirt still up around her waist. She didn't move until Jack lifted her to a sitting position and told her to get dressed.

Tara, now herself dressed, chatted with Jack. "What a good little fucker she is," she said. "She gets quite worked up, doesn't she. If you ever want to see her getting fucked again, bring her to me, I can make sure she gets it good and hard any way you want it."

Jack said he would love that and would certainly be in touch, and we managed to get Doris bundled into the car to take her home.
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